Where can you go hiking in Germany?

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Weeping willow at Waginger See

Where can you go hiking in Germany?

Where can you hike in Germany? We went looking for which one Hiking destinations in southern Germany and Norddeutschland are particularly suitable for connoisseurs. We got to know some of them ourselves on our travels. Have hiked there. Through river valleys. In wine regions. At lakes. We really liked hiking in East Germany. But hiking in southern Germany is also worthwhile. It doesn't necessarily have to be a mountain hike. There are also hiking areas in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg that are not strenuous. Here we put for example Hikes in the Chiemgau before. You can discover which hiking destinations Germany offers here.



You need that for hiking in Germany

  • With this packing list for hikers you will never forget anything on your hikes.
  • Comfortable You need walking shoes for wide feetwhere you can walk well even on rough paths
  • A pair of backpack is definitely practical for everything you need on the go.
  • Along the Walking there are often benches for one Picnic on the roadside.
  • Hiking destinations in Germany offer beautiful photo opportunities. Therefore, you should take your Camera .
  • Take something to drink with you. You will be out and about in the sun a lot on hikes in Germany. One drinking bottle * does good service here.
  • If you also want via ferratas, Lydia von Lydiascapes has recommendations for the best pants for mountaineers.

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Hiking destinations Germany - where to hike in Germany

During our travels we discovered places and regions where you can hike well in Germany. We introduce regions that are less well known. These hiking regions are not overcrowded. We avoid highlights and mass tourism. Hiking is only fun if you have nature to yourself. This works well in these regions.


Where to go hiking in Germany - in the Hoher Fläming National Park
Where can you go hiking in East Germany - in the Hoher Fläming National Park


Do you like to travel by motorhome?


Hiking in East Germany - where to hike in Germany

The east of Germany offers ideal conditions to savor hiking. Many regions are sparsely populated. Country restaurants in the villages that you pass on your way ensure culinary treats. Or you can take a picnic with you and enjoy it in a quiet spot along the way. There are many good regions for hiking in East Germany.

Hike in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park

The art hiking trail in the Hoher Fläming National Park in Brandenburg is a hiking trail for everyone who likes to hike in flat terrain. On this route, views open up to the horizon. We were on this hike on an autumn day and only met one family who came towards us. The hiking trail leads from the Schlosspark Wiesenburg to Bad Belzig and back. A detailed description of our hike on the Kunstwanderweg here. Discover more Hiking trails in the Hoher Fläming Nature Park here.




Village green in Koserow
Village green in Koserow


Hike on Usedom Island

The island of Usedom is a paradise for hikers and cyclists. On our tour of the island, we repeatedly met hikers and cyclists, who discovered the island on foot or by bike. You can go on beach hikes on the Baltic Sea beach, which stretches from Swinoujscie to Peenemuende on the northern edge of the island. However, we find the paths, that wind through the villages of the island more interesting. You come across places like Koserow, where time seems to stand still. Hikes to the backwaters are also interesting. This is a bay that is connected to the sea. However, it is protected by the island. There are good opportunities for bird watching here. Twenty hikes on Usedom can be found here described in detail.





Hikes near Binz on the Island of Rügen

Binz is not just a seaside resort. In the vicinity of Binz you can also hike well. The place on Rügen is located directly on the sea. Beach walks are among the leisure activities of visitors. However, there are also hiking trails that lead along the coast or to destinations in the interior of the island. The chalk cliff trail at Buddenhagen is only twelve kilometers away from Binz. Cape Arkona is just under thirty kilometers away. So you should have a car, if you want to visit these places. Or you can choose hiking trails that can be reached by public transport. Discover more hiking trails around Binz here.





Hiking in the area of ​​Kühlungsborn

The promenade of Kuehlungsborn stretches along the beach with a view of the Baltic Sea. It is protected from the noise of road traffic by a narrow strip of forest. If you want, you can of course also hike on the sandy beach on the coast. The Bastorf lighthouse is a popular destination. You need a bit of stamina for the cliffs near Kühlungsborn. More distant hiking trails can be reached by car or public transport. Discover here Hikes in the area of ​​Kühlungsborn.



Havelberg on the street of Romanesque
Havelberg on the Romanesque Road - hiking in East Germany with a dash of culture


Hiking in the Altmark and in the Elbe-Havel-Winkel

We have been to Altmark and Elbe-Havel-Winkel several times Sachsen-Anhalt and have discovered how well this region is suitable for leisurely hikes. The flat landscape and the Elbe meadows make hiking in these regions a pleasure for everyone who prefers easy hiking trails. There are seldom inclines. Instead, there are often views over the vast country. Innkeepers along the route, such as in the Hotel Seeblick in Klietz. Culture is not neglected either: plan side trips or hikes along the Romanesque Street in your hiking excursion. Twenty hikes in the Altmark here.



