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Praia do Pego

Alentejo beaches between Comporta and Cabo Sardao

Which beaches in Alentejo Portugal are suitable for you? The Alentejo beaches south of Lisbon is very varied. The Alentejo Praias on the west coast in the Alentejo alternate between miles of sandy beaches. South of Sines and in the region of Comporta there are beaches that never seem to end. In some regions they are also very wide. In between, however, there are always rugged coastal landscapes with cliffs. These fall off steeply. Either directly into the sea, or to small sandy bays where you can secluded Swimming opportunities find. Because many of these sheltered bays can be reached via stairs. They remind you a little of the Algarve coast. Only that they are lonelier than them. If you want to go to the beach alone , these tips will help.


Beaches in the Alentejo at Comporta
Alentejo Praias are sandy beaches


The Alentejo is still a region where tourism is not as significant as in other parts of Portugal. Here day by day the fishermen go out to catch fish. With their small boats, they do not venture too far from the coast. Nevertheless, their work is not safe. In some places, they have to overcome the wild surf to get back to their home port. At others, their boats are at the mercy of the waves of the Atlantic. These take a long way to the west and build up to considerable wave mountains. Of the beaches you can often see the Portuguese fishermen working off the coast.


On some beaches there are restaurants or simple beach cafes, where you can watch the beach walkers. These are often barely recognizable, because the sandy areas at the seashore are often so wide that the eye sees the people only with difficulty. It is nice there especially in the evening, when the sun sinks into the sea. This often happens with spectacular color spectacle. Then the sky turns a reddish purple, red or gold. The sun seems to get bigger and bigger, before finally disappearing behind the horizon in a breathtaking show. Every night, the spectacle is different.

Which beach from Comporta to Porto Covo

Those who like pristine beaches will definitely love the beaches in the Alentejo. We were there in January. We start our journey in Evora. The Alentejo beaches actually begin at the city of Tróia in the north of the peninsula, which separates the Setubal lagoon from the Atlantic. However, we saved the drive to Tróia, as the place has no special sights apart from a few hotels and Roman ruins. The beaches that stretch south from Tróia to Porto Covo are worth a visit.



Comporta beach
Comporta beach


Comporta beaches in Alentejo Portugal

We used the time we had saved instead of visiting Tróia to stay at the beach of Comporta. This place consists of only a few houses and is located about fifteen kilometers south of Tróia. Even in winter, Comporta beach is worth a visit. Boardwalks lead from the parking lot over the dunes to the kilometer-long wide sandy beach. There is also a beach café above the beach, which is sure to be popular in summer. However, it is closed in January. However, it offers beautiful photo opportunities with its blue-painted wooden walls. In any case, from this beach you can see the infinity of the Atlantic. An uplifting feeling!


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Beach cafe Comporta
Beach cafés like this one can be found on the Alentejo Praias


Carvalhal - Beaches in the Alentejo

Only a few kilometers further south, more beaches join. We make a detour to Praia do Pego in Carvalhal. Here, the Sal restaurant awaits its guests in summer. In winter, it is closed. No wonder, we have the beach at this time of the year almost for us alone. There we experienced on our Drive along the Alentejo coast one of the most beautiful sunsets of our trip. In the summer, it may be fun to watch the setting sun from the terrace of the restaurant as it sinks into the sea.


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Praia do Pego
Praia do Pego
Praia do Pego
Praia do Pego
Sunset Praia do Pego
Sunset Praia do Pego

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The next day we drive south to Porto Covo. There the beaches look different. While we have seen only long sandy beaches, we find here small sandy bays protected by steep cliffs. At their foothills in the sea, the waves break, which roll over the Atlantic. Porto Covo is also within easy reach of Lisbon. From there you will private day trips to the southwest coast * offered. You can also do well in this region hiking on the fishing path Portugal along the coast.


rocky beach
Rocky beaches in the Alentejo


Porto Covo - Beaches in the Alentejo on the rocky coast

At the port of Porto Covo, a steep staircase leads up the cliffs to a viewing platform. This can also be reached by car, if you follow the signs to the beach in town. From there you also have a good view of the Praia dos Buizinhos. It is one of those beaches that lie in sheltered coves surrounded by steep cliffs. Most of them are accessible by stairs. Therefore, you can find in these coastal regions of the Alentejo sandy coves, where you can swim in the summer. In January, we also meet tourists at the caravan parking lot, who spend the cold season here enjoying the view.



