Nantucket USA – Discover America's whaling island

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Captains Lookout on the island of Nantucket USA

Why Nantucket Island USA is interesting

Are you looking for a special travel destination? Then Nantucket, a beautiful US island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts, could be the perfect destination for you. Covering just 125 square kilometers, Nantucket Island USA offers a laid-back vibe and pristine landscapes to explore. The island is known for its quaint, thatched-roof houses and historical sites that recall the town's past as a major port for the whaling industry.

But Nantucket has much more to offer. The coast of the island is lined with beautiful beaches, perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Nantucket is also a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Walks through the island's dunes offer breathtaking views of the ocean and coastline. And with plenty of opportunities for sailing, kayaking and surfing, there's always something to do.

For those interested in culture, Nantucket is also home to numerous museums and art galleries that offer a glimpse into the island's history and culture. The experience is rounded off by a variety of restaurants and bars serving fresh seafood and local specialities.

So, if you're looking for a laid-back yet exciting travel destination, then you should definitely consider Nantucket.



Nantucket USA

The island of Nantucket USA, which is located about 48 miles south of Cape Cod, is a sand island that belongs to the US state of Massachusetts. Nantucket Island USA is a good 22 km long and almost 6 km wide. Herman Melville described the island as "hills and elbows of sand" in his novel Moby Dick. It is still evident today that the island has glacial origins: the flat relief, the sandy bottom and the lakes left behind by the ice bear witness to this. In addition, their round shape is typical of Ice Age lakes.

Nantucket Island USA has the town of Nantucket and some smaller towns. The island is best known for its whaling success, a past that can still be felt today. It owes its nickname "the little gray lady in the sea" to the sailors, who alluded to the island's wooden houses, which are painted gray. In summer they overgrow roses and add charm to the Nantucket Houses.

Much of Nantucket Island USA is reminiscent of the whaling days: the impressive houses of the whale oil merchants, the cobblestone streets that give the town a historical image, interesting exhibits in the Whaling Museum and the old storage sheds at the harbor. Let yourself be carried away into another time full of adventures and dangers.


The Club Bar on the island of Nantucket USA
The Club Bar on the island of Nantucket USA


Nantucket vacation for those seeking tranquility

Today, Nantucket is a popular vacation destination for those looking for beach, sea and tranquility. Compared to its neighboring island of Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket doesn't attract as many celebrities. Nevertheless, it has been the favorite vacation destination of the newly elected President of the USA, Joe Biden, for many decades. Even as a senator, he enjoyed traveling to the island with his family and his children looked forward to the drive from Washington to the island in Massachusetts year after year. In the future, however, the President will have to do without this and instead travel by plane.

The shopkeepers on Main Street, the island's only shopping street, are already looking forward to his next visit. In Murray's Toggery Shop in particular, Biden is a welcome guest and is said to buy a new sweater there every year.

If you want to spend your vacation on Nantucket, you should definitely reserve your accommodation in one of the Nantucket hotels. There are only a few hotels on Nantucket Island USA. Alternatively, however, it is also possible to stay overnight in one of the Nantucket Houses, Condos or Inns*, which offer holiday apartments or serve as holiday homes.


Book your accommodation on the island here *

Nantucket Island USA is a beautiful place to spend an unforgettable vacation. If you are looking for the best accommodation, here we have compiled a list of the five best hotels on the island for you.

  • The Wauwinet*: This luxury hotel on the north end of the island is known for its tranquil waterfront location. The Wauwinet offers elegant rooms and suites, award-winning cuisine at the on-site restaurant, private beach, heated pool, whirlpool and sauna. Guests can also rent bicycles to explore the scenic surroundings.
  • The White Elephant*: This hotel near the harbor is a classic on Nantucket Island USA. The historic building offers rooms and suites decorated in New England style, with exposed beams and fireplaces. The hotel features a private beach, pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, bar and free shuttle service to the airport and ferry port.
  • The Nantucket Hotel & Resort*: This family-friendly hotel is located near the beach and offers spacious rooms, suites and condos with kitchens and dining areas. The hotel has a heated pool, children's pool, restaurant, gym, tennis court and free bicycles. There is also a children's program and entertainment for adults.
  • The Jared Coffin House*: This historic hotel in the heart of the city offers charming rooms and suites decorated with antiques and works of art. The Jared Coffin House has a library, restaurant, bar and lounge with fireplace. Guests can also use the free shuttle service to explore the island.
  • The Nantucket Resort Collection*: This boutique hotel offers stylish rooms and suites in the heart of the city. The hotel has a terrace and a garden. A light continental breakfast is included.