Bison - hiking in Eastern Germany with rustic art


In the Erzgebirge you can hike on remote paths

The Ore Mountains in Saxony offer many opportunities for nature walks. If you drive to Oberwiesenthal, you will have views of the hilly landscapes south of the border in the Czech Republic. There are hiking opportunities in the vicinity of the Fichtelberg. We have an insider tip block Hausen discovered. Park your car at the foot of the hill and walk past the wooden sculptures of the sow saw to his workshop in the middle of the forest. You will not get out of the amazement. You walk past bison, eagle sculptures, bears and other animals. The takes care of the enjoyment Cuisine of the Erzgebirge. Try the Grienen Klitscher and don't miss the Fichtelberg cake. That alone is worth the climb to the Fichtelberg. Here you will find twenty hikes in the Ore Mountains.




Hiking destinations Germany - where to hike in Germany


Where to hike in Germany - Am Rursee in the Eifel
Where to hike in Germany - Am Rursee in the Eifel


Hiking in the Eifel

The Eifel is a travel destination for pleasure hikers. We experienced this on our hike around Lake Rursee. Our tip is that Rurtal gourmet tour of the Rursee Touristik. To do this, you get vouchers for gourmet restaurants along the way and stop there on your pleasure tour - regional delicacies included. On the route from Einruhr to Rurberg you follow the course of the Rursee and come through the national park. Hikes in the Eifel National Park here.



Hiking with alpacas
Hiking with alpacas in the Neanderland - where to hike in Germany


You can hike well in the Neanderland

We were at Neanderland hiking with alpacas. An experience that we will remember. It is perfect for slow hiking, because the animals determine the speed. They are often more interested in the grass along the way than in our hike. Therefore, breaks are frequent when hiking with alpacas. This gave us a lot of time to take a closer look at the area. However, there are other options too Hiking in the Neanderland.



Fallow deer in Gräflicher Park Bad Driburg - hiking destinations Germany
Fallow deer in Gräflicher Park Bad Driburg - one of our hiking destinations in Germany - where to hike in Germany


Hiking in and around Bad Driburg

In Bad Driburg were we in count's park to stroll. Our tour cannot be described as a hike. The park is not big enough for that. However, the walk has whetted our appetite for more. And there's more! We find the Externsteine, which can be reached on hikes in the Bad Driburg area, exciting. But there are others Hiking destinations in the area. You can reach some by public transport. For others you need a car.



Hiking destinations Germany - hiking on the Moselle
Hiking destinations Germany - hiking on the Moselle - where to hike in Germany


There are many hiking opportunities around Alf on the Moselle

The Moselle with its vineyards, castles and wine-growing towns is a hiking destination in Germany, that could hardly be more beautiful. We were in Alf and discovered the vineyards above the village. There are several castles in the Alf area. Arras Castle is just a few kilometers outside of Alf. One of the most famous castles in the Moselle valley, Eltz Castle, can also be reached with little effort. And the villages on the Moselle also invite you to enjoy hiking, including good wines and good food. What makes hiking in the region an experience are the views, that you have from the heights above the Moselle. Find more hiking trails in the area of ​​Alf on the Moselle here.



Assmannshausen - beautiful cities on the Rhine
Assmannshausen - beautiful city on the Rhine - where to hike in Germany


Hiking in the Rheingau

With its vineyards and towns like Assmannshausen or Rüdesheim, the Rheingau is almost predestined for hikes. However, you should be in good physical condition. Because the vineyards rise steeply behind the towns. However, once you have reached the vineyards, a breathtaking view of the Rhine and the castles on the other bank of the Rhine opens up. It is best to take a picnic with you and spend the whole day enjoying a hike through the region's vineyards. Discover more hikes in the Rheingau here.

12 tips for Rüdesheim and the surrounding area can be found at Barbaralicious.



The Devil's Bridge
Where to go hiking in Germany


Hiking in and around Kassel

One of the most famous hikes that we propose is the one along the water features of Kassel. However, you are not alone in this. This masterpiece of baroque garden architecture attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Well deserved! In order to enjoy the spectacle, however, you should know a few things. In our blog post, we present how you can Kassel fountains best experienced. In the Kassel area there are more hikes.



In the Sauerland at the Diemelsee Where can you hike well in Germany - hiking destinations Germany
In the Sauerland at the Diemelsee - where to hike in Germany


At Diemelsee in the Sauerland you can hike well in Germany

The Diemelsee the Sauerland is well suited for hikes. You can hike along the lake. Or you can do like we did and hike through the meadow landscapes that surround the lake. Alternatively, you can also go hiking in the hilly landscapes that surround the lake. There are many Hiking trails on and around Lake Diemelsee.



