Croatia hotels with private pool

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Croatia hotels with private pool

Croatia beckons with its diverse landscape, from sunny coasts to historic cities. For slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for peace and relaxation, hotels with private pools in Croatia offer the perfect holiday experience. Here you can relax at your own pace, away from the hustle and bustle of public beaches and pools.

A hotel with a private pool in Croatia gives you freedom and privacy. Imagine starting the day with a jump into the cool water, all to yourself. You enjoy your breakfast by the poolside, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Croatia. These hotels not only offer luxury, but also the opportunity to design your vacation exactly the way you want.


Map with selected Croatia hotels with private pool

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In Croatia you will find a wide range of accommodation with private pools. From modern resorts in Istria to cozy villas in Dalmatia, the choice is large. These hotels are often close to local attractions, but at the same time offer a retreat where you can unwind.

A Croatia hotel with a private pool is ideal for slow travelers. You can explore the local culture and cuisine without sacrificing comfort. After a day of discovery, return to your private oasis. Here the day ends with a glass of local wine by the pool under the stars.


Croatia hotels with luxury private pools
Croatia hotels with luxury private pools


Top selection: Croatia hotels with private pool

Luxury hotels in Istria and on the island of Hvar

For slow travelers and leisure travelers looking for an unforgettable stay in Croatia, the San Canzian Village & Hotel, Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Maslina Resort offer unique experiences with their luxury villas and private pools.

Choose your favorite hotel

The San Canzian Village & Hotel in Istria* combines rural charm with modern luxury. The accommodation is known for its individual design and the interplay of culture, modern art and locally influenced design. Guests can look forward to a gourmet experience inspired by local farms and relax in an exclusive ambience surrounded by the traditional Istrian village atmosphere and olive groves.



The Meneghetti Wine Hotel in Istria* offers not only luxurious villas but also a unique wine experience. Although specific details were not immediately available on the website, Meneghetti is known for its exquisite wines and idyllic setting amidst vineyards. Guests can relax in private pools and enjoy the tranquility of nature.



The Maslina Resort on the island of Hvar* presents villas such as Villa Litica, Villa Borovina and Villa Uvala, each with impressive features. Villa Litica, for example, offers sea-view terraces in all rooms and a heated private pool. Villa Borovina boasts breathtaking views of Maslinica Bay and a heated private pool, while Villa Uvala stands out with its own gym, spa and five sea-view bedrooms, including one with a private entrance and office area.


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From €2700 / night for 9 people


These hotels not only offer slow travelers and leisure travelers a place to relax in an exclusive atmosphere, but also the opportunity to experience the local culture and nature of Croatia in a very special way.


Croatia boutique hotels with private pool
Croatia boutique hotels with private pool


Boutique hotels in Croatia for an intimate experience

For slow travelers and pleasure travelers who are looking for a special experience in Croatia, the boutique hotels Villa Stefanija as well as the Hotel Damianii offer unique stays with private pools.

Villa Stefanija in the quiet Istrian countryside*, offers breathtaking views of the sea. Each of the six rooms is classically and uniquely decorated, making the stay personal and unforgettable. A large outdoor pool invites you to relax, far away from mass tourism. The villa places great emphasis on privacy and personalized service to meet the needs of each guest. A wellness area and a restaurant offering fresh, local cuisine complete the offering.


Book your accommodation at Villa Stefanija here*
From €230 / night for 2 people


Hotel Damianii in Dalmatia* is a small 5-star boutique hotel that redefines luxury. With just 12 uniquely designed rooms, each with its own Jacuzzi bathtub, it offers an ideal combination of comfort and relaxation. A private sandy beach and an outdoor pool with a jacuzzi and bar offer pure relaxation. The hotel restaurant Damiiano tempts with modern, Mediterranean cuisine and an exquisite selection of wines.


Book your accommodation at Hotel Damianii here*
From €150 / night for 2 people


Both hotels are perfect for those looking for peace and quiet and want to experience Croatia off the beaten track. With their focus on individual service and exclusive facilities, they offer an oasis of relaxation for slow travelers and pleasure travelers.


