When the pear trees bloom in the Mostviertel

When the pear tree blossoms in the Mostviertel at the end of April, a weekend of pleasure in the Mostviertel is particularly beautiful. This is best from the end of April to mid-May. Then the pear trees bloom there. Their white tree tops shine everywhere in the meadows and in front of the woods.

Lilienfeld Abbey - Abbey Library, Monastery & Gallery

Lilienfeld Abbey in Lower Austria goes back to the year 1202. Cistercians from Heiligenkreuz were the first to inhabit the abbey. The steps to the guest wing of the monastery are crooked from the many feet that went over them. Here you can experience a break in the monastery that transports you to another time.

Monastic gardens in Lower Austria

We were en route for three days on our Klostergarten route through Lower Austria. We visited five monastery gardens. We promised ourselves a pleasure for the eyes and senses. But the trip held a lot more surprises in store.