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Kripperlroas in Ebensee

You can admire them until the beginning of February, the landscape cribs in the private houses in Ebensee im Salzkammergut. Then private individuals open at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee in Upper Austria their houses for visitors who want to see their nativity scenes, which have often been family-owned for centuries. It's worth visiting at least some of these nativity scenes, because in Ebensee they put a lot of effort into re-enacting the Christmas story. The Ebensee Kripperlroas is worth seeing.


Holy 3 Kings at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee
Holy 3 Kings at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee


The crib in the Gasthof Neuhütte near the Kripperlroas in Upper Austria

We look at the large crib in the Gasthof Neuhütte. There, the friendly landlady explains that some of her characters have been in her family's possession for 200 years. "And the youngest?" I want to know. She laughs and says: “It's only a few days old. There are always new ones. ”Many of the figures are carved directly in the village, she tells us. “It doesn't matter that they're perfect. It is important to us to be close to home. This is shown in the structure of our crib. "



She points to a small pond on the right edge of the crib and says: “This pond and the small hut that stands on its bank really do exist. We try to put a little bit of Ebensee and its surroundings in our crib. ”A larger house, which is halfway up the mountain landscape, represents a mountain economy that also exists in real life. And she even had her own house carved, which is now a hostel in her landscape crib.


Alm scene at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee
Alm scene at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee


Almszenen in the landscape crib

The crèche in the Gasthof Neuhütte occupies a whole side of a guest room. It's so much bigger than cribs that you can buy prefabricated. It is framed by a picture wall depicting the surrounding mountains. Before that, there is an alpine landscape. There are cattle and mountain huts waiting for hikers to walk on specially created paths through the mountain meadows. Senna women should not be missing from the alpine huts. One of them is currently milking one of her cows.

Next to it, the typical wooden well with its cold mountain water is waiting to keep the freshly milked milk cool. Further down in the valley there is a pond, where a small hut serves as a shelter for the fishermen. Not far from here, a farmer is driving his cattle team over his field to prepare for sowing. Thus, a landscape has been created here that lifelike imitate the traditional life of the people in the mountain villages of the Salzkammergut.


Fisherman's hut in an Ebensee landscape nativity scene at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee
Fisherman's hut in an Ebensee landscape nativity scene at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee


The cribs in Ebensee are put together with a lot of love

Because the crib is so big, I want to know how long it takes to set it up. “I'm working on it for a whole week,” the landlady tells us. "The figures and the material have to be brought down from the attic, cleaned and then put up in order." And when asked how many visitors they get for their crib, she says: "Most come on the day of the Glöcklerlauf. Then hell is going on here. I have the impression that the interest in these traditions is increasing again, because every year there are more. In the meantime, you can also see cribs in private houses here. There is much more than the list of the tourism authority. However, there is not always someone there who can let visitors in. ”


A farmer prepares his field for sowing
A farmer prepares his field for sowing at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee


Our tip: the wait on the Glöcklerlauf on the evening of the 5. January with a visit to the cribs in Ebensee, which are offered at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee. So a short break in Ebensee is a small journey through the alpine folk culture of the Salzkammergut.

The Ebensee crib exhibition is also worth a visit

From the end of December to the beginning of February you can see the Ebensee crib exhibition in the Museum Ebensee look at.

Cribs in private houses and the parish church at the Kripperlroas in Ebensee

From 25.12.2023/23.01.2024/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX you can see the private cribs look at.

We wish you a lot of fun at the Kripperlroas Ebensee!

Information about the Glöcklerlauf the beautiful Perchten in Ebensee you can find under this link.

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Ebensee Kripperlroas
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Kripperlroas in Ebensee - visit private cribs

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