Bad Schussenried Museum for the beer mug

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Trinity jug in the Bad Schussenried Museum

In Bad Schussenried there is a museum for the beer mug

When the invitation from the Bad Schussenried Museum for the beer mug fluttered into our house, we, let's say sporadic beer drinkers, were skeptical at first. Up until a few years ago, beer wasn't even on our shopping list - simply because we didn't like it. Only since we – or rather I – did that last year Newfoundland iceberg beer got to know and appreciate, we often have beer at home. As a beer abstainer, beer mugs and the entire beer culture are therefore not part of our everyday repertoire. Apart from the occasional visit to the beer garden, where we are more concerned with eating than drinking, everything to do with beer is rather foreign to us.


Monk's jug in the Bad Schussenried Museum
Monk's jug with portrait in the Bad Schussenried Museum


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Nonnenkrug in the Bad Schussenried Museum
The nuns also liked the beer, according to the Bad Schussenried Museum


Bad Schussenried Museum for the beer mug

At first we thought we had misheard: Bad Schussenried in Baden-Württemberg actually has a beer mug museum. Our second thought as strict Oktoberfest refusers was: "This is definitely only something for hard-drinking beer fans." But it shows once again that one should not judge prematurely. So let's get going Bad Waldsee on the way, only a few kilometers away, to the neighboring town where the Schussenrieder Erlebnisbrauerei is based. It cannot be overlooked in the center of town with its imposing administration building, the restaurant and the fascinating museum for beer mugs on the first floor.


ladies jugs
Ivory beer mugs in the Bad Schussenried Museum


The Bad Schussenried Museum takes you through the cultural history of the region

And there is more to discover: the rose-colored glass jugs from Bohemia are particularly fascinating, suggesting that they were preferred by the ladies of high society. In fact, in the 19th century there were "beer parties" where women met like-minded people to drink beer - similar to today's coffee parties. This could possibly have been an expression of female emancipation. We are amazed at the interesting details we can find out about the variety of beer mugs in the Bad Schussenried Museum.

I find the noble beer mugs made of ivory or silver on display in the Bad Schussenried Museum particularly impressive. These sumptuous pieces once adorned the tables of royalty and noble families. But religious motifs can also be admired, such as the Trinity jug with spiritual representations as a decoration. Not to be forgotten are the Oktoberfest mugs, which should not be missing in the beer mug museum. There are also a large number of beer mugs that commemorate special events: anniversary mugs, graduation gifts, mugs as a reminder of club celebrations or mugs that were given to employees as recognition. One thing is certain: in the beer mug museum in Bad Schussenried, we learn that beer mugs are not only interesting, but also have their own fascinating history.

So we conclude our visit to the Bad Schussenried Adventure Brewery and the Bad Schussenried Museum for the beer mug as it should: with a leisurely lunch in the tavern. And there is - how could it be otherwise - the delicious roast beer with delicious potato salad and hearty sauce. A hearty dish that also goes perfectly with beer! Bottom up!

Schussenrieder Adventure Brewery
Wilhelm Schussen-Str. 12
88427 Bad Schussenried
Wire. (07583) 40411


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Beer mug museum in Bad Schussenried
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Bad Schussenried Museum for the beer mug

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