Discover the world of camping recipes: your guide to outdoor cooking

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camping recipes

You love camping and good food? Then camping recipes are for you. you do that Outdoor experience even better and add variety to the camping kitchen. In this blog post you will learn everything you need to know about camping recipes.

The best camping recipes

Want to learn more about camping recipes? We have many exciting blog posts for you. From tips and tricks to the best camping recipes. Follow our links and discover the world of camping recipes.

Bake bread in the Omnia oven

Baking bread in the Omnia - This is how bread is baked in the mobile home

Who doesn't know this from their motorhome trips? Fresh bread for breakfast always tastes best. Many campsites offer a bread delivery service. But you don't always spend the night at a campsite like this. Therefore, it is good if you...
Potato Bolognese Casserole

Potato bolognese casserole from the Omnia

You know that for sure! You cook bolognese, and although it tastes delicious, not everything gets eaten. This happens again and again on motorhome trips. Especially when camping, it is important to use up leftovers quickly. Finally, the place...
Bolognese sauce

Prepare bolognese sauce in the camper

Traveling with a motorhome is a freedom that is second to none. You can explore the world while enjoying the comforts of home. An important part of this convenience is the ability to cook in your own RV kitchen. And what could...
Bake pizza in the mobile home

Baking pizza in the mobile home - Omnia oven recipes

This blog post is about baking pizza in the camper with the Omnia oven and a silicone mold. We'll show you how easy it can be to prepare delicious pizza on the go. A few years ago, when we...
dutch oven recipes

Dutch Oven Recipes - a collection

On the Dutch Oven you can cook over a campfire or on a grill. It doesn't matter what type of grill it is. You can use a gas grill or a portable...
Spaghetti with meatballs in a Dutch oven

Spaghetti with meatballs in a Dutch oven

Spaghetti with meatballs is often considered a typical American recipe. That's where I ate it for the first time. Since then I have loved the meat balls with spaghetti. That's why we often cook them at home. While it is true that this...

What are camping recipes?

Camping recipes are more than just grilled sausages. They offer a variety of options. From simple to sophisticated, everything is included. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned outdoor cook, there are always new recipes to discover.

Why are camping recipes so popular?

Wondering why camping recipes are so popular? They are easy to cook and require few ingredients. Perfect for adventures in nature. But that is not all. Camping recipes are not only practical, but also delicious. They add variety to the camping kitchen and make every camping trip a culinary highlight.

The variety of camping recipes

Camping recipes are varied and creative. They range from simple snacks to full meals. You can experiment with different ingredients and create your own recipes. Whether vegetarian, vegan or meat-heavy - there is something for every taste in camping recipes.


Everything you need for a camping holiday


Tips and tricks for outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking can be quite a challenge. Especially when you are in the great outdoors, far from the comfort of your home kitchen. But don't worry, with the right tips and tricks, preparing delicious meals in the open air becomes child's play.

In our blog posts you will find a wealth of helpful advice to make outdoor cooking easier. We cover a wide range of topics, from choosing the right equipment - like the right camping stove or the best utensils - to the most effective cooking techniques for cooking outdoors.

We'll also give you tips on how to deal with limited ingredients and how to plan your meals in advance to get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience. We also offer you a variety of camping recipes that have been specially developed for outdoor cooking.

No matter if you are an experienced camper or just starting out outdoor cooking Get started, our blog posts are a valuable resource for improving your enjoyment of camping.


camping recipes
Camping recipes for outdoor cooking



Camping recipes represent much more than just a way to cook outdoors. In fact, they are an important part of the camping experience. They not only bring a welcome change to everyday camping life, but also provide a lot of fun and enjoyment. With camping recipes you can prepare a variety of delicious dishes that will add culinary value to your outdoor adventure. Whether you're a fan of hearty stews, sweet desserts or healthy salads, the world of camping recipes has something to suit every taste. So don't hesitate, browse through our camping recipes and discover the possibilities that cooking outdoors offers you. You'll be surprised at how much fun it is and how delicious outdoor eating can be. Just try it!


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Questions and answers about camping recipes and outdoor cooking

What kind of cooking equipment do I need for camping recipes?

It depends on the recipe you want to prepare. A camping stove or grill is often good basic equipment. In addition, pots, pans, cutting board and cutlery could be useful.

How can I keep my groceries fresh on a camping trip?

A cooler or portable refrigerator can help keep food fresh. It's also helpful to pack non-perishable foods like canned goods, pasta, or rice.

How can I make sure my camping recipes are healthy?

Plan your meals in advance and make sure to include a variety of nutrients. Fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and proteins are good options.

What are some easy camping recipes for beginners?

Simple recipes could be pasta with sauce, grilled vegetables or sausages. Pre-cooked meals that only need to be reheated are also a good option for beginners.

How can I save water when cooking?

You can save water by cooking one-pan meals or choosing foods that require little water to cook. Reusing cooking water can also help.

How can I safely use fire for cooking?

Make sure you control the fire and put it out completely before leaving the cooking area. Always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher handy.

How can I add variety to my camping recipes?

Experiment with different ingredients and spices. You can also try different cooking methods, such as grilling, roasting, or steaming.


camping recipes
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Discover the world of camping recipes: your guide to outdoor cooking

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