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Lounger with a view

In the middle of the city, the twelve-storey hotel tower rises above the railway tracks, which collect their passengers at the station just a few steps from the hotel. The first thing that strikes us when we see the glass and ceramic facade of the hotel in the center of Innsbruck is its location. The hotel can be reached easily and quickly both by car and by train. While on one side of the highway the Ski jump on Bergisel can be seen, the hotel tower of the Adler's Design Hotel Innsbruck towers in the city Austria up.



aDLERS Design Hotel Innsbruck brings Tyrolean symbolism into the house

After we parked our car in the garage (which is not part of the hotel), the elevator takes us directly to the reception. You do not have a magnificent large hall. Instead, the designers brought Tyrolean symbolism into the house. Granite flooring and natural oak furniture are the first thing we notice there. The white color of the reception desk is also reminiscent of the Tyrolean snow. Behind it is a crystal panel installed by Tyrol Flagship company Swarovski. As simple as the reception is set up, we receive our key as quickly as possible.


Sunset over the Nordkette chain of the Alps
Sunset over the Nordkette chain of the Alps


And then comes the wow effect!

When we open the door to our room on the 11th floor, the view overwhelms us Innsbruck, The northern chain of the Alps spreads out in front of us like a panorama screen. Only that these mountains are not painted but real. Just behind the houses in the city, the Alpine chain stretches across the entire field of view that opens in front of the window front of our room. As a result, the builders succeed in the alpine-urban symbiosis of a hotel that wants to appear young, intelligent and cosmopolitan. At the same time, the interior of our room supports this with an avant-garde alpine aesthetic.


Double bed in the Design Hotel Innsbruck


The rooms at the aDLERS Design Hotel Innsbruck

The room also contains elements of Tyrolean nature. Earth colors determine the design. This does not detract from the breathtaking view. Instead, a modern rocking chair and a couch right by the window invite you to consciously enjoy the view. Loden and felt bring alpine impressions into the room. In addition, we find again in the bath granite floors and flow, which should remind of a granite cave in the Alps. I like that the shower allows a lot of freedom of movement. In addition, it offers the rainfall shower that I love so much. Alone with that, the bath scores high in my personal popularity scale.


Bar at the Adler Design Hotel Innsbruck
Bar in the aDLERS Design Hotel Innsbruck


Restaurant and bar on the top floor

The Anniversary Party of Harry's Home Hotels takes place in the bar and restaurant at 12. Floor of the hotel instead. Incidentally, this hotel chain is operated by the same hotelier family as the aDLERS Hotel Innsbruck. Family Ultsch also owns the boutique Hotel Schwarzer Adler, which is also located in Innsbruck. Thus, the hotelier family is already in the fifth generation in the hotel business.

That they know how to do that shows in the bar and in the restaurant. There is also a roof terrace, which we do not use because of rainy autumn weather. But I can imagine that in summer you have a fantastic view of the Southern Alps. So we enjoy our aperitif first in the bar. After the official part of the party we experience the gastronomy of the hotel with a varied buffet. In addition to salads, antipasti and glass noodle salad, there's roast pork with mashed potatoes. There is something for every taste.


Breakfast on the 12th floor - Design Hotel Innsbruck
Breakfast in 12. floor


This is also evident the next morning at breakfast. This will also be served in the restaurant at 12. Stock of the hotel. This time we can enjoy the view of the mountains from there. There is a good selection of juices, breads, cereals, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, cheese, sausage. The very courteous staff takes care of the different wishes of the guests. Each of them finds time for a short chat at our table. Thus, the aDLERS Design Hotel Innsbruck ensures a perfect start to the day.



Our conclusion:

We really liked the aDLERS Design Hotel Innsbruck. If I originally feared that the proximity to the train tracks would disturb our sleep, this has proven to be an unfounded worry. The windows are soundproof and only let a faint noise through when a train passes below us. Only the fact that you can't open the windows bothered us a little. However, the rooms are soundproof. And when we had set the air conditioning to our liking, sleep also worked. We can definitely recommend the aDLERS Hotel Innsbruck. It is suitable for a stopover in the south as well as for a longer stay in the city.


Cake dessert in the form of a goldfish
Cake dessert in the form of a goldfish



Another worthwhile excursion destination from Innsbruck is the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens in Tyrol. You can easily reach them with the shuttle bus from Innsbruck train station.

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aDLERS - the Innsbruck Design Hotel

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  1. Since I'm a huge fan of design hotels, I think I'll have to think about this hotel during my next visit to Innsbruck! Above all, the view turns one around. :-)

    1. That's right, Jessica. I could have sat all day on the windowsill or in the rocking chair and enjoying the view :)

  2. Innsbruck simply has a fantastic location and even if our heart beats for outdoor activities, such a nice drink in the evening in a hotel bar with atmosphere is simply awesome. Cheers!

  3. I have to admit, it's hard for me to imagine a skyscraper in the middle of the area, but I guess I just have to look at it like mine. The view seems to be great in any case.

    1. Hi Stephie, Innsbruck is a city that you would not expect in the Alps, I think. There are not many skyscrapers, but there are some.

  4. The hotel looks really cool and the view, wow! I would like to spend the night there too.
    LG Nicole

  5. Cool hotel and much more to my taste than many traditional bourgeois houses. Alpine and modern go well together, I think. The view is certainly great even at night.

    1. One sees lately more and more such design hotels in the Alps, which reinterpret the alpine. I also liked it very much. And yes, the nighttime view was just as great!

  6. The view of the mountains and the city and the room from the room - ingenious. I would even take a very shabby room for that. But if it is still so nice in the rooms -genial. Innsbruck appeals to me a lot when I look at it.

    1. Hello Daniela,

      you're right. We have not seen so much of Innsbruck so far because we were there for a short flying visit, but I think the city has some interesting sites to offer.

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  7. The view is really great and the couch in front of the window well thought out. If I were not out and about, I would spend a lot of my time on her :)

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