Discover Lake Skadar in Montenegro, also known as Lake Skutari

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Skadar Lake Montenegro

Imagine you are standing on the shore of a vast lake. The water glistens in the sun as gentle waves lap the shore. You hear the chirping of the birds and the soft rustling of the leaves in the wind. Welcome to Skadar Lake in Montenegro, a place that will captivate you. Also known as Lake Skutari, this lake is more than just a body of water. It is an adventure playground waiting for you to discover it. Whether you are a nature lover, a culture fan or just a traveler looking for peace and quiet, Lake Skadar has something for everyone. Prepare for a boat trip that will take you to hidden bays and picturesque villages. Or lace up your hiking boots and explore the surrounding hills and forests. Or maybe you just want to sit on the shore and enjoy the breathtaking view.



Lake Skadar in Montenegro

Lake Skadar is also known as Lake Skutari. It is not only Montenegro's largest lake and a national park, but also a Ramsar wetland. As such it is of international importance, particularly as a habitat for waterfowl and shorebirds. This status dates back to the Ramsar Convention, which was signed in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971. Therefore, Skadar Lake in Montenegro is an important habitat for birds. Here you can see a variety of bird species including Pygmy Cormorants, Great White Pelicans and many other species such as various ducks, gulls and herons. In addition, the lake is rich in biodiversity and an important nature reserve.

The impressive flora of Lake Skadar

In addition to the impressive bird life, the plant life at Lake Skadar is also remarkable. The lake and its surroundings are rich in various plant species. Here you will find, among other things, magnificent water lilies and dense reeds.

Boat tours on Skadar Lake Montenegro: An unforgettable experience

If you want to explore the lake from the water, you can take a boat tour in Virpazar or Rijeka Crnojevića start. You have the choice between traditional wooden boats and modern motorboats.

Book excursions from Virpazar here*:

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Hiking and cycling at Skadar Lake

Not only water sports enthusiasts, but also hikers and cyclists get their money's worth at Lake Skadar. There are numerous hiking and biking trails around the lake. In particular, the routes around Virpazar and Rijeka Crnojevića are particularly picturesque and worth a visit.

Discover cultural treasures at Lake Skadar

In addition to the impressive nature, the Skadar Lake in Montenegro also has culturally interesting places in store for you. These include, for example, the Besac Fortress in Virpazar and the Kom Monastery, which is located near Rijeka Crnojevića.

Getting to Skadar Lake: How to get there

The Skadar Lake is easy to reach. From Podgorica you can get to the lake by car or bus. This is certainly one of the most beautiful routes to get here. We used it on our road trip from Serbia to the coast of Montenegro and enjoyed the great views of the lake from the serpentines of the mountain road. However, you can also join one of the day trips from the coastal towns. There are also organized tours that include transportation and activities. Or rent a car and see the lake and its surroundings on your own.



The best travel time for Lake Skadar

Wondering when is the best time to visit Skadar Lake in Montenegro? Well, spring and fall are ideal. In these seasons, the weather is pleasant and nature is at its best.

Accommodation and gastronomy at Skadar Lake

If you are planning a trip to Skadar Lake in Montenegro, you will find some accommodation around the lake. These are particularly popular Hotel Pelikan in Virpazar* as well as the Eco Villas Merak in Virpazar*. And if you are looking for a place for a delicious meal, then the Silistria restaurant in Virpazar or the Poslednja Luka restaurant in Rijeka Crnojevića are the best options.

Enjoy local delicacies by Lake Skadar

Be sure to try the wines from local wineries and enjoy traditional Montenegrin cuisine.

Come and discover Skadar Lake in Montenegro. Or as it is also called: Lake Skutari.

And finally ...

Now that you know more about Lake Skadar in Montenegro, it's time to start planning your trip. Also known as Lake Skutari, this lake is a place that will amaze you with its natural beauty and diversity. Imagine exploring the lake by boat and discovering hidden bays and picturesque villages. Or you can hike the surrounding paths and enjoy the breathtaking view. Maybe you just want to sit on the shore, enjoy the tranquility and observe the unique flora and fauna.

But Lake Skadar has even more to offer. It is a place full of history and culture. Visit Besac Fortress or Kom Monastery and learn more about the region's past. Or try the local cuisine and regional wines at a winery or in one of the cozy inns.

Whether you are planning a day trip or a longer stay, Lake Skadar will not disappoint. It is a place that invites you to stay and discover it.


Skadar Lake National Park
Skadar Lake National Park – Skadar Lake


Questions and answers about Lake Skadar Montenegro

Can I swim at Skadar Lake?

Yes, you can swim at Skadar Lake. There are several places where you can get into the water. But always think about your safety!

Are there campsites at Lake Skadar?

Yes, there are campsites around Skadar Lake. They're also a great way to get up close and personal with nature.

Can I fish in Lake Skadar?

Yes, fishing is possible at Skadar Lake. However, you should inform yourself about the local regulations beforehand.

Are pets allowed at Skadar Lake?

As a rule, pets are allowed at Skadar Lake. However, there may be restrictions in certain areas, for example in nature reserves.

Are there guided tours at Lake Skadar?

Yes, there are various providers who offer guided tours on and around Lake Skadar. These can also be a great way to learn more about the nature and culture of the area.


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Skadar Lake or Skadar Lake
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Discover Lake Skadar in Montenegro, also known as Lake Skutari

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