Nantucket Island USA landmarks

Main Street

Shaded by elm trees, the cobbled main street stretches past old sea captain's houses, shops and numerous art galleries. Here you feel like you have been transported back to the colonial era, as the atmosphere and flair of bygone times are still present. In the summer, it's worth taking a leisurely stroll along Main Street and admiring the historic architecture and art galleries.


Main Street Nantucket USA
Main Street Nantucket USA


Straight wharf

At the foot of Main Street is this pier with its old fishing sheds now housing modern shops, art galleries and restaurants. In the summer, the big yachts and excursion boats dock here and the atmosphere is lively. In addition, ferries from Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard arrive here, making the pier a major stop for tourists.

There is also an information desk from the local tourist board, where you can get city maps with suggested walks to the main sights of the city. This is a great way to discover the historical and cultural highlights of Nantucket Island USA and to experience the island's rich history.

Hadwen House-Satler Memorial

Main and Pleasant Streets. Daily open from mid-May to mid-October, admission.

This neoclassical building with its columns was built in 1845 for the whale oil merchant Hadwen Satler. The house is a stunning example of the architecture of the period and gives a glimpse into the lives of wealthy people who profited from whaling. Today, Hadwen House can be visited and admired by the contemporary luxurious furnishings that are a testament to the prosperity of the time. A tour of Hadwen House is a must for anyone interested in the history of Nantucket Island USA and wanting to learn more about the island's rich past.

Whale Museum

Broad St., open daily from mid-May to 24th Dec. Admission.

A former candle factory that used whale oil to make candles is now a museum with a good selection of scrimshaw (carvings made from whale bone and whale teeth), photographs, harpoons, model ships and paintings. In addition, the trades and crafts related to whaling are explained in reconstructed workshops, including a blacksmith's workshop, a sailmaker's shop and a cooper's shop. The museum also houses an interesting model of the 'Camel', a floating dry dock designed to help larger ships cross the sandbar off Nantucket Harbor between 1840 and 1850.

From the tower of the museum you have a good panoramic view over the city and the port. Climbing the tower is a must for any visitor to Nantucket Island USA as it offers stunning views of the entire city and harbor. The museum is another highlight on the island and a perfect place to learn more about the history of whaling and admire the craftsmanship of yesteryear.

Congregational Church

Center St. Visits only with a guide (30 min.), Daily from mid-May to mid-October, admission.

The original sacristy from 1725 now serves as a chapel at the rear of the present church, which was built in 1834. The interior of the chapel appears larger than it is, as there is a trompe l'oeil painting on the front wall and ceiling. The chapel is an excellent example of 18th century architecture and an important part of the history of Nantucket Island USA.

Interesting exhibits depicting and illustrating the history of Nantucket are displayed in the stairwell of the tower. The tower itself offers panoramic views of the city and island, making it a major stop for tourists. A visit to the church and tower is a must for any visitor interested in Nantucket's rich history and culture and wanting to learn more about the island's architecture and art.

The oldest house

Sunset Hill, open daily from mid-May to mid-October, admission.

On the outskirts of Nantucket Island USA stands the oldest house on the island, the Jethro Coffin House. Built in 1686 by Jethro Coffin and his wife Mary Gardner, the wooden saltbox house is in keeping with the austere style of Cape Cod dwellings. Its appearance is an example of 17th-century colonial architecture and provides a glimpse into life for the settlers living there Time.

Of particular interest is the horseshoe decoration on the fireplace, meant to protect against witches and another testament to the beliefs and traditions of the time. A visit to the Jethro Coffin House is an opportunity to delve into Nantucket's history and be amazed by the architecture and details of a bygone era.

The old prison

Vestal St., open daily from mid-May to mid-October, admission.

In the yard of the old prison on Nantucket Island USA, the old pillory is a reminder of the severity of the early laws that ruled the island. The prison itself is another historic building that reflects the history and culture of the island. The four cells inside the building date from the early 19th century and are a striking example of prison architecture of the period.


Windmill on the island of Nantucket USA


Old windmill

Mill Hill., Open daily from mid-May to mid-October, admission.

Nantucket Island USA's Old Windmill, built in 1746, is an important part of the island's history and culture. It is particularly noteworthy that it is still in operation today and grinds grain. The grinding stones and grinder are original and an example of the engineering and craftsmanship of a bygone era.

A visit to the old windmill is an opportunity to learn about the importance of the mill and its role in Nantucket's agricultural development. There is also the opportunity to experience and understand the technology and mechanics of the grinding process.

The Maria Mitchell Association

Maria Mitchell Association, 4 Vestal Street,

Nantucket Island USA is steeped in history and home to many notables including Maria Mitchell, America's first female astronomy professor. Born on the island, Mitchell was a scientist who discovered a new comet and was honored for it by the King of Denmark.

