Level 8 suitcase test: practical experiences on our Croatia road trip

Level 8 suitcase test

Advertisement – ​​Suitcases are more than just a way to transport your things. As Luggage They are an important part of every trip and can make the difference whether a trip is stress-free or not. This is exactly why we decided to do this Level 8 Suitcase Set* to be examined more closely. In this Level 8 suitcase test we share our experiences from a six-day road trip to Croatia.


Level 8 suitcase set in the road trip test

The context of the trip was ideal for such a test. We drove by car and therefore had the opportunity to test the suitcases in various situations. For us, it wasn't just about the question of how much fits into the suitcases, but also about how practical and flexible they are in everyday life. Especially since we have previously used hard-shell suitcases with solid locks, we were curious to see how the Level 8 suitcases would perform with their zippers.



The Level 8 suitcase set consists of a hand luggage trolley with a laptop compartment and two larger suitcases. We used the hand luggage trolley for an overnight stay for 2 people and packed everything we needed for a day and a night. In addition to a change of clothes and the usual laundry items, this also included laptop, photo and video equipment for a day. In the larger suitcases we stored the rest of our office, laptop, photo and video equipment as well as clothing for the trip.

Our expectations were high, but also with a dose of skepticism. The zippers in particular were the focus of our attention. But as it turned out, we had nothing to worry about. On the contrary! But more on that later.

First impressions with a pinch of skepticism

Before we tested the Level 8 suitcase set on our road trip to Croatia, we had some concerns. Our previous experiences with suitcases have been limited to Hard-shell models with solid locks. These suitcases had always given us a feeling of security. That's why we were initially skeptical when we held the Level 8 set with its zippers in our hands.

The zippers were completely new territory for us. We wondered if they would be sturdy enough to safely carry all of our stuff. We were also concerned about whether they might break during the trip. After all, a broken zipper is more than just a minor annoyance when traveling.

But we wanted to give the Level 8 suitcase set a fair chance. After all, at first glance it had some advantages. For example, the material seemed high quality and the rollers ran smoothly. The division of the compartments and the additional laptop compartment in the hand luggage trolley also spoke in favor of the set.

Despite our initial skepticism, we decided to put the suitcases to the test. We packed it full of everything we needed for the trip and set off. We always kept an eye on the zippers to see how they would perform in everyday life.

Practical use and personal experience with the Level 8 suitcase set

Suitcases are not only places to store your things, but also crucial companions on every trip. In this Level 8 suitcase test we share our practical experiences we had on a six-day road trip to Croatia.

Hand luggage trolley with laptop compartment

The hand luggage trolley has a special laptop compartment. This small but beautiful suitcase was our constant companion on the trip and we also used it as our sole piece of luggage for a one-night stay. We packed everything we needed for a day and a night. The capacity was surprisingly good. In addition to clothing for two people, there was also space for a laptop, photo and video equipment. The two large suitcases remained in the car at this hotel.


Level 8 hand luggage suitcase
Level 8 hand luggage suitcase with clothes


The laptop compartment is a real highlight. It is well padded and offers sufficient protection. This meant we could transport our laptop safely without having to worry about possible damage. The photo equipment was also easy to stow away, which is of course a big plus for us as travel bloggers.

The bigger suitcases

We used the larger suitcases in the set for the entire duration of the trip and packed our office, laptop, photo and video equipment there. But that was not all. There was also enough space for clothes for two people for six days.

The division of the compartments is well thought out. I found the cover of the two halves of the case very practical. One of them is also closed with a zipper. This site is therefore perfect for transporting clothes. The cover of the second half of the case is secured with flexible lashing straps. These enable flexible filling of this half of the case. This means you can easily close the suitcase. The main compartment offers enough space for larger items such as clothing and shoes. We even had room for souvenirs we bought on the trip.



Flexibility and capacity in the Level 8 suitcase test

When it comes to luggage, flexibility and capacity are two key factors. In this Level 8 suitcase test we want to shed light on exactly these aspects. In our Level 8 suitcase test, we paid particular attention to the zippers and the expandability of the hand luggage trolley.

At first we were skeptical about whether zippers were the right choice for luggage. But these concerns quickly disappeared. The zippers proved to be robust and reliable. They allowed us to open and close the suitcases quickly and easily.

We were particularly impressed by the hand luggage trolley. It comes with an additional zipper that allows the capacity to be expanded. This is extremely practical if you need more space, for example for souvenirs or extra clothing. In our case, we were able to fit everything we needed for an overnight stay for two people, including a laptop and camera equipment.

Overall, the Level 8 suitcase set was completely convincing in terms of flexibility and capacity. The zippers are not only robust, but also practical. They make the suitcases versatile companions that can be easily adapted to different travel situations.


