Prince Edward Island and its highlights

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Red rocks in the Prince Edward Island National Park

Prince Edward Island is a quiet province. You won't find high mountains, deep fjords and wide prairies here. The charm of Prince Edward Island lies in its small villages, the fields where potatoes grow to the horizon and the fishing harbors where the small lobster boats wait for their next trip. Anyone visiting the island province should not expect spectacular landscapes or breathtaking highlights. Instead, the island is regarded as Canada's culinary treasure trove, where the search for good cuisine and great chefs is definitely worthwhile. However, there are some sights that no visitor to Prince Edward Island should miss. Here we present three top sights on the north coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

The main attractions of Prince Edward Island

When planning your trip to Prince Edward Island, you should look forward to exploring quaint fishing ports, small charming villages and endless fields of succulent potatoes. Although the province does not offer breathtaking landscapes, it is valued as a culinary gem with many talented chefs and restaurants. During your stay on the North Shore, be sure to visit the top three attractions to soak up the unique atmosphere of Prince Edward Island National Park, experience the fascinating history of the Green Gables Heritage Place and explore the quaint streets of the charming village of Rustico.


Green Gables - one of the three attractions on the north coast of Prince Edward Island
Green Gables - one of the top attractions on the north coast of Prince Edward Island Canada


Green Gables - one of the attractions of Prince Edward Island in Canada

It is probably the most famous of the three attractions on Prince Edward Island's north shore. If you are planning a visit to Prince Edward Island in Canada, you should definitely visit the Green Gables Heritage Place. The charming white house is known worldwide and is one of the island's most popular attractions. Especially fans of the book series "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery should not miss this highlight.

The white house with the green gables fits perfectly into the image of Prince Edward Island as a quiet province. If you don't know anything about it, you can easily miss it, as it looks like many other houses in the region. However, who like me in his childhood the stories of Anne of Green Gables read under the covers, for him the house takes on a whole new dimension. After all, the author of these children's and youth novels spent a happy part of her childhood in this house, which belonged to her grandparents' relatives.



Green Gables - The House of the Green Gables
Green Gables - The House of the Green Gables


The famous Anne never existed. But Lucy Maud Montgomery, her creator, drew inspiration for Anne's adventures from numerous events from her own childhood days. She set her story in the pretty little house near Prince Edward Island National Park. During our visit to this building, which is now managed by Canada's national park administration, I can well imagine the wonderful hours Lucy spent in her cozy living room or her inviting kitchen.

The house was built in the early 19s and was owned by relatives of Montgomery's grandparents. The author herself spent a few happy summers in the house and let her character Anne live there. The home and surrounding grounds have been preserved and restored by Parks Canada to provide visitors with an authentic journey into the past.


Living room in Green Gables
Living room in Green Gables


Take a tour of Green Gables

Visitors can tour the house and be drawn into the world of Anne and her adventures on Prince Edward Island. Inside the house there are many details known from the books, such as the living room and the kitchen, which play an important role in the story.

Next to the house there is also a spacious park that invites you to relax and linger. Here you will find numerous hiking trails that lead through the beautiful landscape of the island. Also on site is the Green Gables Visitor Center where you can learn more about the life and work of Lucy Maud Montgomery.


Anne of Green Gables Park
The road led to the house of Lucy Maud Montgomery's grandparents


This house is clearly one of the main attractions on the north coast of Prince Edward Island. Anyone who wants to recall the stories from the novels can do so in the capital, in Charlottetown. For decades, Anne's story has been performed in the city's theater for guests from all over the world.


Red beach
Red Beach - typical sight on Prince Edward Island in Canada


The red rocks on the north coast of Prince Edward Island

The North Shore of Prince Edward Island is famous for its red cliffs that stretch majestically along the shoreline. It is a sight not to be missed when visiting the island. Prince Edward Island National Park is the best place to see these natural wonders. Here you can stop and enjoy the view of the bright red sandstone cliffs. Even in winter, when the storms are raging across the Atlantic, this sight is impressive. It is an unforgettable experience not to be missed on Prince Edward Island.

