Castle Proschwitz unbelievable success story

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Dienstbotentrakt in the lock Proschwitz

Proschwitz Castle in Saxony

"I am the princess" is how the friendly lady greets us in front of the gate of Proschwitz Castle in Saxony. "Follow me quickly before the thunderstorm approaches!" She looks at the dark clouds that are now getting closer. “I want to see the view from our vineyard beforehand Meißen show. ”We look at each other in surprise. So far we have only been in on our trip through Saxony's castles German We have visited castles that are museums or state-run wineries. But this time it's different. Proschwitz Castle is Saxony's largest private winery, as we soon learn personally from Princess Alexandra zur Lippe. It has been owned by Prince Georg zur Lippe again since 1996. During the GDR era, the prince's parents were imprisoned and later deported to the West. The royal family was expropriated. The castle was looted. After all, it served as a pulmonary hospital and home for the mentally handicapped.


Albrechtsburg in Meissen from Proschwitz Castle
The Albrechtsburg in Meissen from the vineyards of Proschwitz Castle


Visiting Schloss Proschwitz

The castle in the vineyards near Meissen is the fourth castle on our castle trip through Saxony. During the day we already visited the Dresdner Zwinger, the state winery Schloss Wackerbarth in Radebeul and the former hunting lodge Moritzburg, We spend the evening and night in this castle and guest house. Princess Alexandra zur Lippe has by no means promised us too much. The view of the Albrechtsburg on the other bank of the Elbe in Meißen is impressive. We look down over one of the privately owned vineyards in Lippeschem to the city of china. Beautifully blooming roses stand on the edge of the rows of vines. "These are not only used for decoration, but are also a kind of early warning system for the vineyard," explains Princess Alexandra. “Pests attack the roses first. So we can do something about it early on. ”


Princely entrance gate to Proschwitz Castle
Princely entrance gate to Proschwitz Castle


The storm clouds are now getting closer. Princess Alexandra therefore leads us to Proschwitz Castle. There we first look at the park and the castle buildings from the outside. The former servant wing opposite the castle can hardly be distinguished from it, it looks so splendid. Ancient trees give the castle park a venerable appearance. A tunnel has been cut into a hedge of thick bushes, which gives the park baroque charm. From the palace terrace, our gaze wanders over vines down to a pond lined with old trees. But then the first raindrops fall and Princess Alexandra asks us to the castle.


Castle terrace in Proschwitz Castle
Castle terrace in Proschwitz Castle
Castle park in Proschwitz Castle
Castle park in Proschwitz Castle


The Baroque Castle of the Princes zur Lippe

"Please excuse. There was an event in the castle yesterday and it hasn't all been cleared, ”says Princess Alexandra, pointing to a few tables and an easel in the entrance hall. Around 500 events take place in this castle every year. The prince family does not live in Proschwitz Castle. This makes them available for all possible events. Here you can get married, attend concerts or even watch coachmen skilfully steer their teams of horses from the castle courtyard through the vineyards.


Entrance hall
Entrance hall
One of the event halls in the castle
One of the event halls in Proschwitz Castle


We can see the restored halls, on whose walls hang tiles, historical paintings, tapestries and portraits of the current castle owners. However, the fireplace room on the first floor is permanently furnished. The remaining rooms will be set up again depending on their use. A show of strength, that the family and the Lippe team accomplish again and again.



The Success Story of Schloss Proschwitz

In the fireplace room, Princess Alexandra finally invites us for a glass of Prosecco from her own winery. She takes her time and tells how she and her husband bought the winery and castle back after the fall of the wall. "It wasn't easy," she says. "Mainly because the residents feared that we would drive them out of the houses they had built on my husband's family during the GDR period." She laughs. "However, that was never our intention."

Instead, they started recultivating the former vineyards. The Proschwitz Castle wines form the basis of their current company. Pinot Gris, Pinot Gris, Gold Riesling and Elbling are grown. They are also experimenting with Chardonnay and Schwarzriesling, which should open up new markets. Jacques du Preez, the cellar master from South Africa, wants to make German sparkling wine from the latter. Weingut Schloss Proschwitz Prinz zur Lippe does not rest on its status as a VDP certified winery. As top winemaker, Dr. Prince Georg zur Lippe doesn't just produce top-quality wines. He is also keen to win younger customers for his wines. He does this with wines whose prices are well below ten euros per bottle. Today more than 500.000 bottles of wine leave the Schloss Proschwitz winery every year.


Home-made wines for dinner
Home-made wines for dinner


Stay overnight in the Guest House of Weingut Schloss Proschwitz

The winery, which is a few kilometers away from Schloss Proschwitz Meißen, transformed Prince and Princess zur Lippe into a cozy guest house. The former square courtyard is now an elegant ensemble of restored buildings in which ten double rooms and two holiday apartments are waiting for guests.

Please note: : The Guesthouse of the Proschwitz Castle Winery* you can book here.