Level 8 suitcase set in the trunk
Level 8 suitcase set in the trunk


Fit and accommodation in the car in our Level 8 suitcase test on a road trip

An often underestimated aspect when choosing the right suitcase is how well it fits into the trunk of a car. In this Level 8 suitcase test we want to go into exactly that. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the suitcases fit in the trunk of our car.

The suitcases were easily stored in the trunk without us having to play Tetris. They didn't take up too much space. This is particularly important if, like us, you are planning longer trips by car.

In the interior of the car we only had the bare essentials. There was space for our jackets, a camera bag and a handbag. So everything we needed during the day was within reach, while the rest was safely stored in the trunk. This shows how well thought out the Level 8 suitcase set is. It allows for efficient use of space, so you can have everything you need without feeling restricted.

In terms of fit and accommodation in the car, the Level 8 suitcase set completely convinced us.



Safety and protection of the suitcase contents

Safety is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the right suitcase. In this Level 8 suitcase test, we take a close look at the safety features. The TSA lock and the option to secure the zippers with a numerical code are particularly interesting here.

The TSA lock is an important plus point, especially if you plan to travel to the USA. It allows security authorities to open the suitcase without damaging the lock. But it also offers additional protection for your valuables outside of air travel.

The zippers come with another security feature. They can be secured with a numerical code. This is particularly practical when you have to keep your suitcase out of sight, for example when checking into a hotel or while traveling by train. Once secured, you can rest assured that no one can easily get to your things.

In summary, the Level 8 suitcase set offers a high level of safety and protection for the contents. The combination of TSA lock and secure zippers makes the suitcases a good choice for anyone who values ​​the security of their items.


Suitcases packed for the return journey
Suitcases packed for the return journey


Quality and durability of the Level 8 suitcase set

Quality and durability are crucial criteria when choosing a good suitcase. We also attached great importance to this in our Level 8 suitcase test. We used the suitcase set intensively on a six-day road trip to Croatia and paid attention to possible signs of wear.

The cases showed no signs of wear after a week of intensive use. The material seemed robust, the zippers ran smoothly, and the rollers showed no wear. This speaks for the quality of the set and suggests a good longevity.

However, there are also limitations in our test. We were unable to check the suitcases for suitability for air travel. Air travel often places higher demands on luggage as it is treated more harshly. Therefore, we cannot make any statements about longevity under these specific conditions.

Despite this limitation, we are very satisfied with the quality of the Level 8 suitcase set so far. So if you're looking for a sturdy and durable suitcase set that's suitable for road trips and possibly air travel, the Level 8 Set could be a good choice. It has passed our test for quality and durability so far with flying colors and there is no need to worry about it wearing out quickly. In addition, Level 8 offers a 2-year guarantee on its cases, which also indicates a certain level of longevity.


Suitcase in the suitcase of the suitcase set
Suitcase in the suitcase of the Level 8 suitcase set


Storing the Level 8 suitcase set after the trip

An often overlooked but important aspect when choosing a suitcase set is storage. What is particularly interesting here are the space-saving properties of the set and the additional fabric bags that protect the suitcases.

The suitcases in the Level 8 set can be conveniently stacked inside each other. This is a big advantage if you have limited storage space at home. This means that the suitcases only take up as much space as the largest suitcase in the set requires. This not only saves space, but also makes it easier to organize your storage space.

Another highlight are the fabric bags in which each suitcase is delivered. These bags protect the cases from scratches and other potential damage when not in use. This is particularly useful if you store the suitcases in a basement or attic, where they may be more susceptible to damage.

The Level 8 suitcase set therefore offers excellent solutions for storage. The ability to stack the suitcases inside each other and the protective fabric bags are thoughtful features that make the set even more attractive.


After an intensive week of testing on a road trip to Croatia, we can paint a pretty clear picture of the Level 8 suitcase set. In terms of flexibility, capacity and safety, the set performed consistently well. Particularly noteworthy are the practical laptop compartment in the hand luggage trolley and the option to secure the zippers with a numerical code. The suitcases were also impressive in terms of how they fit in the car and the quality of the material.

So if you are looking for a suitcase set that is well suited for road trips by car, then we can recommend this Level 8 suitcase set from our own experience and based on our week-long test on our road trip to Croatia.

Overall, the Level 8 suitcase set leaves a very good impression and we can recommend it for road trips and possibly also for air travel. It offers a good mix of functionality, safety and quality, making it a solid choice for travelers. So if you're looking for a reliable suitcase set that works well in various travel situations, you should definitely take a closer look at the Level 8 Set. It mastered all the challenges we gave it with flying colors. Like, by the way another suitcase from level 8, which we evaluated.




Level 8 suitcase test
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Source: own research during a road trip to Croatia

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Level 8 suitcase test: practical experiences on our Croatia road trip

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