Family-friendly Croatia hotels with private pool
Family-friendly Croatia hotels with private pool


Family-friendly Croatia hotels with private pool

For slow travelers and leisure travelers looking for a stay in Croatia, Aparthotel Pecic, Hotel Eden, Perla Resort and Hotel Villa Harmony offer experiences with private pools and special amenities.

Aparthotel Pecic in Gradac, on the Makarska Riviera*, offers modern apartments just 150 meters from the sea. Guests enjoy the outdoor pool with views of Gradac and the sea, free Wi-Fi and private parking. For active holidaymakers, there are bike and boat rentals to explore the surrounding area.



The Perla Resort in Dalmatia* offers an oasis of relaxation with 16 modernly furnished apartments, all with sea views. Guests can choose from one- and two-bedroom apartments equipped with kitchens, air conditioning and free internet. The resort features four pools, a restaurant, a tennis court and a beauty bar for ultimate relaxation.


Book your accommodation at Perla Resort here*
From €143 / night for 2 people


The Hotel Villa Harmony in Split* offers luxury right next to the famous Bačvice beach. Each room offers beautiful island and sea views thanks to unique architecture. Guests can relax in the hotel pool, use the sauna in the mini SPA center or pamper themselves with a massage. For those wishing to explore the surrounding area, the hotel organizes private excursions.



You can find more hotels here:

You can find more Croatia hotels with a pool at Holiday Check*.

These boutique hotels not only offer private pools and exclusive amenities, but also the opportunity to experience Croatia in an authentic and relaxed way. They are also ideal retreats for slow travelers and leisure travelers who value comfort, privacy and unique experiences.



Advantages of Croatia hotels with private pool

Having your own pool means one thing above all: privacy. You don't have to share the pool with other guests and can enjoy your bathing pleasures completely undisturbed. This is particularly nice in the morning when you want to start the day with a jump into the cool water, or in the evening when you want to relax under the stars.

Exclusivity and privacy

Hotels with private pools also offer you an exclusive experience. Here you can relax away from public beaches and pools. You can enjoy your time out, without noise or hustle and bustle, at your own pace.

Ideal for couples, families and small groups

Whether you're traveling as a couple, with family or a small group of friends, a hotel with a private pool will definitely adapt to your needs. Everyone will find their place here to relax, play or simply enjoy time together.

flexibility and comfort

Another plus point is the flexibility. You decide when you want to swim without having to worry about opening times. In addition, these hotels often offer additional amenities such as their own terrace or garden, which make your stay even more pleasant.


Bathing platform at Hotel Jadran in Rijeka
Bathing platform at Hotel Jadran in Rijeka


Our personal experiences

We didn't have any hotels with a private pool on our trips to Croatia. Nevertheless, the pools and bathing facilities in some of our hotels provided a feeling of privacy. In the Hotel Miramar in Opatija The pool is part of the wellness area of ​​this hotel. It is only used by hotel guests. Therefore, there were few visitors when we stayed there at the end of September. Different in Hotel Jadran in Rijeka. This hotel is right by the sea. There, guests can relax on a seaside terrace. You also have direct access to the water and can swim in the sea. Why do you need a pool there? It couldn't be better.

Tips for booking your Croatia hotel with a private pool

Are you planning a vacation in Croatia and dreaming of a hotel with a private pool? Here are some tips to help you find the perfect accommodation.

Best time to travel to hotels with private pools in Croatia

The best time to visit Croatia is between May and September. During these months you will enjoy warm weather, ideal for staying in a hotel with a private pool. Booking early is smart, especially for the summer months when demand is high.

What to consider when booking a hotel with a private pool

Also pay attention to the location of the hotel. Is it close to the attractions you want to visit? Also look at the size and depth of the pool. Is it suitable for your needs? Reviews from other guests can also give you an insight into the quality of the service and the facility.

How to find the best value for money

Compare prices on different booking platforms such as* or Hotels* . Sometimes there are special offers or packages that are only available on the hotel website. Also, consider the off-season for better deals. Another tip is to ask the hotel directly about special offers or packages that may not be listed online.

Have you ever vacationed in a Croatia hotel with a private pool?

Then tell us about your experiences in the comments. What did you particularly like about it? Other travelers will definitely appreciate your tips.


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Croatia hotels with private pool
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Croatia hotels with private pool

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