Göttweig Abbey in the Wachau in Austria

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Gottweig Abbey

Göttweig Abbey in the Wachau

(Advertisement) A holiday in the Wachau is not complete without a visit to Göttweig Abbey. The Benedictine monastery in the Wachau can be seen from afar. It sits enthroned on a hill above the town of Furth near Krems on the southern foothills of the Dunkelsteinerwald in Lower Austria. The monastery goes back to the year 1083, when Bishop Altmann von Passau had a canon monastery built. The Benedictines took over the monastery as early as 1094. They look back on a history full of threats and strokes of fate, ranging from the threat of the Turks and economic decline to the expropriation of the monastery in World War II. Nevertheless, the Benedictines once again determine the fortunes of the monastery.




Collegiate Church in Göttweig
Collegiate Church in Göttweig Abbey

Göttweig Abbey is a Benedictine monastery in baroque splendor

Although Göttweig Abbey was built in the 11th century, only a few buildings from that time have survived. Only the "castle", the Erentrudis chapel in the collegiate courtyard and the nave of the collegiate church are of Romanesque origin. The chancel of the collegiate church as well as the crypt and the sacristies are from the late Gothic period (15th century). Wings of the cloister are also Gothic. In 1580 most of the monastery buildings burned down. After another fire in 1718, the Benedictine monastery of Göttweig was rebuilt in the Baroque style.


Stiftshof of Göttweig Abbey
Stiftshof of Göttweig Abbey

Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt designed the plans for the new monastery. However, not the entire design has been implemented. Only about two-thirds of the buildings from Hildebrandt's plan have been completed.


Prior Father Maximilian Krenn
Prior Father Maximilian Krenn

Father Maximilian Krenn accompanies us on our tour of the monastery. We already know him from our visit to the St. Paul Abbey in the Lavant Valley in Carinthia, where he was administrator of the monastery for three years. In the meantime he has returned to his home monastery as Prior of Göttweig Abbey.

The Kaiserstiege in the Kaisertrakt

The baroque Kaiserstiege with the ceiling painting by Paul Troger (1739) is magnificent. It is one of the most beautiful and largest staircases in Europe from the Baroque period.


The Museum in the Imperial Wing

From the Kaiserstiege you can get to the museum in the Kaisertrakt. A monastery model shows what the monastery complex would have looked like if Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt's plans had been fully completed. The rooms that the emperor used as accommodation during his visits are now used as event and exhibition rooms.


View of the Wachau and the Danube from Göttweig Abbey

From these rooms you have a view of the Wachau and the Danube.


Interior of the Collegiate Church

Both the sanctuary and the side altars show how magnificently the collegiate church of Göttweig Abbey is furnished.


Apricots and herbs in the apricot garden of Göttweig Abbey

A visit to the monastery's apricot garden brings you closer to the culinary delights that the monastery has to offer. At an apricot tasting, apricot liqueur, frizzante or apricot brandy are served. In addition, delicious apricot juice is prepared from the fruits that ripen in the near-natural apricot orchard. The monks also grow herbs there, which the chefs use in the dishes served in the monastery restaurant.



View of the Wachau
View of the Wachau from Göttweig Abbey

Overnight in the guest house of Göttweig Abbey

So far we had only seen Göttweig from afar. On our trips to Weinviertel and in the Wachau we saw the monastery complex again and again. That made us curious. So we were very happy when we Klösterreich invited to visit this monastery. For three days we enjoyed our stay in the monastery's guest house. We stayed in one of the standard rooms in the guest house in Göttweig Abbey. These are simply but modernly furnished. Our room had a small table with two chairs, a double bed, a closet, a sofa and a modern bathroom with a rain shower. The most beautiful thing about our room, however, was the magnificent view of the Wachau and the peace and quiet. You don't hear any traffic noise here. Only wind and weather make themselves felt. There are a total of 36 guest rooms in the guest house. 11 single rooms and 10 double or twin rooms are furnished in a monastic style. There are also 10 double rooms (some handicapped accessible) in a modern style.

The Benedict Apartment

Alternatively, one can also stay in the Benedict Apartment, which was occupied by a former abbot. With a library, living room, bedroom and a spacious bathroom, you are accommodated in the living area of ​​the monastery.



The overnight stay in the guest house of Göttweig Abbey includes a rich breakfast, which is served in the monastery restaurant. A selection of fruit, yoghurt, muesli, types of bread, vegetables, sausage and cheese ensure a good start to the day.


The monastery restaurant in Göttweig monastery

You can also have a good dinner in the monastery restaurant. However, Mondays and Tuesdays are days off. Those were the days when we were guests at Göttweig Abbey. Although the kitchen remained cold, a cold plate with specialties from the region had been prepared for us, which we were served in the monastery restaurant. This suggests that you can also eat well there during the opening hours of the restaurant. Reservations are recommended by calling +43.(0)2732.85581-225 or by email restaurant@stiftgoettweig.at



Hospitality is very important at Göttweig Abbey in the Wachau. We felt very comfortable during our stay in this monastery. It is an excellent starting point for trips to the Wachau. At the same time you spend the night in the guest house in the tranquility of nature. We particularly liked that.


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There is no public transport to Göttweig Abbey. It is therefore possible to arrive by taxi or rental car.

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Gottweig Abbey
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Göttweig Abbey in the Wachau in Austria

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