Discover Portugal: A travel destination full of surprises

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Portugal as a travel destination

Portugal is a travel destination that has fascinated us and continues to tempt us. My first trip to Lisbon many years ago showed me the Portuguese people's love of life, but also their melancholy. I think there is hardly anything that expresses the Portuguese people's attitude to life better than Fado. In the evenings the sad sounds always lured me to the bars in the hills of Lisbon. Then the singers use their lyrics and melodies to tell stories about life in Portugal, to which their listeners listen spellbound. In the Alentejo we also had the opportunity to get to know the traditional music from the region. For me, this will always be an expression of the Portuguese lifestyle. Check out our video playlist below. There's also a clip with Portuguese music.


Portugal as a travel destination is varied

Portugal is waiting to be discovered by you. Here you will find everything: mountains that invite you to hike, lively cities with a rich history and quiet coastal towns where the sea makes you dream. Portugal as a travel destination offers something for every taste.

Start your journey in Lisbon, the capital that combines tradition and modernity. Stroll through the narrow streets of Alfama, listen to the sounds of Fado and enjoy the local cuisine. Further north, however, Porto is tempting with its famous port wine tradition and the picturesque old town on the Douro.

After all, the Azores are a must for nature lovers. This group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic impresses with its untouched nature. Here you can explore volcanoes, relax in thermal springs and admire the unique flora and fauna.



The Alentejo is also a highlight. This region is known for its vast landscapes, historic cities and excellent wines. Take your time and explore the Fishermen's Route with insights into their everyday lives, like we did. And don't forget to try the delicious fish dishes along the way. These show both how frugal the people who live from the sea are, but they also show how you can enjoy this simple life with good taste. Experience the peace and authenticity of rural Portugal and immerse yourself in a world that is still characterized by traditional values.

For detailed information about these and other travel destinations in Portugal, check out the linked guides. They offer you in-depth insights and practical tips for your travel planning.

Discover Portugal as a travel destination in our guides


What makes Portugal so special as a travel destination?

Portugal is a dream destination for slow travelers. From the sunny beaches of the Algarve to the green mountains in the north, the country offers a wide variety of landscapes.


In the Algarve
In the Algarve

The diversity of landscapes

In the Algarve you will find long sandy beaches as well as small bays surrounded by fascinating rock formations. The Algarve is therefore perfect for relaxing days by the sea and at the same time offers small towns to explore. Further north, however, the landscape changes. In central Portugal, rolling hills await you, vineyards and historic villages. Here you can experience the real Portugal, far away from mass tourism.

Highlights in the Algarve

  • Sandy beaches
  • small bays
  • fascinating rock formations
  • small towns

Accommodation in the Algarve*
Things to do in the Algarve*

Portugal's north is known for its rugged beauty. The mountains, for example, offer ideal conditions for hikes and nature experiences. Portugal's famous wines are also produced here, in the region around the Douro. A visit to one of the wineries is therefore a must for wine lovers.

Cultural riches

Portugal also has a lot to offer culturally. The country is rich in UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit, for example, the Monastery of Batalha or the Tower of Belém in Lisbon. These historical sites tell the history of Portugal and its role in world history. Additionally, the cities of Lisbon and Porto are full of cultural treasures. Its old towns, with narrow streets and traditional houses, are living evidence of the past.

The Portuguese way of life

The Portuguese way of life also makes Portugal a special travel destination. The people here are known for their hospitality. You will therefore quickly feel welcome. The Portuguese cuisine is another highlight. Fresh fish, seafood, hearty stews and sweet pastéis de nata – the variety is impressive. So enjoy your meal in one of the many small restaurants and experience the relaxed lifestyle of the Portuguese.


The Belem Tower
The Torre de Belem – one of the travel destinations in Portugal that you shouldn’t miss


Destinations in Portugal you shouldn’t miss

Portugal has places worth seeing that are worth a trip.


Lisbon combines history and modernity in a unique way. For example, stroll through the old town districts and discover historical sights. The many museums located very close to the Torre de Belém are also worth seeing. I was particularly fascinated by the Museu de Marinha next to the Gothic monastery Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. There you get to know the importance of Portugal in world history better. I was also impressed by the Museu Nacional do Azulejo. Nowhere can you learn more about the blue tiles of Portugal than there. Also enjoy the lively atmosphere of Lisbon. The city on the Tejo offers cafes where you can try the local cuisine. These are also good stops for solo travelers. You can find more recommendations for solo travelers in Lisbon in the Solo Traveler Guide by Jessie on a Journey (English).

