Discover Salzkammergut locations

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Winter day at the Traunsee Austria

Discover Salzkammergut locations

On the northern edge of the Alpine chain, the Salzkammergut boasts lakes and mountains that impress visitors. In addition, the city of Salzburg is not far away. Castles invite you to explore. You can swim in lakes in summer. In winter there are hiking trails along the lakeshore. The customs are very much alive in the Salzkammergut. Experience the Harvest Festival when the harvest is harvested. Then the farmers celebrate the fruits of their labor. At festivals. At pleasure events. And on their farms and farm shops. Discover specialties from the Salzkammergut during an autumn holiday.


The most beautiful Perchten caps

The Schönperchten from Ebensee The next Glöcklerlauf will take place in Ebensee in the Salzkammergut on January 5, 2022 from 18.00 p.m., a custom that has been carried out every year in Upper Austria since around 1850. Since it was raining during our visit to the Glöcklerlauf, the conditions for photos were not ideal, so we visited ...
The Traun

Vacation in Bad Aussee in Styria

Bad Aussee in Styria is a small town surrounded by mountains, lakes and nature. On a holiday in Bad Aussee in Austria you will find pure relaxation and can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. We like it there so much that we have been to the region several times. Included ...
Professor Horst Jandl

Altaussee residents: Artists and the high nobility

Altaussee residents from art and aristocracy We are traveling in the Ausseerland in Styria, where Archduke Johann once pursued his passion for nature as a temporary resident of Altaussee. As an enthusiastic supporter of Styria and a lover of the Ausseer mountains, he liked to go hunting. In addition, he commissioned painters such as ...
landscape crib

Kripperlroas in Ebensee - visit private cribs

Kripperlroas in Ebensee You can admire them until the beginning of February, the landscape cribs in the private houses in Ebensee in the Salzkammergut. Then private individuals at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee in Upper Austria open their houses to visitors who want to see their Christmas cribs, which have often been family-owned for centuries. Well worth it, at least ...
Winter day at the Traunsee Austria

Traunsee Austria - Holidays in the Salzkammergut

You can spend your holiday in the Salzkammergut region at Traunsee Austria. Use our travel tips for hotels and camping at Traunsee Austria to plan your holiday. Book hotels at Traunsee Austria here* Traunsee Austria holiday – hiking in summer and winter The lake is a popular destination for a summer holiday. But also in ...
The indoor pool in the Sky Spa of the Erzherzog Johann Hotel in Bad Aussee

Tradition in the Erzherzog Johann Hotel in Bad Aussee

Archduke Johann Hotel in Bad Aussee The main building was built in the 14th century. Since 1848 the house has borne the name of Archduke Johann, the friend and patron of Styria. As early as 1900, the Erzherzog Johann Hotel in Bad Aussee was a spa hotel in Austria. For buildings like this, it's always...
White-robed Schönperchten

Beautiful Perchten from Ebensee

Beautiful Perchten in Ebensee In Ebensee on Lake Traunsee in Upper Austria, things get really busy on the evening of January 5th. When dawn approaches in the Salzkammergut, more and more people come to the city. They gather in the cafes and inns of the city, meet with friends, stroll through the town, and ...
Bridge to Seeschloss Ort

Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden

See Schloss Ort in Gmunden am Traunsee Many of you will be familiar with the Seeschloss Ort in the Salzkammergut from the TV series "Schlosshotel Orth", the last episode of which flickered on our television screens in 2004. Only - there is no castle hotel at all. Instead, the beautiful and beautiful castle in Lake Traunsee in Upper Austria is ...


Travel guide for Salzburg & Salzkammergut

Salzburg SalzkammergutPlaces like Bad Ischl, Hallstadt or lakes like Traunsee, Mondsee, Wolfgangsee or Attersee are well known. But there are also places to discover whose names are less sonorous, but which still offer a lot of charm and beauty. Barbara Reiter and Michael Wistuba present these in their Salzburg and Salzburger Land travel guide. Of course, the city of Salzburg should not be missing. The Salzburg and Salzkammergut travel guide offers good orientation for everyone who wants to get to know the city and the region individually. With this guide it's easy.

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Salzkammergut places
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Discover Salzkammergut locations

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