New England

Massachusetts Attractions: A Must for Every Visitor

The sights in Massachusetts take you back to the times of the Pilgrim Fathers, but also to North America during the American Revolution. On the Freedom Trail in Boston you can follow Sam Adams. In Plymouth you can see how the first settlers in North America lived. But there is more to discover.

The Freedom Trail in Boston

Every visitor to the capital of Massachusetts follows the Boston Trail of Freedom at least once. It guides visitors to the city's attractions that best represent Boston's history. You can do a self-guided tour on the Freedom Trail with this information.

Nantucket USA – Discover America's whaling island

The island of Nantucket USA is a sand island about 48 km south of Cape Cod. Nantucket Island USA belongs to the US state of Massachusetts. The island has a length of a good 22 km and a width of almost 6 km. Herman Melville described them in his novel "Moby Dick" as "hillocks and elbows of sand".

Free things to do in Boston

Especially in times when the dollar is expensive, it pays to know a list of "free things to do in Boston". But not only then. Because traveling to big cities in the US is usually not cheap. So it's good to know what you can do without spending a lot of money.