Waldviertel Austria

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Art Museum in the Waldviertel Austria

Austria Waldviertel

The Waldviertel in Austria is one of the regions in Lower Austriawho are not so well known. Nevertheless, there are a number of Waldviertel Austria sights to discover. For example, you will find many palaces and castles in the forest landscapes along the border with the Czech Republic. In addition, the farmers of the region are very inventive. Where else can you find a village that specializes in poppies? Whiskey is also distilled in the Waldviertel. Culinary this region has a lot to offer. There are many Destinationsthat you can discover there.

If you are interested in the life of the Freemasons, you can find out more about it in a castle in the Waldviertel. The Waldviertel also has a lot to offer when it comes to art. There is an art museum there that is known beyond the borders of the region. It is interesting that some works of art can even be touched and participated in.

Apart from that, you can also hike well in the Waldviertel. In the woods you can discover boulders and explore the rough landscape.



Armschlag, poppy village in the Waldviertel

On my travels around the world, I have repeatedly come across places that have saved themselves from economic decline through surprising ideas and initiatives. But a village that was committed to the poppy was not there until last year we visited the Mohndorf Armschlag in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria ...
Castle Hotel Rosenau

Schlosshotel Rosenau for connoisseurs & Freemasons

Schlosshotel Rosenau for connoisseurs and Freemasons "What do Freemasons and connoisseurs have in common?" you will surely ask yourself. Our answer is: "The Schlosshotel Rosenau in the Waldviertel." This castle hotel, which goes back to one of the typical square courtyards of the region and was expanded into a renaissance castle in the 16th century, has undergone several renovations ...

Grüner Veltliner and Riesling in Kamptal

The Loisium Wine Experience World During our visit to the Loisium Wine & Spa Resort in Langenlois in the Kamptal in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria, we had the opportunity to taste Grüner Veltliner and Riesling in the Kamptal:. A dinner at the hotel, a wine tasting in the Loisium wine world and a picnic in the vineyards above Langenlois...
View from the spa of the Hotel Schwarz Alm Winter Wellness Austria

Hotel Schwarz Alm – Winter in the Waldviertel

Winter in the Waldviertel Austria We collected our tips for a short holiday in winter in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria in the Hotel Schwarz Alm Zwettl Austria during a trip at the beginning of December. We spent two days in and around Zwettl in the Waldviertel. What we discovered, we present to you here...
Waldviertel specialties - organic carp with smoked crust and bacon

Learn to cook Waldviertel specialties in the Kochatelier in Vienna

Cooking Waldviertel specialties Anyone who has been reading our travel blog for a long time knows that we value Austrian cuisine very much. Therefore, this cooking course is one of our Vienna travel tips. We are particularly impressed by the enjoyment regions of Austria, and there is a lot to discover there. This time we were invited to a cooking class in ...
Altenburg Monastery on our monastery garden route

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria

Our monastery garden route - a journey to the self Three days we were on our monastery garden route through Lower Austria. We visited five monastery gardens. We expected it to be a treat for the eyes and senses. But the trip had more surprises in store for us. Our travel plan included ...
The cheese loses whey

Cheese and cheese production in the Waldviertel

Cheese from the Waldviertel How to make cheese in the Waldviertel. We watched cheese making in the cheese making world in Heidenreichstein in the Austrian Waldviertel. We actually came here by accident. We had taken a trip through Lower Austria when we visited the Hotel Schwarz Alm in Zwettl. As always, we were ...
Picnic accessories Travel tips for slow travelers

Wine Wellness Hotel in Langenlois - the Loisium Resort & Spa

The Loisium Resort & Spa in Langenlois We take two days for our wine trip to Austria. We want to get to know the Wein Wellness Hotel in Langenlois in Langenlois in Lower Austria in the Waldviertel. This place proudly calls itself the largest wine town in Austria. The wine region of the Kamptal, in which the ...
Poppy seed dumplings

Offbeat Places to Visit in Austria - Tips for Trips to Savor

Enjoy the Waldviertel Austria For three days we were out and about in the Waldviertel Austria. For the first time. So far I had only heard of the Waldviertel in Lower Austria and, apart from a lot of forest, couldn't imagine much about it. We start our journey in the Gartenhotel & Weingut Pfeffel in Dürnstein in the Wachau, a hotel for connoisseurs ...
The autumn sun shines through the birches

Blockheide Gmünd - a hike in the Waldviertel

Hiking in the Waldviertel I am almost waiting to see trolls behind the next block of granite, the mysterious region of the heath. The landscape of the Blockheide Gmünd in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria with its lakes and ponds, the stacked Granti blocks and the forest that we saw on our way ...


Explore the Waldviertel

Welcome to the Waldviertel Austria! This region in northern Austria is a real insider tip for everyone who wants to travel off the beaten track. Here you will find a beautiful landscape with untouched nature and historic buildings.

If you like hiking, you've come to the right place in the Waldviertel in Austria. In the Waldviertel there are numerous hiking trails that lead you through forests and along rivers. A special highlight are the wobbly stones that you can discover in the woods. These huge stones have been sculpted by erosion to wobble on a narrow foundation.

In addition to nature, there are also some cultural highlights to discover in the Waldviertel in Austria. For example, visit the art museum, which is known for its exhibitions. Here you can not only look at art, but also touch and participate.

There is also a lot to see for history fans in the Waldviertel in Austria. For example, visit one of the palaces or castles along the border with the Czech Republic and learn more about the eventful history of this region.

And of course the culinary experience must not be neglected. In the Waldviertel in Austria you will find numerous restaurants and inns where you can enjoy regional specialties such as poppy seed noodles or Waldviertel whiskey.

So what are you waiting for? Make your way to the Waldviertel and experience a combination of nature, culture and cuisine!



Waldviertel Austria
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Waldviertel Austria

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