Play golf in Tenerife south

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Play golf in Tenerife

"Island of Eternal Spring": Tenerife's climate at a glance

Tenerife is rightly called the "Island of Eternal Spring" because it lies in the transition area between the subtropics and the temperate zone. The average annual temperatures in Tenerife are a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius and vary only slightly over the year. Tenerife owes this to the cool sea current and the Azores high, in whose sphere of influence the island lies. In addition, the trade winds contribute to the fact that there is always a pleasant breeze and ensures that the people on the island feel comfortable. Perfect conditions for any kind of sporting activity. Playing golf on Tenerife is particularly fun under these conditions.

Golf on Tenerife: The south is the perfect location for sports enthusiasts

Most of Tenerife's golf courses are concentrated in the south of the island. Here, the warmest and driest climate prevails, and in the area between Candelaria and Santiago del Teide, the tourist centers of Tenerife are concentrated. Once the most remote and sparsely populated region on the island, the south is today the fastest growing area on the island. It has the largest density of hotels on the island and the largest selection of golf courses amidst tomato and banana plantations. If you drive only a few kilometers into the interior, you will find villages where the charm of Tenerife has been preserved to this day.

Hotspots in the south: tourist centers and idyllic villages

Playa de los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje, Los Gigantes, Puerto Santiago, Las Galletas and El Médano are the most important places in Tenerife's south, which have six of Tenerife's nine golf courses in their vicinity.

A wide choice: golf courses of different sizes and orientations

You have the choice of playing golf in Tenerife with a view of the highest mountain on the island, the volcano Teide, or with the sound of the waves crashing onto the island's shore in the immediate vicinity of the golf course. The size of the golf courses varies between 9 holes and 18 holes, and passionate golfers are guaranteed to find the right golf course that meets their expectations.

Golfing fun close to nature: The integration of the golf courses into the landscape of Tenerife

Created by well-known landscape architects, the golf courses fit harmoniously into the nature of Tenerife. They offer spectacular views of the volcano or the Atlantic when golfing in Tenerife. The golf course Centro de Golf Los Palos also scores with its lush and colorful vegetation.

Well-known venues: Important golf tournaments in Tenerife

Some of the golf courses are also regular venues for important golf tournaments. Golf del Sur, for example, was opened in 1987 with a professional tournament and has since repeatedly hosted other tournaments.


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Play golf in Tenerife south

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