Lake Bled Camping – a selection

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View of Lake Bled from the campsite

Have you ever heard of camping at Lake Bled? If not, then let me tell you about it. Lake Bled Camping is a great outdoor experience in Slovenia. One of the campsites is located on the idyllic Lake Bled and offers a variety of activities for nature lovers and adventurers. Lake Bled is a body of water with crystal clear water and surrounded by a picturesque landscape. On the campsite you will find, among other things, spacious pitches for tents and mobile homes, where you can settle down comfortably.



The campsite offers a variety of recreational opportunities to fill your days with fun and adventure. You can swim in the lake, go kayaking or try stand-up paddleboarding. If you like hiking, there are also many hiking trails in the area that lead you to spectacular viewpoints.

One of the main attractions of Lake Bled campsite is the island in the middle of the lake. You can rent a rowboat and go to the island. There you can visit the famous church or take a walk around the lake and enjoy the magical atmosphere. If you are longing for some relaxation, you can just relax on the shore of the lake and enjoy the scenic view of the surrounding mountains and the turquoise lake. The fresh air and the quiet environment will make you forget the stress of everyday life.

Whether you are an experienced camper or a novice, Lake Bled Camping offers a unique experience surrounded by nature. Pack your things and experience unforgettable moments at Lake Bled campsite! More campsites and glamping offers in the area of Bled you can also find here.



Bled camping

In Slovenia, Lake Bled Camping offers a wide range of options for camping Motorhome vacation. There is a large campsite at the west end of the lake, that is Bled Camping. We present this camping area in these photos. Here you will find opportunities for 5-star camping at Lake Bled, as well as glamping offers of varying levels of comfort. The Lake Bled camper place is not directly on the shore of Lake Bled. However, this can be reached in a few steps. The campsite is only separated from the lake by a road. You will also find other offers for camping pitches and glamping in the Bled area. We present River Camping Bled and glamping options in the info boxes.

Lake Bled camping in a mobile home
Lake Bled Camping in a mobile home at Camping Bled


Camping Bled Slovenia

At Camping Bled Slovenia, on the campsite at the southwest end of Lake Bled, you have a wide range of accommodation options. If you are looking for the most comfortable option, consider a mobile home with a kitchen and bedroom. The wall of windows in the bedroom is particularly impressive, giving you a wonderful view of the campsite.


Book your glamping holiday at Pension & Glamping Pibernik*

With the Pibernik family you can stay in a quiet location just outside of Bled either in the guest house or in glamping accommodation. You have the choice between different glamping options, namely the standard bungalows or the luxury version of the bungalows. This is how you experience Lake Bled Camping in Slovenia away from the lake.
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Camping Bled cottage
Camping Bled cottage


Camping Bled cottage

The Lake Bled Camping Cabins reminded me of my travels through the Yukon. In them you sleep in very simple accommodations. These actually only consist of a roof over your head and a few wooden stools. In addition, there is an outdoor sweat lodge similar to the ones I've seen among Native Americans in America. A Camping Bled cabin is therefore accommodation for everyone who is looking for an authentic experience of nature. Here, however, any comfort is missing.


Book your glamping holiday at Glamping Ribno*

Glamping Ribno offers Lake Bled camping away from the lake in the idyllic valley of the Sava Bohinjka, a small tributary of the Sava. The famous Bled Castle is about three kilometers away from here. For example, during your stay you have the option of either staying in a cozy tree house with a wooden bathtub or in a luxurious glamping house that not only offers a wooden bathtub but also a sauna.
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Glamping cottages for Lake Bled Camping
Glamping cottages for Lake Bled Camping


Glamping cottages at Bled Camping Slovenia

The glamping cottages at Bled Camping at the south-west end of Lake Bled are also simple. The cottages contain a bed for two people or two single beds. The cottages are insulated and heated. This includes a parasol, two loungers and a coffee table in front of the hut. Breakfast is included.


Book simple glamping huts at J-Max*

Just outside of Bled (not directly on the lake) J-Max offers basic glamping cabins. The beach can be reached in 16 minutes on foot. There is a shared bathroom with a jacuzzi.
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Glamping at the southwest end of the lake
Glamping at the southwest end of Lake Bled Slovenia


This is how the glamping cottages at Bled Camping are laid out

In addition to the simple glamping cottages, Bled Camping on Lake Bled also offers cottages with an outdoor wooden bathtub. The comfortable glamping huts also have a jacuzzi and a private bathroom. A special highlight is the morning serving of food in a picnic basket.

Breakfast comes in a picnic basket
Breakfast comes in a picnic basket


Fancy breakfast at Lake Bled Camping Slovenia?

Breakfast is served in a picnic basket at Bled Camping. This includes coffee or tea, bread with sausage, cheese, yoghurt, milk and fresh fruit. You can enjoy breakfast surrounded by nature on the table in front of your hut.

Of course, Bled Camping also offers pitches for mobile homes. These are located in the entrance area of ​​the campsite. The glamping accommodations, on the other hand, can be found in the back of the facility.



Camping Lake Bled
Camping Lake Bled



Summary of Lake Bled Camping

Lake Bled is definitely a wonderful place in Slovenia that offers you unforgettable vacation experiences. Lake Bled Camping offers you a great opportunity to experience it.

The campsite at Lake Bled is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. Here you can relax amidst crystal clear water, green forests and majestic mountains. The diverse accommodation options offer something for everyone, be it a cozy glamping house, a comfortable mobile home or a simple cabin. A special highlight is the breakfast in the picnic basket, which gives you the opportunity to have breakfast outside in nature and start the day perfectly.

The location of the campsite allows you to explore the surrounding area. You can go hiking, explore the lake, visit Bled Castle or simply enjoy the idyllic atmosphere. Activities range from lake swimming to kayaking to stand-up paddleboarding. You will certainly not be bored.

The Pibernik family offers you a quiet and relaxing atmosphere away from the lake. You can stay in a guesthouse or glamping accommodation and enjoy the beauty of nature around you. The comfortable amenities such as whirlpools and saunas provide additional relaxation.

Whether you travel by mobile home or choose one of the cozy accommodations, Lake Bled Camping offers you the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So pack your things and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Lake Bled Camping! You will not regret it.

Questions and answers about Lake Bled Camping

Are there opportunities for water sports activities at Lake Bled Camping?

Yes, at Lake Bled Camping you can practice various water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

Does Lake Bled Camping also offer activities for children?

Yes, Bled Lake Camping also offers activities for children. There is a playground as well as various kid-friendly activities to keep the little campers entertained.

Are pets allowed at Lake Bled Camping?

Yes, pets are welcome at Lake Bled Camping. You can bring your furry friend and explore nature together.

Are there any shops near Lake Bled Camping?

Yes, near Lake Bled Camping you will find shops where you can buy groceries and other necessities for your stay, for example.

Are there hiking trails in the vicinity of Lake Bled Camping?

Yes, in the area surrounding Lake Bled Camping there are various hiking trails that lead to breathtaking viewpoints and natural beauties. You can explore the area on foot and enjoy the beautiful landscape.



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Lake Bled campsite
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Lake Bled Camping – a selection

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