Guest house in the winery
Guest house in the winery Schloss Proschwitz


We are in the "Scheurebe" room in the modern part of the Schloss Proschwitz guest house. A charming room from which we have a direct view of the neighboring garden. Next door is the fruit and vegetable garden of the pastor of Diera-Zehren, a small village about nine kilometers from Meißen. The view of vines, fresh strawberries and red roses enchants us. We almost regret that we only spend one night here. There is a lot to discover in the area. The region is also a paradise for hikers. The hiking opportunities start right at the winery.


Grapevines in front of the bedroom window
Grapevines in front of the bedroom window


For dinner we meet again with Princess Alexandra. With a delicious cold buffet from the winery's kitchen, we try the wines that Gut Proschwitz produces. With Weißburgunder, Müller Thurgau, Dornfelder and a delicious dessert wine, we end the day at Proschwitz Castle near Meißen. There is also a sausage and cheese platter, pies and meatballs and a tomato and mozzarella herb salad.


Dinner in the guest house
Dinner in the guest house Schloss Proschwitz


And finally ...

A visit and an overnight stay at Proschwitz Castle make our visit to the Baroque castles of Saxony an impressive experience. We recommend that you complete a trip to this region with a stay at this castle. The castle's gardens and vineyard are also accessible to non-guests. The castle staff is courteous and friendly if you have any questions. However, the castle itself is only open for events. An overnight stay in the winery's guest house completes this visit. We felt very welcome and comfortable there. Our bus driver confirmed the impression we got of the castle and its owners the next day. “Prince and Princess of the Lippe are very popular with the people here.” We believe him immediately.


Find out more about Proschwitz Castle

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Castle Proschwitz
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Castle Proschwitz unbelievable success story

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    1. Dear Nicole,

      Sans Souci Castle is bigger than Schloss Proschwitz. That was one of the reasons why we liked the castle at Meißen so much. It exudes a cosiness that you usually can not find in large castles. Add to that the hospitality of its owners. That makes the whole thing a perfect experience for connoisseurs.

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  3. Very nice report. If we are heading in the direction we will put it on the list. One seems to be living there almost royally. And a glass of delicious wine.

    1. Hi Mark,

      You can not spend the night in the castle. There are only events. There is not far from the cozy guesthouse on the estate Schloss Proschwitz. The wine is there but also :)

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      I'm happy if our article brings this over. Because that's exactly what we experienced and we wanted to convey it. A visit to Schloss Proschwitz and its winery is something special.

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      the atmosphere in the castle Proschwitz and his winery also inspired us. This is a place where you feel comfortable.

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  7. Hello Monika and Petar,

    You write so alive and captivating, I almost feel like I've been there! Again, I am impressed how beautiful it is. I like memories too.

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    1. Dear Barbara,

      Thank you very much for your nice comment. We are very happy about that because that's exactly what we want to achieve :) Schloss Proschwitz and its surroundings are really beautiful.

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      There is more to discover in this region for those who like castles and palaces. An article is still in the pipeline and will follow soon. We are also working on a video about Schloss Proschwitz. It's worth to come back :).

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      Monika and Petar

  10. Hi monika,
    I know the wines from Schloss Proschwitz. I can recommend the Riesling. Nice that I have received through you a first impression of the castle and the winery.


    1. Dear Anne,

      We tasted during our visit to the winery through the different wines. There are even more good wines, although the Riesling tasted very good.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

  11. Dear Monika,
    Since I am also a princess in my heart, I would have liked the castle totally. Sooo beautiful pictures and your description has picked me right. I love it, too, when owners show me villas and castles, which I have often been allowed to experience.
    I have already followed your castle trip on FB and will read the other reports on occasion.

    1. Dear Elena,

      we are the same. Princess Alexandra welcomed us so hospitably that we felt completely comfortable. The perfect place to end a tour of the Baroque castles of Saxony.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

  12. Hello dear Travelworld-Onliner,

    Thanks to your article, I was able to fill several gaps in education: The fact that roses serve as an early warning system for vines was as unknown to me as the existence of a "black Riesling". I would very much like to try it in the castle, because your report really makes you want to get to know the region. Thank you for the inspiring travel tip.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Antje,

      yes, the roses in the vineyards not only look beautiful, but serve very practical purposes. I am very happy if our article inspires you to make your own journey there. We liked it very much in Schloss Proschwitz and its winery.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

  13. Hi
    that sounds really good. Especially when the owners are close to the people and warm and, despite the initial doubts, arrive well with the people in the area. Staying at a castle is definitely a great experience. Who did not dream of it as a child ?!
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Kuno,

      In fact, we did not spend the night in the castle, but in the guest house in the vineyard, which is located a few kilometers away. The castle is open for events only. However, the castle park and the vineyard are freely accessible.

      You are right: we were particularly impressed by the openness and warmth of the owners and the friendliness with which we were treated everywhere by the people who work there. Since some luxury hotel can cut off a slice of it.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

    1. Dear Jenny,

      We can only agree with this. The castle and winery Proschwitz were very impressing, both because of their architecture, the hospitable owners and the delicious wines, which we could get to know there.

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