Hotel Miramar Opatija: A paradise for connoisseurs

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Hotel Miramar in Opatija

A standup paddler makes his way along the coast with slow paddling strokes below our balcony in the Hotel Miramar in Opatija, Croatia. Walkers stroll along the panoramic path Lungomare always along the water. Container ships appear on the horizon, leaving the port of Rijeka to deliver their goods from all over the world and pick up new ones. Other ships are anchored in the bay and waiting for their place in the harbor to become available. Even a cruise ship is heading to the port of Rijeka, bringing ashore tourists who are now looking at Croatia after Venice restricted cruise tourism. Sailboats and excursion ships make their way across the bay Opatijato show visitors the city from the sea.

Every now and then we also spot a few bathers frolicking in the water in the demarcated bathing areas along the coast. Apparently the water is still inviting at the end of September. No wonder with temperatures between 25 and 30°C, which are more reminiscent of midsummer than autumn! And a pigeon makes itself comfortable for hours on the pinnacles that border our balcony. It doesn't let us bother it either. It almost seems as if it is enjoying the view as much as we are.

Our stay at the Hotel Miramar in Opatija in Croatia

The Hotel Miramar is located in the city of Opatija Croatiathat for her historical architecture and its long promenade is known. Its appearance is reminiscent of Miramare Castle Triest. We stayed at Hotel Miramar in Opatija Croatia for two nights during our trip to the Kvarner Bay spent and enjoyed a hotel stay that we will remember. The historic architecture and furnishings of the hotel, which were built around the former Villa Neptun, took us back to the time when wealthy guests from Austria came here for summer vacation. The spirit of the imperial era blows through this hotel, but despite the flair of the Habsburg era, it has everything that modern guests expect from a four-star hotel. A hotel to feel good!


In the reception of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija
In the reception hall of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija in Croatia


History of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija

The Hotel Miramar in Opatija has a fascinating history that is closely linked to the development of the city itself. Opatija became known as a spa town in the 19th century, and Hotel Miramar followed this trend. Originally built as Villa Neptun by a Burgenlander, the building was probably converted into a hotel at an early stage. Many villa owners in the early days of Abbazia did this. They lived in part of their villas themselves. The rest was available to paying guests.

Over the years the hotel has undergone many changes. It has been renovated, expanded and modernized. Following extensive renovations since 2004, the hotel's architecture once again reflects the region's historic character, while its furnishings and amenities offer modern luxury. The hotel creates a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

The hotel has survived even in difficult times, such as during the world wars and economic uncertainties. It has continually reinvented itself in order to adapt to the changing requirements and expectations of its guests. Today the Hotel Miramar stands for quality and first-class service. It attracts guests from all over the world who appreciate the combination of historical flair and modern comfort.



Location of the hotel

The Hotel Miramar is located in Opatija directly on the Croatian Adria. On the one hand, the hotel is located directly on the sea, which makes it ideal for beach lovers. On the other hand, it is surrounded by lush vegetation that creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The city of Opatija itself is known for its long promenade and its imperial-era villas. The Hotel Miramar fits seamlessly into this environment. It is in close proximity to the Lungomare Promenade, perfect for seaside walks. The Hotel Miramar is the ideal starting point for this.

Another advantage of the location is the proximity to attractions and activities. The Opatija Casino, for example, is right next door. Numerous restaurants, cafés and shops are also within a 10-minute walk.

The good transport connections are another plus point. Whether by car or public transport, the hotel is easy to reach. This makes day trips to the area or visits to nearby cities very easy.


Statues of guests from the imperial era in the hotel lobby of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija Croatia
Statues of guests from the imperial era in the hotel lobby of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija Croatia


The reception and the hotel lobby at the Hotel Miramar in Opatija

The reception of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija is located in a spacious hotel hall, which also serves as a meeting point for various activities. For example, the free city tours start here. In the evenings, the hall turns into a concert stage where musical events take place. We particularly liked that they correspond to very different styles of music. During our stay there was an evening with pop music. On the second evening, a singer from Azerbaijan performed, who is currently completing her classical music training in Vienna and is also giving concerts throughout Europe during this time.