Therefore, the second of the attractions on the north shore of Prince Edward Island should be included in any itinerary for the island. Prince Edward Island National Park is practically adjacent to the Green Gables site. The best way is to drive a few miles into the park and stop at one of the viewpoints and beaches. As soon as we approach the coast we see them: the red rocks that the island is known for. Bright red is the sandstone that makes up the cliffs on PEI's north coast. Because the material is so fragile, many of them are locked.



Only now and then does a narrow path meander in the hinterland through the tall grass that grows on them. Everywhere warnings to stay on the trails to prevent the fragile rocks from crumbling off. We only see a couple of beach hikers in the distance who have found a way down to the water, and we watch strollers who do the same for us and look for viewpoints on the red rocks above the edge. “What might it look like here in winter when the storms are rolling in across the Atlantic?” I ask myself.


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Lighthouse - Landmarks of Prince Edward Island Canada
Lighthouse of North Rustico


The lobster harbor of North Rustico

If you're looking for a lesser-known but authentic attraction on Prince Edward Island, then don't miss North Rustico's Lobster Port. Here you can watch the typical fishing boats catching lobsters and let yourself be carried away by the relaxed atmosphere of the small fishing village. A stroll to the scenic North Rustico Lighthouse is also a must when visiting.

The third attraction on Prince Edward Island in Canada is also nothing that takes your breath away. No, on the contrary. It is also sure to be the least known of the attractions on the north coast of Prince Edward Island. In this fishing village not far from Cavendish, however, what makes this island so charming comes into its own: the lobster boats bob around in the small harbor, while several young ospreys wait on a telephone pole on the edge for their parents to leave Return to the nest to bring them food to catch their prey.


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One of them is already venturing out of the nest and is still flying a little wobbly on the masts behind Petar. And I'm just opening my mouth to warn him of imminent danger from above when the wind is blowing a pile just past Petar. The flight was obviously exciting. The dorsal fin of a tuna hangs on a wooden shed, the clapboard walls of which are painted gray. Apparently his fisherman is particularly proud to have caught this large specimen. And at the end of the street we come to the little lighthouse of North RusticoWith its squat white base and red dome so typical of the island's coastal lighthouses.


Lobster Fleet - Landmarks of Prince Edward Island Canada
Lobster fleet from North Rustico Harbor on Prince Edward Island


North Rustico is also known for a culinary establishment of which there are quite a few on Prince Edward Island: the Lobster Dinner. There is the largest restaurant on the island here, serving fresh lobster to its guests. That offers 500 seats Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Supper in North Rustico and boasts its 20 meter long salad bar, where lobster friends can serve themselves while waiting for their freshly prepared lobster.


Fisherman's Hut - Landmarks of Prince Edward Island Canada
Here someone is very proud of the tuna that he has caught


Three attractions on the north coast of Prince Edward Island

These three attractions on the north coast of Prince Edward Island embody the island like no other: unspectacular, but with a lot of charm and a little bit of culinary delights - that's what defines Prince Edward Island. Even if you're short on time to take a closer look at the island province in eastern Canada, these three places shouldn't be missed, as they give a good impression of what PEI has to offer. And if you have more time, you can get a foretaste of what the island has to offer here.

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Questions and Answers on Prince Edward Island Canada

Where is Prince Edward Island?

Located on Canada's Atlantic coast, Prince Edward Island is the country's smallest province.

What is the best time to visit Prince Edward Island?

It's best to travel between mid-June and mid-September, when the weather is at its most pleasant and there are many activities and festivals.

What attractions should I visit on Prince Edward Island in Canada?

You should definitely like the Prince Edward Island National Park, the picturesque fishing villages Victoria-by-the-Sea or visit North Rustico, the Anne of Green Gables house and the Confederation Bridge.

Where can I try authentic Canadian food on Prince Edward Island?

Be sure to try Hummer or Shellfish at one of the many excellent restaurants on the island, or visit one of the farmers' markets and sample local produce such as potatoes or wild berries.

What activities can I do on Prince Edward Island?

You can go bike riding, strolling the beaches, kayaking, golfing, hiking or exploring the interior of the island. There are also many festivals and concerts in the summer.

Where can I stay on Prince Edward Island?

There are many accommodation options, from Hotels * to cozy ones holiday homes*. I recommend you in one of the many charming B & B* to stay overnight to experience authentic island life.

Also discover other places on the Island.


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Prince Edward Island and its highlights

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