Where to go hiking in Germany - hiking destinations Germany
Adler am Baumkronenweg Edersee - Where to hike in Germany


Hiking in the Kellerwald-Edersee nature park

The region on the Edersee also offers many hiking trails. In the Nature Park Kellerwald-Edersee you can hike through one of the last primeval forests in Central Europe. The beech forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visitor center is worth seeing. You can learn a lot about the beech forests, that once covered all of Central Europe. The treetop walk on the Edersee is also worth a visit. It is fascinating to walk between the tree tops. From there you can see the forest from a completely new perspective. More hiking trails in the Eder Valley can be discovered here.



Hiking trails in Southern Germany - Where to hike in Germany

Which hiking trails in Süddeutschland worthwhile? Here are recommendations from fellow bloggers.


Where to go hiking in Germany - hiking destinations Germany


Hiking through the vineyards in Churfranken

In the region between Miltenberg and Wertheim you follow the Main River and pass the red wine regions of Franconia along the way. Here you can not only enjoy a trip on the Route of the Pleasures, but also on the Franconian Red Wine Hiking Trail through the vineyards. There are castles and monasteries to be discovered as well as villages, in which wine, whiskey and good food play a major role. In addition, there are more hiking trails in Churfranken, that are worth a hike.



Steep slopes on the Main Where can you hike well in Germany - hiking destinations in Germany
In the steep locations on the Main you can hike well in southern Germany


Hike in the Franconian wine country

It is not far from Churfranken Franconian wine country with its vineyards on the Main. In the area around Volkach, Ochsenfurt or Iphofen there are hiking trails that delight every hiker. From the Vogelsburg you can see the Mainschleife and Volkach. In Sommerhausen you shouldn't just try the wine in the vinotheque. There is also a circular hiking trail through the vineyards with a view of the Main. If you are in good condition, the round from Iphöfer Straße to the Gasthaus Augustiner am See and the castle ruins Speckfeld is worthwhile. A nice hike is also through the vineyard Hoheneck Castle in Franconia, Further Hikes in the Franconian wine country can be found here. Franconian Switzerland is also beautiful. You can find one here Suggested hike around Pottenstein and Egloffstein.



Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest Where can you hike well in Germany - hiking destinations in Germany
Bad Neualbenreuth in the Upper Palatinate Forest


Hiking paradise Upper Palatinate

In the hilly landscape of the Upper Palatinate you can hike well in Germany. Forests and fields spread out before our eyes from lookout towers and hilltops in the area of Bad Neualbenreuth. The Fichtelgebirge awaits you with impressive views of northern Bavaria and the northeast of the Czech Republic. Castles make people curious about the history of the region. In between are towns and villages, where you can stop after your hike to quench hunger and thirst. There are many opportunities, where you can hike in the Upper Palatinate.



Bavarian Forest Where can you hike well in Germany - hiking destinations Germany
Bavarian forest


Hiking in the Bavarian Forest

To the south is the mountain landscape of the Bavarian Forest. With its national park and mountain peaks such as the Arber, the Rachel or the Lusen, the forest region along the border with the Czech Republic invites you to enjoy nature experiences as well as hikes. Some hiking trails lead through wilderness areas that are rarely found in Germany. Others, however, are suitable for comfortable hiking tours. In the Wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest you can relax well after an eventful day of hiking. Hiking tours in the Bavarian Forest For example, you can plan along these paths.



Where to go hiking in Germany - hiking destinations Germany
Chiemgau Alps Panorama at Tachinger See


Hike in the Inn-Salzach region near Burghausen

From the hilly landscape of the Rupertiwinkel there are views of the mountains in Chiemgau. The world's longest castle is also worth a visit in Burghausen. It doesn't always have to be Lake Chiemsee. From Waginger See, for example, there are beautiful views of the foothills of the Alps. In these regions along the border with Austria, you often have the hiking trail to yourself. Magnificent views included. On the way you can also try culinary delicacies from organic farmers, stop off at a farm café or try your own smoked pork and homemade cheese. No wonder that the... Region around Waging am See has now blossomed into a region of pleasure. Hiking trails in Rupertiwinkel and Chiemgau so you can find it here.



Where to go hiking in Germany - hiking destinations Germany
Hiking in the Jagsttal


Enjoy the hiking region in the Jagst Valley in Baden-Württemberg

The Jagsttal in Baden-Wuerttemberg is not one of the best-known hiking regions in Germany. It's even nicer to hike there. You also have many of the paths to yourself. However, you shouldn't forget a picnic. Because many of the hiking tours offer few opportunities to stop for a break along the way. But what could be nicer than a picnic in an orchard where the apples of the year are ripening? Discover Hiking trails in this region here.



There are many more hiking destinations in Germany that are worthwhile. For example, where did you go hiking in eastern Germany or southern Germany? Where is good hiking in Germany? Tell us your favorite hiking destinations in Germany that are located in remote regions.

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Where can you go hiking in Germany?
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Where can you go hiking in Germany?

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