A special highlight is the large window front. It provides a clear view of the hotel's well-kept parks and Villa Neptun. This building is one of five hotel buildings and houses the hotel's catering facilities. This gives you a first impression of the surrounding area and the culinary options when you check in.

The hotel lobby is also a place that breathes history. Several statues are placed here and revive the ambience of the imperial era. They give the hall a touch of nostalgia without appearing old-fashioned.

For everyone who would like to take a piece of Opatija home with them, there is also the hotel shop directly in the hall. Here you will find local specialties such as olive oil or wines from Croatia, which are perfect as a souvenir.


The oleander blooms in the hotel garden
The oleander blooms in the garden of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija


The magnificent park of the Hotel Miramar

The gardens of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija are a real highlight and offer a green oasis of peace and relaxation. The camellia is the symbol of Opatija and bathes the entire city in a sea of ​​pink flowers in spring. Then it apparently also plays a role in the hotel's garden.

When we were there at the end of September, we missed the camellia blossoms, but we were also impressed by the oleander blossoms and the bottle-brush tree blossoms. The plants give the garden a colorful look that has something to offer in every season.

A special element in the garden is the fountain, which was created by the Viennese water sculptor Professor Hans Muhr in 2007. Next to it is the European Peace Gate, for which stones from 28 different EU countries were used.


Fountain in the hotel park
Fountain in the park of Hotel Miramar in Opatija


Our balcony room in Villa Neptun

The balcony room we stayed in at Hotel Miramar in Opatija was spacious and well thought out. In addition to a comfortable sofa and an upholstered armchair, there was also a practical writing area. The bathroom was comfortable and had everything you need for an enjoyable stay.

The highlight of the room, however, was the balcony. Equipped with loungers, a parasol and a seating area with a bistro table, it was the ideal place to relax. Here we were able to breath in the fresh sea air and just unwind. Or watch the standup paddlers propel their boards along the coast.

The view from the balcony was magnificent. We had a wide view of the Kvarner Bay, the Lungomare Promenade and the port of Opatija. It was fascinating to watch the ships in the harbor and the hustle and bustle on the promenade.

Overall, our room in the Villa Neptun made our stay at the Hotel Miramar a completely memorable experience. The combination of a comfortable room, huge balcony and great view made us feel comfortable from start to finish.


Restaurants and gastronomy in the Hotel Miramar in Opatija

The culinary offerings at the Hotel Miramar in Opatija leave nothing to be desired. Dining facilities are located in Villa Neptun, one of the hotel's five buildings.

In the main restaurant we start our day with a rich breakfast buffet, which offers everything from fresh fruit to warm dishes. For dinner there is a varied menu that includes local and international dishes. The kitchen places great emphasis on fresh ingredients and offers a selection that will please both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Dinner is served à la carte or in combination with a salad or a starter buffet. Here you can dine in a cozy atmosphere and discover the nuances of Croatian cuisine. The wine list is well sorted and offers suitable accompaniments to every dish. Here I tried the Dalmatian dessert wine Prošek for dessert for the first time - and what a revelation! However, you have to like sweet wine.

If you just want a quick snack or a refreshing drink, the hotel bar is the place to be. In addition to a selection of cocktails and other drinks, there are also small snacks for quick hunger in between meals. There is also coffee and cake served here in the afternoon.

The hotel also offers themed evenings that focus on special culinary experiences. From seafood evenings to traditional Croatian festivals, variety is guaranteed. We enjoyed a seafood starter buffet on one of our evenings at Hotel Miramar, which alone was worth the stay.


Culinary delights at the Hotel Miramar

The cuisine places great emphasis on using fresh, local ingredients. This is reflected in the quality and taste of the dishes.

