Gamla Stan, Old Town of Stockholm

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The Norrbro Bridge leads to the castle

The old town of Stockholm

We had heard a lot from Gamla Stan Stockholm before our trip: for those coming to Stockholm for the first time, this neighborhood is a must; Here is the core cell of Stockholm, from which the city has developed; Art galleries, cafes, restaurants and craft shops should not be missed. Curious, we set out to explore the neighborhood.


The Swedish noble house Riddarhuset and the Riddarhomlskyrk in Gamla Stan
The Swedish noble house Riddarhuset and the Riddarhomlskyrk in Gamla Stan


A stroll through the old town of Stockholm

Maybe it's because we are traveling the day after the royal wedding of Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden and Princess Sofia in Gamla Stan Stockholm. The day before, all of Stockholm was congested because half of Sweden had apparently traveled to the city to attend the royal event. Since it was weekend, most wedding visitors use the event for a short break in Stockholm and stay several days in the city.



In any case, Gamla Stan Stockholm is already full of people in the morning, some of whom have obviously come from the wedding celebrations and celebrated the night. The fact that the royal family in Sweden is very popular, we recognize not only by the countless people celebrating, but also the many royal souvenirs that we see on our stroll through Gamla Stan in the shop window displays. But Gamla Stan Stockholm has more to offer than souvenir shops.

Stadhuset and Vasabron bridge in Stockholm
Stadhuset and Vasabron bridge


Beautiful buildings in Stockholm

We are impressed by the magnificent buildings in Gamla Stan Stockholm. We reach Gamla Stan, which is located on the island of Stadsholmen, over the Riksbron, the bridge that connects the north of Stockholm with the Reichstag. From this bridge we not only have a nice access to the Reichstag, but also great views of the Stockholm City Hall, City Hall, Riddarholmskyrkan on Riddarholmen Island and Vasabron and Norrbro, two bridges that connect Northern Stockholm with Gamla Stan connect.


The castle of Stockholm
The castle of Stockholm on Gamla Stan
Souvenir shops in Gamla Stan
Souvenir shops in Gamla Stan Stockholm


As soon as we leave the Reichstag, the view opens onto the castle of Stockholm. From there we follow the Västerlanggatan and pass the library of the riches. The road is getting narrower and you can tell that it was once built for carriages. And so only a few drivers venture through the narrow streets. Instead, pedestrians are gaining more and more. They are attracted by the numerous art galleries, craft and souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants that make Gamla Stan Stockholm a major attraction in Stockholm.

Between the plush moose, Sweden flag and Pippi Longstocking rag dolls with orange-red hair, we also find shop windows showing real Swedish handicrafts: glass art, as we see it in the Kingdom of Crystal in Smaland have met porcelain, paintings and tablecloths. It is worthwhile to look for it between the tourist stuff.


Riddarholmskyrkan in Gamla Stan
Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm
The Storkyrkan in Gamla Stan
The Storkyrkan in Gamla Stan Stockholm


Beautiful old houses in Stockholm

In the narrow streets of Gamla Stan we always find beautiful old houses with elaborate façade decoration and glimpse the Riddarsholmkyrka and the Nikolaikirche. We go back to Stockholm Palace and pass the streamers' lodge, a park that overlooks northern Stockholm. At the Gustav Adolfs Torg and in front of the Stockholm Opera we reach again the northern part of the city and finish our tour of Gamla Stan.


Magnificent buildings in Gamla Stan
Glorious buildings in Gamla Stan Stockholm
One of the beautiful old doors in Gamla Stan
One of the beautiful old doors in Gamla Stan


It is a neighborhood that leaves mixed feelings: the magnificent buildings and government buildings are very impressive and fascinate us a lot. However, as we are not friends of large crowds, we stop short in the busy, narrow streets of the neighborhood and limit ourselves to a half-hour walk before retreating to the open parks and imposing palaces in the northern part of Gamla Stan. How did you experience Gamla Stan? Is the district worth a second visit? Are you looking for tips for a day in Stockholm?


Stroller barges in Gamla Stan
current Parterren
Sveriges Riksdag in Gamla Stan
Sveriges Riksdag

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Gamla Stan, Old Town of Stockholm

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  1. Too bad that I discover the beautiful article only now. Just got a girlfriend in Stockholm. I'm curious what she has to tell. I love to go out in the countryside myself.

    1. I am also so that I have many interesting articles only to discover the journey. I would like to know what your girlfriend says about Stockholm, Andreas.

  2. I like cities on the water and I'm curious how I like it in Stockholm. For Gamla Stan I have definitely scheduled time.

  3. Magnificent architecture shows us in Stockholm. I also take flight when it gets crowded. That is perhaps the reason why we have traveled many thousands of kilometers through Sweden and have avoided the big cities so far.
    Cordially from Holland, Sabine

    1. Yes, the architecture has also impressed us a lot, Sabine. I'm not sure if Gamla Stan is always as crowded as the day after the prince wedding. I have also seen photos where the streets were empty. Maybe we just had bad luck with our travel date. We like city breaks very much, only crowds at major events are suspicious.

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  4. Stockholm is a great city and the atmosphere in Gamla Stan is especially nice. I especially remember that the Swedes also celebrate their midsummer outfits at 18 Grad!

    1. I can imagine that, Silke. Apparently you have a different temperature sensation in the north than further south.

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