Stowe Vermont USA - 3 tips for a day

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The small village of Stowe in the Green Mountains below Mt. Mansfield in the north of Vermont actually consists only of a crossroads, where a road from the mountains in the main road flows through the village. The other we come across is through the typical Vermont farmland. Again and again we pass on the way the red barns of the big farms, which are characteristic for these agricultural fields of New England. We marvel at the colorful meadows, where the lupins are close to each other in June. In between, we pass pastureland, where black and white spotted cows taste the fresh spring grass. From them comes the milk from which the good Vermonter cheese is made. And every now and then we see a sign indicating a maple syrup production, one of the most well-known products that produce the forests of Vermont. Whoever comes here wants to enjoy. And Stowe Vermont USA is the perfect place for that. Here you can really relax. Only one thing should be brought: sufficient time and leisure.



Three tips for Stowe Vermont USA that should not be missed

We are here because we are the Trapp Family Lodge want to look at the Austrian singer family Trapp, located in the middle of the 20. Century settled in the hills above the city and made her home a successful hotel, with its alpine style and the Austrian details to this day Salzburg home of Trapps remind. We quickly notice that this is not the only hotel in the region inspired by Europe: there is the Innsbruck Inn as well as the Edelweiss Convenience Store, which sells delicacies and pastries - with an alpine touch, of course. The town center of Stowe Vermont USA, unlike the arterial roads, fulfills pretty much every stereotype one associates with New England, and they are worth a visit on their own:


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Isn't that nice?


The typical Main Street of Stowe Vermont USA with its New England Country Store

What is a real New England village? A white-painted church with a pointed steeple, which is right on the main street and opposite a corner shop that offers pretty much everything you need for everyday life. Stowe Vermont USA offers that and more. Like the village church, Shaw's General Store is in the center of town on Main Street. We even prefer to browse the many specialty shops, art galleries and country stores that line the two village streets, where we sell everything from homemade chocolate, cheese and wine to fishing gear, art, jewelry, wonderfully fluffy towels and bed linen made from the finest cotton Find. We like the city's handicraft shops best, where you can discover some great souvenirs. Not infrequently we see funny signs that reflect the humor of the people here: on the one wooden board that hangs on the back door of a flower shop that is closed to public access it says "Trespassers will be composted" (which means something like " if you still want to get in here, you will be composted ”) and the next thing we notice obviously warns the buyer against too much alcohol consumption, because it says:“ 2 Martini, 3 Martini ... Floor ”.


The Covered Bridge is easy to find in Stowe Vermont USA
In Stowe the Covered Bridge is easy to find


The Covered Bridge in the center of Stowe Vermont USA

Every self-respecting village in New England has a covered bridge in its vicinity. In Stowe Vermont USA you don't need a car and you don't even have to go far, because the wooden bridge that leads over the small village stream is only steps away from the central crossroads in town. It is said that these wooden bridges with roofs were built earlier to ensure that rivers can be crossed safely in winter, regardless of the weather. They are often called “kissing bridges” because they gave young couples the opportunity to steal a kiss while driving through the carriage, protected from the prying eyes of puritans. Is it true? It is definitely a romantic idea.


The Green Mountain Inn Stowe © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
The Green Mountain Inn in Stowe


A cozy country inn in the village

Just like the church and the covered bridge, a well-kept Country Inn is a real New England village, and that's the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe. For once, we do not stay here because we want to get to know the Trapp Family Lodge, but there must be time for lunch at the village inn. With its heavy wooden tables and dark chairs, the village economy is reminiscent of the simple restaurants of the early villages in the region. It must have looked like this when travelers were still on foot or by horse and were happy to have a break in a cozy inn. Wooden shutters keep the heat out, and on the windowsills are large bottles of self-made herbal oil. Since you get appetite quickly.


Once a burger must be, right? © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Once a burger must be, right?


The menu promises the typical dishes served at most restaurants in the US for lunch. We choose a roast beef sandwich with chips and gherkins and a burger with everything on it and around it: salad, pickles and tomato with ketchup and mayo to choose from and a mountain potato chips. Not exactly healthy, but it has to be on every US trip.

If you look at these three aspects of Stowe Vermont USA, you will get a good idea of ​​what constitutes the essence of a small New England village and pleasure is guaranteed.


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Stowe Vermont USA - 3 tips for a day

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