Mitchell's discovery was an important milestone in astronomy, and her work has helped advance our understanding of the Universe. A visit to the Maria Mitchell Observatory on the island is an opportunity to learn more about her life and achievements, and to be inspired by the world of astronomy. Nantucket has produced many notable personalities and Mitchell is just one of them.


What to pack for your Nantucket vacation:

  • This beach equipment definitely has to be in your suitcase. You won't forget anything with our checklist.
  • Bathing shoes * should also not be missing from the beaches in Nantucket USA. This makes walks on the beach more fun.
  • A pair of sun hat must, for example, in the suitcase for a beach holiday on Nantucket's beaches. The beaches are often miles long and offer little protection from the sun.
  • Reading material for the beach holiday We've put together a list of easy holiday reading that's perfect for the beach.
  • A book that is particularly well suited to Nantucket is definitely Moby Dick * by Herman Melville. At Nantucket, Ishmael, the teller of this story, hires on Captain Ahab's whaling ship.

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Nantucket Massachusetts USA Beaches

The beaches of Nantucket Island USA are a highlight for any visitor who longs for sun, sea and sand. With their wide sandy beaches, clear water and impressive dunes, they are perfect for a multi-day trip Beach vacation on the island. The beaches offer a variety of activities including swimming, surfing, stand up paddling, sunbathing and much more.

Of particular note are the secluded beaches in the south of the island, which are only accessible by XNUMXxXNUMX or on foot. Here visitors can enjoy the beauty of untouched nature and the tranquility far away from the hustle and bustle. Nantucket's beaches offer something for everyone, whether you're looking for relaxation, adventure, or just a beautiful view.

Jetties Beach

Toilets, lifeguard, food, parking, telephone, showers, beach rental

Jetties Beach on Nantucket Island USA is one of the most famous and accessible beaches on the island. It is easily accessible by bike from the city and also offers an NRTA bus shuttle which is only available during the summer. The beach has changing rooms, a playground, and a public tennis court, as well as a boardwalk to the beach that allows for easy access.

Jetties Beach is also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts who can practice windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. In addition, beach access wheelchairs are available to facilitate access to the beach for those with limited mobility. The beach is a great place to spend a day by the sea and enjoy the variety of recreational opportunities.

Brant Point

An easy walk or bike ride takes visitors to Brant Point on Nantucket Island USA. However, the beach is unmanned, meaning only experienced swimmers should be in the water as the currents can be very strong.

In addition to the beach, there is also the Brant Point Lighthouse, which provides a scenic backdrop for boating enthusiasts. The lighthouse is a historic landmark and a popular spot to watch ships make their way into port. Brant Point Beach is a quiet and relaxed spot that is ideal for a stroll by the sea or a picnic overlooking the water.

However, it is important to note that currents can be very strong on the beach and there are no lifeguards on site. Therefore, visitors should enter the water with caution and follow the swimming rules. Overall, Brant Point Beach is a nice place to enjoy the view, the calm atmosphere and watch the ships go by.

Children's Beach

Lifeguard, toilets, telephone, parking lot, showers.

The Children's Beach on Nantucket Island USA, for example, is suitable for families with small children as it is in close proximity to the city and the harbor. The beach definitely has plenty of amenities for kids, including parks, a playground, and picnic tables. There is also a band pavilion.

One of the best ways to enjoy Children's Beach is by attending the free concerts held on Thursdays and Sundays from 18.00:19.30 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. These concerts are also a place to experience the local music scene and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the beach.

Children's Beach is a safe and fun place for children and their families to spend time on the beach and have fun. It is suitable for a picnic day or just to enjoy the sun and the sea. The beach also offers views of the harbor and boats.


Lifeguard, toilets, parking lot, showers.

Dionis Beach on Nantucket Island USA is about 3 miles from the city and is also easily accessible by bike. The beach is also protected by dunes and offers calm waters for swimming, making it an ideal place for families with children. The shallow water is safe for splashing and swimming.

The dunes surrounding the beach create a tranquil atmosphere. Dionis Beach is therefore a good place to relax, read a book or just enjoy the beauty of nature. There is also a small parking lot on the beach for easy access.

Overall, Dionis Beach is a quiet and secluded spot that is ideal for families looking for safe water for swimming. The beach also offers a variety of leisure options such as beach walks and sunbathing, making it a perfect destination for a day by the sea.

Francis Street Beach


Francis Street Beach is a beach on Nantucket Island USA and is just a five minute walk from Main Street. For example, the beach offers calm water for swimming and is therefore suitable for a relaxing day by the sea. However, there are no lifeguards on site, so visitors should exercise caution and only swim if they feel safe.

Francis Street Beach also offers other activities such as rock climbing and kayaking. Visitors can explore the coast and enjoy the ocean views. The beach is also a popular place for picnics and other leisure activities.

