Adventure Yukon - Canada's North

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Welcome to Yukon

Adventure Yukon

It is something special, such a Yukon adventure! Traveling through the north of Canada is extraordinary and is likely to be different from most of the trips you have been on to date. The Yukon Territory is so sparsely populated that the region didn't even make it to the Canadian province. The territory has far too few inhabitants for that. There are only two major towns, both of which are more reminiscent of a small town: Whitehorse and Dawson City.

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Dempster Highway

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River on Dempster Highway

On the way on the Dempster Highway

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The capital is the largest town in the region: Whitehorse. The city received these honors when the Alaska Highway was completed, the main artery that crosses the Yukon Territory from north to south. Every year caravans of motorhomes come from the south in search of their very own Yukon adventure. If you want to reach the wilderness faster, you can also arrive by plane. Whitehorse is home to Yukon's international airport, which even has direct flights from Germany. Condor flies from Frankfurt to the Yukon every summer and brings adventurous travelers to the far north of Canada.


Adventure Yukon at Miles Canyon
Adventure Yukon at Miles Canyon


Small places

With the exception of Whitehorse and the gold rush town of Dawson City, the places in the Yukon are mostly just small collections of colorfully thrown together and sometimes also timbered houses and cabins. When the going gets tough, there is a small corner shop in town, where you can buy the bare minimum. Those who live there often have to drive hundreds of kilometers to the nearest large supermarket.

But the wilderness is right on your doorstep. This can go so far that from time to time there is actually a moose or even a bear in the front garden and enjoying the freshly mown grass, or - which is often the case with bears - being attracted by the seductive smells from the kitchen of the cabin. Most of the buildings that can be found next to residential houses and log cabins in those places have something to do with the supply of the street and the people in the region. You won't find any major sights in these places. A small visitor center is often stylized as a top attraction, where you can find out more about the construction of the Alaska Highway, about bush planes or the formation of the glaciers in the area.


Emerald Lake in Yukon Territory
Emerald Lake in Yukon Territory


Adventure Yukon - The road trip is the goal

The real attraction of the Yukon is its grandiose nature, the breathtaking mountains and the endless forests. To experience the wilderness is what most travelers come to the Yukon Territory for. The Yukon adventure is different for everyone. Some drive their motorhomes along the entire Alaska Highway and maybe make one or two detours to Skagway, Haines, Alaska or Dawson City and over the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Ocean. The tour over the Top of the World Highway, which meets the Alaska Highway again near Tok in Alaska, is also nice.

Those who like things wilder and rougher can take a trekking tour in Kluane National Park, in which - with a few exceptions along the highway - there are no hiking trails. Those who hike here hike in the wild. This means that trails cross rivers. The hiker climbs steep mountains on scree slopes or finds his way through boggy peat soil. This is not for the untrained. If you are planning something like this, you should know what you are getting yourself into. And above all: don't forget to tell the national park administration. when you want to be back. If you do not show up at the agreed place and time, search parties will be sent out.


Bove Island in the Yukon
Bove Island in the Yukon


Road trips in the Yukon

Roadtrips in the Yukon are not what you are used to in the south of Canada. The further north you go the more the permafrost becomes noticeable under the tar cover. This means, on the one hand, that more and more bumps are hindering smooth sailing north, and, on the other hand, that you often spend twice as much or more time on the Yukon roads for stretches you travel in an hour at home. In any case, it is worthwhile to allow sufficient time between the individual stations, so that you can stay on one of the beautiful lakes, such as Kluane Lake, for a picnic or take a hike or a sightseeing flight in Kluane National Park.

The true adventure Yukon is the unpredictability of travel through this region, whether it's a road trip, scenic flight or wilderness trekking. One thing travel through the Yukon Territory is definitely: a grandiose and unforgettable experience!

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Yukon road trip
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Source: own research on site. My own adventure Yukon started 1990 and often took me there several times a year for 15 years.

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Adventure Yukon - Canada's North

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  1. Hello you two. Beautiful pictures. Since I'm really jealous. We also wanted to travel to Alaska last year, but decided to go to the South Seas. But if I read your article so we have to make up for it soon.
    Greetings and continue I wish you all the fun in traveling and enjoying.

    1. Hello Daniel, well, the South Seas is nice too :). But we can really recommend the Yukon and Alaska. For us, this is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Best regards, Monika and Petar

    1. Thank you, dear Monika. For hiking, there are also great regions - but that is wilder there than in Europe.

  2. A great and very informative post, I came across Sabines City, Land, River Project on it. Having already got to know the West Coast of the USA with its many natural beauties, Canada appeals to me a lot. However, I'm not sure where to go first (was never there).


    1. Hi Anna,

      British Columbia and Alberta are very beautiful and spectacular for entry into Canada. Both the fjord coast and the Rocky Mountains and the mountain ranges of the west coast are breathtaking. And then of course Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island and Calgary. It's all worth the trip. We have been touring Canada for decades and know the country quite well by now. We have published a part of our travel experiences here in the blog. It is worth to browse.

  3. I can only join Tanja. A long Yukon road trip is one of my big dreams. I am attracted by nature and above all by the people who live in this area. Your contribution drives the travel fever even higher. Alone the Emerald Lake - OMG !!!!

    1. Liebe Sabine

      I'm sure the Yukon would like you. There are also dog sled tours in winter :) You can even do this with participants of the Yukon Quest if you want. The stories they can tell are priceless. In the summer, the Yukon is a great experience. Contact me when the time comes. I like to give you tips.

      Best regards,

  4. Oh that sounds heavenly.
    The Yukon and Alaska are high on my wish list. I really want to experience this nature there. Thanks, for the nice insight.

    Best regards,

    1. That's it too, dear Tanya. Yukon and Alaska are for me the most beautiful regions in the world that I met. I'm glad, if you like my article.

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