Traunsee Austria - Holidays in the Salzkammergut

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Winter day at the Traunsee Austria

At the Traunsee Austria you can take a vacation in the Salzkammergut. Use our travel tips for hotels and camping at Traunsee Austria to plan your vacation.



Traunsee Austria vacation - hiking in summer and winter

The lake is a popular destination for a summer vacation. But a Traunsee holiday in Austria also has its charm in winter. With a little luck you will catch sunny days like these. We enjoyed our stay at the Traunsee in early January Salzkammergut very, which was more reminiscent of spring. Wrapped up warm with a thick winter boots With temperatures around 15 degrees (plus mind you), sunshine and views like these, a Traunsee holiday in winter is also beautiful. Then it's quiet at the lake. There is time for walks and hikes. Treat yourself to a break in the fresh air. Enjoy the good cuisine in the dining rooms. We visit that Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden. There is not just one restaurant there that attracts us. The museum in the castle is also worth a visit.

What you need for hiking


Traunsee Österreocj at the Ebensee exit
Traunsee at the Ebensee exit towards Gmunden


What a winter holiday at the Traunsee Austria has to offer

The Cable car to the Feuerkogel near Ebensee brings skiers up the mountain. the Boat trip on the Traunsee is only in operation for a few days in winter.

They are an experience Schönperchten runs in Ebensee. You can have the Nativity scenes in the region look at private hosts.

There are also ski runs on the Feuerkogel. There are husky tours. Beer lovers can try a beer brewer snack. There is a beer tasting. You can even visit a beer bottle museum.

In winter, many activities in and around the Traunsee are only open at certain times.


Traunsee Austria vacation near Traunkirchen
The Traunsee near Traunkirchen

Traunsee vacation in summer

In the summer months, the lake and its surroundings attract with activities. Diving, windsurfing and sailing are popular sports. There are lidos and bathing spots for swimming that are open to the public. There are also some hotels at Traunsee Austria that are located directly on the lake.

The places Ebensee am Feuerkogel, Traunkirchen, Gmunden and Altmünster are good starting points for excursions. Two cable cars make the mountain heights accessible to anyone who doesn't like to hike uphill. The Feuerkogel near Ebensee is a hiking paradise. One Selection of walks can be found here. The Grünbergbahn takes you from Gmunden to the adventure mountain. A summer toboggan run, an adventure playground, a low rope course and hiking trails await you there between April and mid-November. The one-hour hike to the Ramsaueralm is worthwhile for connoisseurs. Specialties from the region are served there.

There is also a treetop path on the Grünberg, which offers a view of Gmunden, the Traunsee and the Dachstein. In summer, trips to the Ort lake castle are worthwhile. The fisherman's pulpit in the Traunkirchen parish church is a popular destination. A boat trip across the lake is also fun. In the summer months, the historic paddle steamer Gisela and the other ships of the Traunsee shipping company connect the towns of Gmunden, Altmünster, Traunkirchen and Ebensee on Austria's deepest lake. The paddle steamer dates back to 1871 and is one of the oldest in the world. It is named after the eldest daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth of Austria.



Traunkirchen is located on a peninsula in the lake
Traunkirchen is located on a small peninsula in the Traunsee

Camping at the Traunsee Austria

Camping holidays at Traunsee Austria is also possible. In Altmünster, Hauptstraße 14, 4813 Altmünster am Traunsee, Austria, the campsite is located directly on the lake. It is only a few steps to the town center. There is access to the lake at the sunbathing area. There is also a children's playground there. There are several places where you can swim in the lake. There is also a bathing jetty.

The area is laid out in terraces. The lower terrace is reserved for permanent campers. The campsite has 38 spaces for holidaymakers. The place is on the main street. However, it is quiet at night.

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Holidays at the Traunsee Austria
The Traunsee near Gmunden in the Salzkammergut


Prepare for picnics

When hiking in the summer and taking walks by the lake, you will always find places that offer views of the lake. For example, these often tempt us to have a picnic with a view. This gives us more time to enjoy our stays by the lake. Of course, you can pack a few snacks or sandwiches for this. But such breaks are much nicer if you prepare for them. Then such a snack becomes a pleasure that you won't forget so quickly. Whether you are hiking in the mountains or stopping off at the lake. We have therefore Ideas for a perfect picnic that will give you ideas on how to make your next picnic an experience.


Weeping willows by the lake
Weeping willows on the Traunsee


By the way: Only a few kilometers away from Lake Traunsee, Austria and a little deeper in the Alpine foothills, we plunged into the fog that accompanied us for the rest of our journey.


Traunsee Austria
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Traunsee Austria - Holidays in the Salzkammergut

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