Highlights in Lisbon:

  • Torre de Belém
  • the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Monastery
  • the ships in the Museu de Marinha
  • National Tile Museum
  • the old town districts

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Things to do in Lisbon*


Wine region on the Douro
Wine region on the Douro

Porto and the Douro wine region

Porto is known for its port wine. This city on the Douro is famous for its alleys as well as its port wine cellars. In Porto you can stroll through the old town, cross the Dom Luís I bridge and experience the local culture. The refreshing one is also being built along the Atlantic coast between the Douro and Minho rivers Green wine at. In the far northwest of Portugal you can also follow the Vinho Verde route and taste the wines directly from the winemaker.

Highlights in Porto and the north of Portugal

  • The old town of Porto
  • Port wine cellars and tastings
  • The Ponte Dom Luís I bridge
  • Vinho Verde in northwest Portugal
  • The Vinho Verde route

Accommodation in the Douro Valley and Porto*
Things to do in the Douro Valley*


The Azores - travel destination in Portugal
In the Azores

The Azores

The Azores, a group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic, are a true natural paradise. Here you can explore volcanoes, bathe in thermal springs and marvel at the diverse flora and fauna. The Azores offer you untouched nature and the opportunity to escape from everyday life. And don't forget, besides that Whales and dolphins* to experience during a visit.

Highlights in the Azores

  • The nature
  • volcanoes
  • Thermal springs
  • The flora and fauna
  • Whales and dolphins

Accommodation in the Azores*
Things to do in the Azores*


The island of Madeira - travel destination in Portugal
The island of Madeira

Madeira – a year-round Portugal travel destination like in spring

Madeira, often referred to as the island of eternal spring, is another highlight. This island attracts with its diverse landscape, from green mountains to fascinating coastlines. Already the Austrian Empress Sisi appreciated this. She spent some time on the island. In Madeira, for example, you can hike, enjoy nature and get to know the local culture.

Highlights on Madeira

  • Varied trip landscape
  • Wild coast
  • Hiking
  • Nature
  • local culture

Accommodation on Madeira*
Things to do in Madeira*


Rocky beaches in the Alentejo
Rocky beaches in the Alentejo


The Alentejo: Portugal's insider tip

Finally, the Alentejo is a must for slow travelers who want to experience authentic Portugal.

The Alentejo – a travel destination in Portugal for slow travelers

The landscape of the Alentejo is characterized by extensive fields, rolling hills and untouched nature. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet and take in the beauty of the region while taking walks. The nature of the Alentejo definitely offers you a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for switching off and relaxing.

Highlights in the Alentejo

  • The vastness of the landscape
  • Nature
  • The calm
  • UNESCO world heritage
  • The culinary
  • Hospitality of the people

Accommodation in Alentejo*
Things to do in the Alentejo*

Culture and tradition

The Alentejo also has a lot to offer culturally. Historic cities like Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invite you to explore. In Évora you will find both Roman ruins and medieval streets. Rural life in the Alentejo also gives you insights into traditions and customs that have become rare in the modern world.

The cuisine makes the Alentejo a travel destination in Portugal to savor

The Alentejo cuisine is another highlight. It is characterized by simplicity and authenticity. For example, try regional specialties like Pão Alentejano, a traditional bread, or Porco Preto, a black pork dish. The wines of the Alentejo are also a delight and perfect to complement your meals.

The Alentejo offers you a unique combination of relaxed landscape, rich culture and delicious cuisine. For slow travelers planning a trip to Portugal, the Alentejo is an ideal destination to experience the country in its most original form. Discover the Alentejo and let yourself be enchanted by its tranquil beauty.


Portugal impresses with its diverse landscape. From the rolling hills of the Alentejo to the lively beaches of the Algarve, the country offers something for everyone. The historic cities like Lisbon and Porto are full of culture and history. Here you can stroll through the streets and feel the local life.

The Azores and Madeira are a dream for nature lovers. These islands offer you untouched nature as well as the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna. In Portugal you will also find a rich culinary landscape. Try local specialties such as fresh fish, pastéis de nata and the famous port wine.

My tips for slow travelers for these Portugal travel destinations

Take your time to discover the small villages and hidden corners of Portugal. Talk to the locals for authentic experiences. Visit local markets and try regional products. And above all: enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the slow pace that makes Portugal so special.

Seeing everything at once means not seeing at all. Above all, it means no time to experience these regions. Because you need time to talk to the market woman, the winemaker or the fisherman. A visit to a Fado restaurant always took longer than I expected. It's worth taking the time to sit by the sea and just watch the waves. This calm, that is Portugal. To experience it, it's better to take too much time than too little.


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Discover Portugal: A travel destination full of surprises

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