The museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee

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It's raining as if the floodgates had been opened that day in Bad Waldsee. We are glad that the Kornhaus Museum in Bad Waldsee is on our tour program today. As travel bloggers, we are invited by the Bad Waldsee tourism authority to get to know the city and its sights better. This is definitely the best place to escape the wet weather outside. Marc Fischer from the spa administration accompanies us. The museum itself is a real surprise. The visit brings back fond memories of the semesters I spent studying art history at the University of Munich. The museum is located in the former granary in the town of Bad Waldsee Baden-Württemberg.



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Gothic figure
Gothic masterpieces in the museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee


Bad Waldsee as a trading center - in the museum in the Kornhaus

In the Middle Ages, the place belonged to Austria and was a trading place that collected the grain of the farmers from the area in up to five grain houses in the city. That was far more than the place itself needed. As a result, Bad Waldsee quickly developed into a trading center. From here the grain was mainly transported to Switzerland in ox carts. In the course of time, the merchants accumulated a good sack of prosperity, which can still be seen in the city today. Half-timbered houses were built in the city center, and the town hall of Bad Waldsee towers over them all with its Gothic facade. The museum in the Kornhaus is directly opposite at the other end of the market square.


Portrait of a Waldsee citizen woman
Portrait of a woman from Waldsee in the museum in the Kornhaus


Bourgeois women, councilors and churchmen in the museum in the Kornhaus

The head of the museum in the Kornhaus proudly shows us the treasures that are in the museum's possession. Our walk through the two upper floors of the museum takes us through the history of the city. We see portraits of bourgeois women and men, as well as images of the princes of Waldburg, who, together with the councilors and church lords, controlled the fortunes of the city for a long time. The museum's macabre exhibits include instruments of torture and weapons used by the knights who ruled under George III. von Waldburg, the "Bauernjörg", against which farmers from Bavaria went to war and finally defeated them.


Baroque dragon slayer in the museum in the Kornhaus
Baroque dragon slayer in the museum in the Kornhaus


Sculptures in the museum in the granary of Bad Waldsee

The showpieces of the Museum in the Kornhaus, however, are Gothic and Baroque sculptures from the Zürn Collection, which one would not expect in this quality in a city museum. They are the curator's treasures and he is proud to present them to us. I can definitely understand him. Madonna figures, the suffering Christ on the cross in Gothic and Baroque style, as well as other saints - brought together from all over the world - show how rich the city was once through its grain and linen trade.

The upper floor is dedicated to folk art and handicrafts in the city. It shows how the citizens of the city lived in the 19th century. Dollhouses show how people lived back then. A typesetter's workplace brings the craftsmanship of the local print shop to life. A touch of the good old days pervades the rooms on the top floor of the Museum am Kornhaus.

After our tour of the Bad Waldsee City Museum, we have the feeling that we have better understood the city and got to know the history of its origins. A visit to the museum in the Kornhaus is definitely a good way to pass the time when it's raining outside.

More information about:

Museum in the Kornhaus Bad Waldsee

Main street 40 (Rathausplatz)
88339 Bad Waldsee
Tel: 07524/48228
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Frequently asked questions about the Museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee

What can I see in the Museum im Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee?

In the Museum im Kornhaus you will find a mixture of local history and art. The permanent exhibition shows the history of Bad Waldsee and the temporary exhibitions host various art forms by local and international artists.

Where is the Museum in the Kornhaus located?

The Museum in the Kornhaus is located in the city center of Bad Waldsee. The exact address is Hauptstraße 40, 88339 Bad Waldsee.

Are there any special events or programs I should attend at the Museum im Kornhaus?

The Museum in the Kornhaus regularly offers special exhibitions, artist meetings, lectures and workshops. It is recommended to check the museum's website before visiting to see the latest events and programs.

Are photographs allowed in the Museum im Kornhaus?

Photographs for personal use are permitted in most museums, provided flash is not used. However, there may be restrictions on certain exhibitions. It is therefore advisable to clarify this before the visit or to ask when entering the museum in the Kornhaus.

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What were your impressions? Tell us about it in a comment. We appreciate it, and our readers will also appreciate your tips.


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Museum in the Kornhaus Bad Waldsee
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The museum in the Kornhaus in Bad Waldsee

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