A day in Stockholm

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Stockholm in one day

Why you should see Stockholm

A perfect day in Stockholm? You need more time to see the capital Sweden and really get to know your surroundings. Stockholm is not only the seat of the Swedish government. The royal family lives here. Maybe you'll be lucky like us and see members of the royal family during your visit. But even if you don't experience a major event involving the king's family during your visit, the city is extremely interesting. 1 day in Stockholm is short.


City Conference Center - a perfect day in Stockholm
City Conference Center - a perfect day in Stockholm


A day in Stockholm after our river cruise on the Göta Canal

We reach Stockholm from one Journey on the Göta Canal. On the Juno we were traveling on one of the oldest passenger ships in the world. This took us from Gothenburg across Sweden to Stockholm. The capital of Sweden should be seen by anyone who is interested in the cities on the outskirts of Sweden Baltic Sea interested.

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On Gamla Stan you can see the king's palace and the parliament as well as alleys where you can stroll around. Stockholm is the city where the Nobel Prize is awarded every year. A visit to the town hall is also worthwhile. It's nice to take a stroll along the promenade that runs along the water. There you will quickly get an impression of how important the proximity to the sea plays in Stockholm. This is also one of the reasons why we recommend more time than one day for Stockholm. The archipelago outside Stockholm is worth a stay of several days. We exclude this island world and the surroundings of Stockholm on Lake Mälaren from our recommendations for a short trip to Stockholm because the time is too short. Before your trip, consider whether you can extend your stay in Stockholm. The city and its surroundings are worth it.


The Nobel Prize is awarded in the Stadshus
The Nobel Prize is awarded in the Stadshus


Stockholm 1 day

What can you do in Stockholm in 1 day? First of all: one day is far too little time to really get to know this interesting city. We were there for three days and there is still so much to discover. Nevertheless, not everyone has the time for a long stay in Stockholm. That's why I'm collecting tips here on how 24 hours are enough to get an overview of the city and its sights.

Stockholm in 1 day? No problem! We can visit the Vasa Museum to experience a piece of history. Afterwards we explore the old town of Gamla Stan and enjoy the picturesque streets. In between we can take a boat trip to see the city from the water. Afterwards we have lunch in one of the cozy cafés. Then we head up to the Skinnarviksberget viewpoint to enjoy the view of Stockholm. Finally, we experience the modern side of the city in the Södermalm district. One day, many impressions!




Explore Stockholm comfortably from the boat - tip for 1 day in Stockholm
Explore Stockholm comfortably by boat - tip for 1 day in Stockholm


Provide an overview of the sights

Stockholm's core is Gamla Stan, the Old Town, from which the city has spread over the centuries in all directions and over several islands. Many parts of the city can be reached by boat quicker than by road. Therefore, I think that a city tour by boat is essential for a stay in Stockholm.


This is what you need for 1 day in Stockholm

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Many boat tours leave from Strömgatan
Many boat tours leave from Strömgatan - perfect for 1 day in Stockholm


With a boat tour you can easily reach the Stockholm sights in 1 day

Stockholm lies on one side of the Baltic Sea and on the other side is bordered by Lake Mälaren. The city is also spread over several islands. So water is something that you come across again and again in Stockholm. Therefore, you should definitely see Stockholm from the water to discover this proximity to the sea and the lake itself. 24 hours in Stockholm allow you the city tour by boat can plan well into it. This tour takes you to the city's top attractions, only discovering them from the water. The nice thing about this boat tour: you can get out again and again along the way to take a closer look at certain attractions.



In order to see as much of the city as possible in 24 hours, we recommend these tours because they take you directly to the highlights and save time that would otherwise be spent traveling on public transport, which makes more frequent stops and requires valuable time. We have the Boat trip done without stopping. We describe what we saw in the article, which you can access via this link.


