Montenegro travel tips for beach fans, road trippers and hikers

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Montenegro travel tips

Montenegro, a small country that has great diversity. It is located in Southeast Europe, more precisely on the Balkan Peninsula. With its landscape, cities and fascinating culture, it is attracting more and more travelers. So are you ready for a trip? Then we have put together some Montenegro travel tips especially for you. Whether you are a sun-worshipper, love freedom on the road or seek peace in nature - in Montenegro there is something for every taste.

We divide our Montenegro travel tips into three categories. The first part is devoted to that Beach vacation. Here you can find out where you can find the best beaches and how you can best enjoy your holiday by the sea.

The second part of our Montenegro travel tips is all about one person Road trip through Montenegro. We will tell you which cities you should visit and which route is the most exciting.

The third and last part of our travel tips for Montenegro is aimed at all hiking enthusiasts. Because Montenegro is a true paradise for everyone who loves nature. We'll tell you where you can find interesting hiking trails and give you helpful tips on how best to prepare for your hike.

Our Montenegro travel tips in detail

You will find extensive information and tips for the individual regions of Montenegro in these travel tips.

Skadar Lake Montenegro

Discover Lake Skadar in Montenegro, also known as Lake Skutari

Experience Lake Skadar, also known as Lake Skadar, in all its glory. Discover the rich flora and fauna of Montenegro, but also the cultural and historical sights on its shore. The lake is even interesting for wine lovers and connoisseurs ...
Beach Hotel Montenegro

Montenegro vacation on the beach: Your dream vacation in a beach hotel

Are you looking for the perfect holiday destination for a beach holiday? Or do you want to be pampered in a hotel on the beach on a Montenegro road trip? Then a beach hotel in Montenegro is just right for you ...
Perast on a Montenegro road trip

Road trip through Montenegro: A journey into history and nature

Explore Montenegro on your own: On your Montenegro road trip you will experience spectacular panoramas, idyllic villages and a rich history. Prepare for a great journey...
Sveti Stefan with Oleander

Sveti Stefan Montenegró - Exclusive Resort on the Adriatic coast

Sveti Stefan Hotel and Restaurant Montenegró is located on an island on the Adriatic coast south of Budva. It's a vacation resort for the rich and famous. The place consists of the island, whose 15th-century buildings today ...

Montenegro travel tips for bathers

The town of Budva, famous for its sandy beach, is the perfect place to sunbathe, swim and try water sports. Or maybe you just want to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Petrovac is only a stone's throw away from Budva. Although the beach there is smaller, it is in no way inferior to that in Budva. The clear water is great for swimming and snorkeling, and there are restaurants and cafes nearby that tempt you with coffee or local specialties.

Another insider tip that you should not miss is Sveti Stefan. The small island is connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. Your pebble beach surrounded by the water of the Adria, offers a fantastic view of the old town.

The ideal travel time for a beach holiday in Montenegro is from May to September. During these months you can expect pleasant temperatures and lots of sunshine. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Whether you love to be active or you prefer to relax, Montenegro offers you the perfect mix of both.


Budva beach
Budva Beach – Montenegro travel tips for beach goers


Tips for road trippers in Montenegro

Are you more of the type who would like to discover Montenegro on four wheels? Then start your road trip, for example, in Podgorica, the vibrant capital of Montenegro. Stroll the streets, visit the sights and taste the local specialities.

As soon as you have explored Podgorica in all its facets, you can start your road trip. Your route will take you along the coastal road where you can enjoy the sea and mountain views.

An absolute highlight on your route is the city of Kotor. Nestled in a beautiful bay, it is known for its well-preserved old town. Take the time to stroll through the narrow streets and visit the old fortress.

Your journey will then take you to Tivat. The city delights with its luxury marina and cafes and restaurants. Here you can take a well-deserved break and enjoy the Mediterranean flair to the fullest.

The ideal time for a road trip through Montenegro is either spring or autumn, when temperatures are comfortable and roads are less busy. So plan enough time to discover the beauties of the country in peace.



Kotor – one of our Montenegro travel tips for road trippers


Montenegro travel tips for hikers

Or would you like to discover the beauties of Montenegro on foot? Then start your hiking trip in Durmitor National Park. Here you will not only find mountains, but also a variety of hiking trails. You can either go for leisurely walks or embark on challenging mountain tours. A magnificent view awaits you on every path.

After that you can make your way to Biogradska Gora National Park. In this national park you will find the last primeval forests in Europe. Not only dense forests await you, but also lakes and a variety of animal and plant species that will surely inspire you. And don't forget to take a walk around Biogradsko Lake.

Before you hike, check yours Equipment. You need comfortable walking boots, weatherproof clothing and sufficient water and snacks. A walking stick can be helpful on steep trails.

The ideal time for hiking in Montenegro is undoubtedly spring and autumn. Because in these seasons the temperatures are pleasant and nature shows itself from its most magnificent side. In contrast, temperatures in the mountains can be very high in summer, so it is advisable to start early in the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Lace up your hiking boots, pack your bags and set off to discover the beauty of Montenegro on foot!


Durmitor National Park
The Durmitor National Park - one of our Montenegro travel tips for hikers



Montenegro has certainly already inspired you. Be it the coast with its beaches, the roads that invite you to go on road trips, or the hiking trails that lead you into the wild nature. But this is only the beginning. Montenegro is full of surprises and is waiting for you to discover it.

Maybe you will soon be enjoying the sun in Budva, strolling the streets in Podgorica or hiking in national parks Durmitor and Biogradska Gora. Or you can find your own personal highlights. Because that's the beauty of Montenegro: it offers something for everyone.

Of course we have many more Montenegro travel tips for you. From hidden spots to the best local dishes you must try. But we don't want to reveal too much. Ultimately, the attraction lies in the discovery. Just browse through our Montenegro articles. Then you will discover even more tips.

Questions and answers about the Montenegro travel tips

What should I pack for a beach holiday in Montenegro?

In addition to swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and a good book are important. And don't forget to think of something warmer for the evenings as well.

Which route should I choose for my road trip through Montenegro?

Start in Podgorica, then drive along the coastal road and visit Kotor and Tivat. But remember to allow enough time for spontaneous stops.

How to prepare for hiking in Montenegro?

Find out about the hiking trails and the weather. Pack enough water, snacks, sunscreen and suitable clothing. And don't forget to bring a map or GPS device with you.

Which sights should I not miss on the coast of Montenegro?

The old town of Kotor, the luxury marina in Tivat and the island of Sveti Stefan are absolute must-sees. But the beaches of Budva and Petrovac are also worth seeing.

When is the best time to visit Montenegro?

That depends on your plans. May to September are ideal for a beach holiday. Spring and autumn are particularly good for road trips and hiking.


Montenegro travel tips
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Montenegro travel tips for beach fans, road trippers and hikers

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