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Smaland Sweden in spring

Discover Sweden travel destinations

You can find out which Sweden travel destinations we have discovered for connoisseurs and slow travelers in our Sweden travel tips. Sweden is a country that is well suited for everyone who wants to get away from mass tourism. The country's villages and towns are cute. People are hospitable. We discovered hotels for connoisseurs. The farmer's cheesecake is worth a sin. Sweden's lakes and rivers guarantee a vacation that couldn't be more varied. Learn more about cruising through the Göta Canal. Or take a stroll through Gamla Stan or take a boat trip through Stockholm. Sweden is worth more than a trip.

Holiday home in Småland

Holiday home in Smaland: How to find the best one for you

If you book a holiday home in Smaland, an adventure awaits you. Smaland is located in southern Sweden and is known for its forests, lakes and villages. Here you can experience real Swedish nature, for example. Holiday homes in Smaland are definitely very popular. Many people prefer them because of the privacy...
We roll the candy canes in ever thinner strands

Candy Canes from Gränna - How to make Polkagrisar

Candy canes from Gränna in Sweden You probably know the red and white mint candies that you can buy wrapped in cellophane, right? Sweden has a very similar specialty. In the small town of Gränna, right on the shore of Lake Vättern, there is one sweet shop after another. Find out more about where...
Boat tours through Stockholm - Baltic Sea locations

Boat trip Stockholm - Experience Sweden's capital from the boat

Boat tour Stockholm Experiencing Stockholm on a boat tour is fun. Stockholm in June is pleasantly warm with average temperatures around 20 degrees. Ideal for Baltic Sea locations that are worth a vacation. When the sun is also shining, there is no stopping us - and the Stockholmers -: the water ...
Stockholm in one day

A day in Stockholm

Why You Should Visit Stockholm A perfect day in Stockholm? You need more time to really get to know the capital of Sweden and its surroundings. Stockholm is not only the seat of the Swedish government. The royal family lives here. Maybe you are lucky like us and you see members of the ...
Bathhouse at Skandör

Discover picturesque Skanör in Sweden

An unknown gem: Skanör in Sweden We had never heard of Skanör Sweden until our trip to Oslo. We use the time before the departure of our ferry on the return trip from Trelleborg to Germany to visit the small village and the bird sanctuary it is surrounded by...
Very special Easter eggs

Easter customs all over the world

A few more weeks until Easter. Reason enough to think about how you want to spend the time around the Easter holidays. Why not experience the Easter traditions around the world? We looked into it and found that even in Germany there are customs that apply to regions ...
Sunset between Copenhagen and Oslo - ship and cruises

Mini Cruise Baltic Sea - Practical travel information

Mini Baltic Sea Cruise At the end of our Scandinavia trip, we change from our river steamer Juno on the Göta Canal to the ferries of Tallink Silja Line*, which invited us to a mini Baltic Sea cruise. This takes us from Stockholm via Helsinki to Tallinn and back to Stockholm. The MS Silja...
The Juno in the locks of Sjötorp on the Göta Canal

The Göta Canal – from Gothenburg to Stockholm by boat

On a Göta Canal cruise through Sweden aboard the Juno The Göta Canal has been on our travel wish list for a long time. Ever since I read a report about this waterway in Sweden that connects Gothenburg with Stockholm, I've wanted to sail it myself. If so, then it should be on board the historic river steamer ...
Cheese cake on Smaländer style with jam and cream

Cheesecake on Smaländer style at Stella Nilsson

Smaland-style cheesecake Did you know that a Smaland-style cheesecake takes seven hours to finish? No? We were surprised too. We were invited to Stella Nilsson's farm near Braas in Smaland. When we get to know Stella, we are amazed, because for a farmer's wife I would have ...
The most beautiful pictures 2015 Asens By in Sweden

A touch of Bullerbü and Lönneberga in Asens By

A trip from Jönköping to Asens By We are looking for Bullerbü and Lönneberga. We set off from the Vox Hotel in Jönköping to explore the area around Lake Vättern. Our destination is the Asens By museum village. This is a good half hour away by car ...


Sweden travel destinations
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