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Vasa Museum
A direct jetty does not exist at the Vasa Museum (right)


Vasa Museum

You shouldn't miss it Vasa Museum, probably the most famous museum that Stockholm has to offer. In it you can see the almost completely preserved ship Vasa from the 17. See the century. Nowhere else in the world is there such a well-preserved ship from that time. The ship sank shortly after its launch in the harbor and was there 1956 rediscovered and salvaged. Like yours Vasa Museum in one hour optimal visit the museum's specialists recommend (in English) at this link. Whether and how long you have to wait at the entrance to the museum depends on the number of visitors on the day of your visit.


A stroll through Gamla Stan
A stroll through Gamla Stan


Discover Stockholm actively

If you want your Stockholm tour to be more active, you can get to know Stockholm by bike. There are various tours of different lengths and at different times of the day.

The activities on offer in Stockholm are certainly exciting. You will get to know Sweden's capital in a varied and sometimes unusual way. Some of these adventures allow you to experience the city in typical Swedish experiences. What do you think of a kayak tour or a wildlife safari? Or from camping on one of the archipelago?


A huge selection of fudge
A huge selection of fudge



We decided to see Gamla Stan on our own. You can follow in our footsteps on the suggested walk.

Let yourself drift through the modern city center north of Gamla Stan and look at the great buildings that are here. There is always impressive architecture to discover here. Cross the bridge from Nörrbro in the direction of the opera or the Riksbron coming from Riksdag to the north and you are right in the middle of modern Stockholm.


The Swedish Foreign Ministry at Gustav Adolfs Torg
The Swedish Foreign Ministry at Gustav Adolfs Torg


Explore Stockholm's history and culture

Do you want to know more about the history and culture of the city? Maybe you are interested in the history of ABBA. Or do you want to learn more about the Vikings? What role do murder and manslaughter play in the city? In the Sigtuna Village you will learn more about Sweden's oldest city. In Markim-Orkest it even goes back to the Bronze Age. Churches from the Middle Ages are also exciting. Or do you want to know more about Swedish beer? There is a lot to discover in and around Sweden's capital.


The opera of Stockholm
You can see the opera on our perfect day in Stockholm


Travel costs and budget tips

A day in Stockholm doesn't have to be expensive if you plan wisely. Start your day with breakfast in one of the city's many cafés. For around 10 euros you can get a decent breakfast. Afterwards you can, for example, use the subway to explore the city. A day ticket costs around 13 euros and is a cost-effective option for getting from A to B.

If you want the old town gamla stan If you visit, save yourself the money for expensive souvenirs. Instead, enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets. Lunch in Stockholm can be expensive, but there are also cheaper alternatives. Food courts and street stalls often offer delicious meals for under 15 euros.

Museums and attractions can cost money. However, if you buy the Stockholm Pass for around 60 euros, you have free entry to more than 60 attractions. This is a real money saver if you want to see a lot.

For the evening I recommend eating in one of the less touristy areas. In Södermalm you will find numerous restaurants that offer inexpensive dinners for around 20 euros. At the end of the day you can take a walk by the water, which is free and always relaxing.

With a budget of around 100 to 120 euros, you can spend a fulfilling day in Stockholm without having to make any compromises.


What type of clothing should I bring for a day in Stockholm?

The weather in Stockholm can be changeable. So pack one light jacket and comfortable shoes for sightseeing.

Are there free activities I can do in Stockholm?

Yes, many parks like Djurgården are accessible free of charge. Some museums also offer free entry on certain days.

How safe is Stockholm for tourists?

Stockholm is considered one of the safest cities in Europe. Nevertheless, it is advisable to pay attention to your valuables in crowds.

Where can I buy cheap souvenirs?

Avoid tourist areas for souvenirs. You can often find cheaper and more authentic souvenirs in neighborhoods like Södermalm.

Is tipping customary in restaurants and cafes?

While tipping is not mandatory in Sweden, it is appreciated. Simply round up the amount or leave an extra 5-10% if the service was good.


Travel tips for Stockholm


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Travel Guide:

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Stockholm in one day
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