Fabletics21 Challenge: A Path to a Healthier Lifestyle

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Fabletics21 Challenge

Advertising and product testing – Fabletics is no longer an unknown name in the world of sportswear. Known for its trendy and functional outfits, the brand has now also won over Petar, an enthusiastic supporter of an active and healthy lifestyle. After already having positive experiences with the Summer shorts from Fabletics It was easy for him to agree to the offer to test further products. We were also curious about the Fabletics21 Challenge, which gives tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Since we spend time outside hiking or walking, especially during the warmer seasons, we attach particular importance to good, healthy food in winter. This is one thing we particularly like about the Fabletics21 Challenge. This challenge is not about exclusively promoting a vegan lifestyle or fitness focus. Rather, everyone can specialize in the aspect of a healthy lifestyle that suits them best. For us, for example, the Fabletics21 Challenge offers good tips and recipes that we like to use.

Petar's experiences with Fabletics and the Fabletics21 Challenge

Petars has already tested the Fabletics Summer shorts, which impressed him with their quality and convenience. These positive experiences led him to decide to expand his range and also dress for the colder days.


Fabletics Kits
Petar feels comfortable in his Fabletics kits


New outfits for winter

For winter, Petar chose two complete outfits from the Fabletics kits. He chose two trousers from the series “The Fundamental Pant", a "24-7 Polo" and a "Training Day Long Sleeve Tee“. These pieces are characterized by their comfort and functionality. Petar opted for his normal size this time and found that the outfits fit perfectly. He finds the pockets in which he can easily store his cell phone particularly practical. As with the summer outfits, he was also impressed by the comfortable quality of these pants and shirts. “The material feels great,” was his reaction to the new pants and shirts.


Petar in the Fabletics outfits
Petar likes to wear the Fabletics outfits when he prepares breakfast for the Fabletics21 Challenge


Comfort and suitability for everyday use

Petar likes to wear the new outfits at home. They are not only suitable for sporting activities, but also ideal for relaxing days at home. Fabletics clothing proves that comfort and style can go hand in hand.

You can get Fabletics kits, shirts and pants via the Fabletics website Kaufen. They are also available on Amazon* (Advertisement).

The Fabletics21 Challenge

In addition to the clothing, Fabletics also brought the Fabletics21 Challenge to our attention. This 21-day training plan includes mindfulness exercises, fitness, yoga and healthy eating tips. Although the challenge started at the beginning of the year, the tips remain available online. You can also find it on YouTube Workout Videos, which give you suggestions on how to bring more movement into your life.


Petar prepares overnight oats
Petar prepares overnight oats for the Fabletics21 Challenge


Integration of the Fabletics21 Challenge into everyday life

The Fabletics21 Challenge is more than just a training program; it is an invitation to rethink your lifestyle and develop healthier habits. Petar often takes over the preparation of our breakfast. He attaches great importance to healthy eating. We are not vegan, but we also have vegan recipes from time to time. At Vegan We often get suggestions for this. One of Petar's favorite recipes are overnight oats, which he likes to serve with fresh fruit. They're made quickly.

The preparation is easy. To do this, he mixes oat flakes with water and spices to taste. For example, vanilla paste, cinnamon or maple syrup are suitable. He puts this in the fridge overnight.

In the morning he decorates them with different types of fruit, like in this case blueberries, bananas and kiwis. There are also a few sliced ​​apple slices as an ingredient. This breakfast tastes good and fills you up. Perfect for the Fabletics21 Challenge!

In our recipe collection you can also find other recipes that are suitable for a healthy lifestyle in the spirit of the Fabletics21 Challenge:

  • For example, the peppers that are prepared in the south of Italy taste good: Peperonata from southern Italy
  • The vegetable recipe from the South African townships, on the other hand, is very variable and can be prepared as a pure vegetable stew or in combination with meat, fish or fruit: Shakalaka
  • It's also very easy to cook the omelet recipe with mushrooms.
  • For us, winter is always a time for soups. For example, what do you think of ours? Flädlesuppe with a kick?
  • Since we like to eat dishes with tomatoes all year round, we also have the delicious tomato breakfast from North Africa in winter: Shakshuka.

This is just a small selection of healthy recipes that we often prepare in winter. Do you have your own suggestions? Then recommend them to us and our readers in the comments.

Further information about the Fabletics21 Challenge

For anyone who prefers a healthy lifestyle, the Fabletics21 Challenge offers a wealth of practical tips and suggestions. You can find further information and inspiration at www.fabletics.de/vip-lounge/21-tage-fitness-challenge-trainingsplan-fuer-gesunden-lebensstil.

It's about promoting a healthy lifestyle and showing how you can support it with practical tips and the right clothing. The Fabletics21 Challenge is a great way to challenge yourself and develop new habits that can contribute to a healthier, happier life.

Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Do you have any tips for this? Or have you even taken part in the Fabletics21 Challenge yourself? Then share your experiences with us and our readers in the comments to this blog post. We are always happy to hear new ideas about how we can make our lives healthier.


Fabletics21 Challenge
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Source Fabletics21 Challenge: Petar's own test. Our opinions definitely remain our own.

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Fabletics21 Challenge: A Path to a Healthier Lifestyle

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