Praia dos Buizinhos
Praia dos Buizinhos - signs like this indicate beaches in Alentejo Portugal
Lighthouse at Praia do Banho - Portugal Alentejo beach near Porto Covo
Lighthouse at Praia do Banho


Following the coastline from Porto Covo to Sines changes the look of the beaches. While Praia do Banho and some of the other bays to the north offer sheltered bathing spots, the beaches in the Alentejo from Praia de Morgavel to Sines are instead flat, wide, miles long and sandy.


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Restaurant Dom Luis - Dining on a Portugal Alentejo beach
Restaurant Dom Luis on a Portugal Alentejo beach


Morgavel - one of the most beautiful beaches in the Alentejo

On our visit in January, we share the beach with just a few lonely joggers and seagulls frolicking on the sand. Above the beach there are some fish restaurants, which are also open in winter. At the Dom Luis restaurant, we just drink a short espresso to enjoy the view from the terrace. In the nearby restaurant Arte y Sal On the other hand, a delicious fresh fish menu awaits us from the market in Sines.


Restaurant Arte e Sal - Dining on a Portugal Alentejo beach
Restaurant Arte e Sal - Restaurants like this can be found on almost every Portugal Alentejo beach


Beaches in and around Vila Nova de Milfontes

This fishing village on Portugal's coast is a real insider tip. Here you will find Beaches that seem straight out of a picture book. From hidden coves surrounded by impressive cliffs to extensive sandy beaches ideal for sunbathing. Each of them promises unique moments. Whether you want to surf, swim or just relax, in Vila Nova de Milfontes you will find the perfect spot.

The wintry beaches in the Alentejo impress us. Each of them is different. Therefore, everyone will find the right beach on this short stretch of coast.

Questions and answers about a holiday on the Alentejo beaches

What security measures should I take when visiting the Alentejo beaches?

It is always important to follow local safety instructions. Pay attention to warning signs that indicate possible dangers such as strong currents or high waves. Avoid swimming alone, especially in remote areas.

Which beaches in the Alentejo are particularly child-friendly?

Many beaches in the Alentejo are suitable for families as they slope gently and are supervised. An example is Comporta beach, which is wide and shallow, making it ideal for children.

When is the best time to visit the Alentejo beaches?

The best time to visit the Alentejo beaches is in summer, from June to September. During these months the weather is warm and the water temperatures are comfortable.

Which water sports activities are particularly popular on the beaches in the Alentejo?

On the beaches of the Alentejo you can try a variety of water sports. These include surfing, stand up paddling and kite surfing. Some beaches also offer equipment rentals and courses for beginners.

Are there any particular dining experiences or restaurants I should try near the Alentejo beaches?

Yes, the Alentejo region is known for its excellent cuisine. Be sure to try the fresh seafood and local wine. Many restaurants offer stunning sea views, enhancing the dining experience.

Which accommodation near the beaches in Alentejo would you recommend for a longer stay?

There is a variety of accommodation near the beaches in the Alentejo, from luxury resorts to cozy apartments. Some recommendations are the Hotel Vila Park in Santo André and a holiday apartment in Monte do Zambujeiro.

Are there any guided tours or excursions I can do from the Alentejo beaches?

Yes, there are many guided tours and excursions that you can do from the Alentejo beaches. These include wine tasting, coastal walks and boat tours. You can also book private day tours to Lisbon offered from Porto Covo.



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Discover beaches in the Alentejo

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