A special highlight is the fish menu. The fish is prepared in a variety of ways. Whether grilled, fried or as part of a sophisticated sauce, the fish dishes are always a pleasure. Petar was able to indulge his passion for fish here. However, I stuck to the meat dishes. From juicy steaks to traditional Croatian meat dishes, the selection is large. We tasted Istrian Fuži. These are homemade noodles that were served as a side dish with fillet, for example.

The desserts are also a revelation. From fresh fruits to complex tarts and pastries, the sweet treats perfectly round off the culinary experience. And what would a good meal be without the right wine? The wine list offers a wide selection of local and international wines that perfectly complement any dish.

In addition to the regular menu, there are also special offers. For example, seasonal specialties are offered that bring out the best of each season. In autumn this could be a mushroom risotto, in summer a fresh salad with local herbs. During our stay, for example, we indulged in a delicious seafood buffet that was announced as a starter. The selection alone would have been enough for a complete menu. (You can see my selection in the photo below left.)


Pure relaxation in the Wellness Schlössl or on the rocky beach

The Wellness Schlössl in the Hotel Miramar in Opatija is the ideal place to bring body and mind into harmony. There are various places where you can relax, including a Finnish sauna and a steam room.

The Wellness Schlössl also offers massages. From classic back massages to special aromatherapy treatments, there is something for everyone.

For those who prefer to relax in the water, there is an indoor swimming pool with a pleasant water temperature. The pool has both an indoor and an outdoor area that flow seamlessly into one another. Depending on the weather, you can swim lengths in the indoor pool or in the outdoor pool. Afterwards, the numerous loungers invite you to relax and unwind.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a natural environment for swimming, you can use the hotel's own rocky beach. Located right on the shores of Kvarner Bay, this area offers a natural environment for swimming and sunbathing. The rocks are designed for easy access and there are also ladders leading into the water.



Parking is included in the overnight price

One of the practical aspects of the Hotel Miramar in Opatija, Croatia is the included parking. We really appreciated this, especially in a tourist city like Opatija, where parking spaces are often in short supply.

The hotel offers sufficient parking spaces directly on site. The spaces are well signposted and easily accessible. This gives you the freedom to explore the area by car without having to worry about finding parking when you get back.

Security is also guaranteed. The area is well lit and regularly monitored, so you can leave your car without worry. This is especially reassuring if you have valuable items in your car or just want to make sure your vehicle is in good hands.

The included parking is also an advantage if you are planning day trips. You can leave early and come back late without worrying about parking costs. This not only saves money, but also time and stress.


Our stay at the Hotel Miramar in Opatija was enjoyable in every respect. From the comfortable accommodation in Villa Neptun to the diverse culinary offerings, the hotel exceeded our expectations. The included parking was a real plus that made the stay stress-free. We were also impressed by the swimming options, both on the rocky beach and in the indoor pool.

The location of the hotel is also a big advantage. Located directly on the Kvarner Bay, it not only offers great views, but also the opportunity to easily explore Opatija and the surrounding area. The Wellness Schlössl was a place of peace and relaxation that we really appreciated.

Would we come back? The answer is a resounding yes. Hotel Miramar in Opatija, Croatia offers a combination of comfort, service and amenities that make it an excellent choice for any traveler wishing to visit Opatija. It is a hotel that scores not only with its facilities, but also with its atmosphere. We can recommend it without hesitation.



Additional tips

Best time to travel

The summer months are of course popular, but spring and autumn offer milder temperatures and fewer tourists. This makes it easier to explore the city and surrounding areas.

Activities nearby

In terms of activities nearby, there is plenty to do. The Lungomare Promenade is accessible directly from the hotel and is ideal for seaside walks. If you are a casino fan, Opatija Casino is right next door. For nature lovers, the Ucka Nature Park is a must. It is just a short drive away and offers numerous hiking and cycling trails. And if you want to go on trips further afield, we recommend a visit to Rijeka or a drive along the coastal road in Istria, for example to Moscenicka Draga.


Hotel Miramar Opatija
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Hotel Miramar Opatija: A paradise for connoisseurs

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