American Lifestyle - What is it?

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American flag - American Lifestyle

America skeptics will say that there is no such thing as an American lifestyle. And America lovers have a hard time defining exactly what the American lifestyle is.

What is "American Lifestyle"?

But it's not that difficult. It just does not exist the material moisture meter shows you the American lifestyle, but many ways of life, which can be easily divided into regions. on one Road trip through the USA you will quickly notice the differences. There are also certain characteristics that determine the American lifestyle of a region:

Lifestyle in New England

While in the New England States the coast determines life along the Atlantic, in the hinterland it is more of a rustic lifestyle, which is still strongly characterized by the historical roots of the region. You live with and from nature and show this in your everyday life, in what you cook and also in the tourist facilities, which very often reflect the idyll of New England.



That's how you live in the eastern states

In the region around New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore, industry defines life, and this is evident in the vast metropolitan areas of this region. Rural lifestyle is rarely found here. Instead, urban lifestyle determines people's everyday lives.


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American lifestyle in the southeastern USA

The south is still living on its past as a former slave region - albeit today more in culinary and tourism. Southern food is very different from anything that's on the table in the rest of the US. And in the area of ​​tourist attractions, the old plantation houses of tobacco growers still play an important role. Places like Macon, Charleston or Savannah still reflect the spirit of the Old South.


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Caribbean feeling in Florida - American lifestyle influenced by Cuba

Florida is a region of the USA that is already heavily influenced by the Caribbean and Cuba - no wonder, since a large part of its population comes from these regions. The feeling of life is therefore Caribbean, especially in the southern part Florida. And even Florida cuisine loves the Caribbean: there is an abundance of exotic fruit in the Sunshine State. And water - be it that of the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico - is never very far away. The best thing about traveling to Florida is that you can do it all year round.

The Cajuns in Louisiana - American lifestyle that actually comes from Canada

In the deep south of the US, life is shaped by the history of the plantation owners, as in the southeast. Louisiana - and especially the bayous - is an exception. There settled many Akadier, the middle of the 18. Century were expelled from eastern Canada and determine to this day the lifestyle of the region. Their cuisine - the Cajun Cuisine - is influenced by the French Canadians and is considered typical of this region.


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The Wild West - American lifestyle, as many imagine it

Texas and the Midwest are what used to be called the Wild West. And what would be more characteristic of this region than huge cattle herds. Although the golden age of the cattle barons is long gone, cattle are still bred there. Barbecues and life on the Range are part of the local lifestyle.

Spanish and Native American enclaves in the southwest

In the southwest between New Mexico and Utah the Spanish and Native American influence is still felt today. If you visit a farmers market in New Mexico, spicy dried chili peppers are part of the typical image. The inhabitants like to decorate their houses with Indian carpets, buildings made of mud bricks are part of every cityscape in these regions.


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The Californian Way of Life

Californian Lifestyle, on the other hand, is shaped by the coastal landscapes, the wine regions and the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada. And because the Golden State has always been the refuge of many civilization refugees, you will find numerous residents here who prefer an alternative lifestyle, as is the case in Oregon, which is more in the north.

Outdoor and alternative lifestyle in the northwest

The state of Washington with Seattle, Mount Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula is a region in which the ocean and outdoor life play a major role in the American lifestyle. No wonder! There are some impressive landscapes there that lure people into the open air.

Rustic lifestyle in the Big Sky Country

The Rocky Mountain region of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana is often called the “Big Sky Country”. You can still find large cattle farms here, and even bison are bred here today. American lifestyle here revolves around cowboy hats, rustic lodges and comfortably furnished houses made of wood or even in a log cabin style. Just like in Texas, steaks belong on the plate here too.


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It doesn't get any more rural than the Great Plains - the American lifestyle of the farmers

The land of vast wheat and corn fields on the Great Plains adjoins it to the east and extends to the Great Lakes. Small, hidden towns are often far off the main highways. To date, these regions are the most rural areas the United States has to offer.

Urban and maritime: the Great Lakes - American lifestyle in the north

The contrast is even greater with Chicago and Detroit, the two large cities on the Great Lakes. The rest of these huge southern water lakes are lined with small towns whose names often not even Americans themselves know. A great contrast program on offer here: American lifestyle on the lakes is urban lifestyle in the metropolises as well as rustic life in the country.

However, we do not want to limit the term “American lifestyle” to the USA. We also include the neighboring country of Canada. How its regions are characterized by their lifestyle.


Do you know anything else?


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American Lifestyle - What is it?

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