Good restaurants in Mostviertel in Austria

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Snack at Mostbaron Hauer

Good restaurants in the Mostviertel

Where can we find good restaurants in the Mostviertel? You know that our trips are always also expeditions to good regional cuisine. In the Mostviertel in Lower Austria it was no different. But we didn't expect so many good restaurants, rustic wine taverns and inns. More than 300.000 fruit trees grow in the gentle hilly landscape south of the Danube. These shape the landscape, people's lives and the kitchen. The term "Most" comes up again and again on our trip. On street signs, on shop facades, on drinks and menus. In any case, the pear must that the farmers produce is omnipresent.


Day of the must
Day of the must

Most is celebrated like wine

The must is celebrated here like the finest wine. The pear juice is served in specially created bottles. Or it is served in a clay jug with a snack. It can also be a glass mug. This is how it used to be done in the farms in the Mostviertel. It quickly becomes clear to us how different pear must can taste. From sweet to semi-dry to dry, it is presented to us on the drinks menu. We recommend the most suitable must for the meal. In this way we also get to know the whole range of Mostviertel pear musts. There is, for example, the mildly sweet must of the Swiss water pear. We discover the semi-mild must of the pear bacon or the refreshing pear from the green Pichl pear. If you want something really chic, try a sparkling wine from the Seppelbauer. Or young cider like the Gödnmost or the Jungspund. The choice is definitely huge.




We can feel these costs and their use on our tour through the gastronomy of the region. We also discover delicacies among the restaurants. These are good restaurants in the Mostviertel, which we can recommend.


At the Mostbaron Hauer in Mostviertel Austria
At the Mostbaron Hauer in Mostviertel Austria

 The Heurigenlokale of the Mostbarone

Quite rusty we eat in the Heuriger restaurants of the Mostbarone, That's the name of the farmers here. They make the top must. In their farms, they also serve musts, noble liqueurs and schnapps. They produce these from the pear varieties that grow on their orchards. There's that Brotzeitteller with homemade sausages or smoked bacon. Or do you prefer Schofkas with tomatoes, meat dumplings and other delicacies? However, you should bring one thing with you when visiting the wine taverns. You need a lot of time and leisure to enjoy the food, the musts and the hospitality.

Good restaurants in the Mostviertel that serve Most

We discover two very good restaurants in the Mostviertel. Very close to the Danube in the village Ardagger lies the Schiffsmeisterhaus, Previously, the Danube ran right in front of the house. Later their course of the river was straightened. Therefore today the cyclists who cycle along the Danube cycle path have to make a detour to get to the ship's master's house. This was once a rest house for all who drove on the Danube. Today, however, they have adjusted completely to a Radler clientele. These can even pull spare tires from the machine in front of the restaurant. The host Bernhard Toferer serves us onion roast. He recommends a dry pear must. This is bottled especially for his restaurant and is therefore only to get here. In cooperation with a must farmer, Toferer also creates his own must.


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Blossoming pear trees in the Mostviertel

Good restaurants in the Mostviertel with a view

On our journey along the scenic road we also take a rest on the heights of the Moststraße in the Panoramagasthof Mitterböck. This inn is also dedicated to the cider culture. In addition, one cooks primarily with regional products. The roast in Mostrahmsauce with mushrooms and bacon with wild garlic spaetzle tastes wonderful anyway. We also enjoy the view of the valley over the orchard meadows all the way to Stift Seitenstetten. A nice view.


Contact addresses:
Shipmaster's House, Stift 3, 3321 Ardagger
Gasthof Mitterboeck, St. Michael 1, 3352 St. Peter / Au


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Good restaurants in Mostviertel in Austria

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