Evora Guide: Discover the largest city in the Alentejo

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Evora guide

An Evora guide to visit the UNESCO World Heritage city in Portugal

Evora is a city in Alentejo, which you should not miss on your trip to Portugal. Why? Because Evora offers a unique blend of history, culture and charm. You can find out more about it in our Evora Guide. To do this, click on the articles that we link here.

Imagine a city frozen in time. A city that tells its story in every street, building and stone. This is Evora. It's a city that takes you back in time.

But Evora is not just history. It is also a city full of life. Here you will find bustling markets, charming cafes and restaurants serving the best of Portuguese cuisine. A perfect travel destination for connoisseurs and slow travellers. Browse our Evora Guide and learn more about the city.

Our Evora Guide

The old town is one of the Evora Portugal attractions

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Hotels in Evora Portugal

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Evora - starting point for the Rota do Peixe

Evora - UNESCO World Heritage in the Alentejo

Evora, with its historic buildings, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest place we get to know along our route. Also, it is one of the oldest places we visit on this trip. Evora was long before the...

Useful information in our Evora Guide

The climate in Evora

Evora is located in Portugal and has a Mediterranean climate. This means that summers are hot and winters are mild.

In summer, from June to August, the average temperatures are around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. However, there can also be days when temperatures rise to over 35 degrees. So be sure to pack your sunscreen!

The winters in Evora, on the other hand, are mild with average temperatures of around 10 to 15 degrees. However, it can also get colder, so pack a warm sweater as well. We visited Evora in January and experienced pleasant temperatures of around 10 degrees, while in Germany it was frosty minus degrees.

The climate in Evora is therefore ideal for a trip at any time of the year.

The population of Evora

About 56.000 people live in Evora. Evora's population is a colorful mix of old and young. It is a city inhabited by people of all ages. From students studying at the University of Evora to long time residents whose families have lived in Evora for generations.

The people of Evora are known for their hospitality and friendliness. They are proud of their city and its history and are happy to share it with visitors. So don't hesitate to ask someone for directions or get a recommendation for a good restaurant. A tip from our Evora Guide: this is a good way to talk to the local people.

Evora's population is also culturally diverse. It is a city inhabited by people from different cultures. This diversity contributes to the city's rich culture and history.


A Shopping Guide Evora includes local handicraft products


Evora Guide to Souvenirs

An Evora Guide includes tips for souvenirs. The city offers a variety of shopping opportunities. Start your tour at Rua 5 de Outubro. Here you will find a range of boutiques and shops offering everything from fashion to handmade souvenirs. Another highlight is the monastery bakery "Pão de Rala", known for its sweets and traditional pastries.

If you are looking for local products, don't miss the Mercado Municipal. Here you will find fresh produce, local specialties and handmade goods. It's the perfect place to take a piece of Evora home with you.

For book lovers, the Fonte de Letras bookshop is a must. It offers a wide selection of books. It's also a cozy place to browse and relax. You can find out more details via the links in our Evora Guide.


A tip in our Evora Guide: Be sure to try the wines of the region


Conclusion on our Evora Guide

Use our Evora Guide and find out what the city has to offer. From its fascinating history to vibrant culture to delicious culinary delights, Evora is a city that will surprise you. Click on our posts to learn more about the sights and details about Evora.


Evora guide
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Evora Guide: Discover the largest city in the Alentejo

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