Overall, Francis Street Beach is a tranquil spot that's ideal for a relaxing day by the sea. Visitors can take advantage of the calm waters for swimming or try other activities like rock climbing and kayaking.


Lifeguard, telephone, toilets, food, parking lot, beach rental, showers, wheelchair accessible

Surfside Beach on Nantucket Island USA is a beach located at the end of Surfside Road and approximately 2,2 miles accessible by bike (on paved roads) or alternatively by the NRTA shuttle bus (summer only). The beach is therefore particularly popular with families as there are many activities you can do here. For example, you can have picnics, fly kites or play on the beach.

However, visitors should note that the waves can often be high at Surfside Beach, which also makes it an ideal spot for surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. But even if you don't want to surf, the beach is a great place to spend time by the sea and enjoy the beauty of Nantucket Island USA.

There are also beach access wheelchairs so everyone can enjoy the beach. Surfside Beach is perfect for a day by the sea.


Lifeguard, parking lot

Miacomet Beach is a beach on Nantucket Island USA, located at the end of Miacomet Road. For example, the beach is known for its strong waves and is therefore an ideal place for surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. However, visitors should exercise caution and only swim if they feel safe as the waves can often be high.


Lifeguard, parking lot

Cisco Beach is a beach on Nantucket Island USA, located at the end of Hummock Pond Road. For example, the beach is known for its strong waves, which makes it an ideal place for surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. However, visitors should exercise caution and only go swimming if they feel safe.

To reach Cisco Beach, visitors must also take a four-mile bike ride on Hummock Pond Road. But the landscape and the views on the way to the beach make the bike ride an experience.

Overall, Cisco Beach is a place that is ideal for a day by the sea. Visitors can definitely enjoy the natural beauty of the island and take advantage of the recreational opportunities that the beach offers. Whether you want to surf or just enjoy the scenery, Cisco Beach is definitely worth a visit.


Lifeguard, toilets, food, parking lot

At the westernmost point. NRTA shuttle bus or 5.5 mile bike ride on paved bike path. Strong waves. Food nearby. Beautiful sunsets.

Madaket Beach is located at the westernmost point of Nantucket Island USA. Visitors can reach the beach either by taking the NRTA shuttle bus or taking a 5,5-mile bike ride on the paved bike path. Visitors can then enjoy the scenery and explore the island on the way to the beach. Madaket Beach is also known for its strong waves, making it an ideal spot for surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. However, visitors should exercise caution and only go swimming if they feel safe.

There are also restaurants near Madaket Beach that offer food and drinks. So visitors can easily take a break from the beach and enjoy a meal before heading back to the beach. Madaket Beach also provides a backdrop for beautiful sunsets that visitors should not miss. It is also a perfect place to end the day and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

Overall, Madaket Beach is a place ideal for a day by the sea. Whether you want to surf or just enjoy the scenery, Madaket Beach is definitely worth a visit.

It will be

Lifeguard, toilets, food, parking lot

Siasconset Beach is a beach on Nantucket Island USA that you can reach, for example, by taking the shuttle bus or taking a 6-mile bike ride on the paved bike path.

There is also the village of 'Sconset near Siasconset Beach, where visitors can find restaurants. Visitors can also use toilets and rest before returning to the beach.

Overall, Siasconset Beach is an ideal place to spend a day by the sea. Visitors can enjoy nature, try out various activities as well as take advantage of the amenities available near the beach. Whether you want to swim, surf or just enjoy the scenery, Siasconset Beach is definitely a place to visit.



At the port
Nantucket USA


Ferries to Nantucket USA from Cape Cod:

Please note: in the summer months, advance booking (several months) is definitely recommended on most of these ferries

Steamship Authority

South Street Dock
Hyannis, Massachusetts

car ferry

Information and reservations: Tel. 508-477-8600 Car ferry, year-round, transports cars and trucks (reservation required), passengers (no reservation necessary) and bicycles (for a fee) and pets, parking in Hyannis for a fee, duration of the crossing: approx 2 hours 15 minutes

Fast Ferry

Information and reservations: Tel. 508-495-3278
Reservation recommended, no vehicles, limited space for bicycles, parking for a fee in Hyannis, duration of the crossing: approx. 1 hour.
Tickets and timetable

Hy Line Cruises

Ocean Street Dock
Hyannis, Massachusetts

Hyannis Office: Phone 508-778-2600
Nantucket Office: Tel. 508-492-8082 or 508-778-0404
High Speed: Tel. 800-492-8082 or 508-778-2602

High speed catamaran ferry, all year round, duration of the crossing: approx. 1 hour.
Ferry, May-October, first class available, transports passengers, pets, bicycles, duration of the crossing: approx. 1 hour 45 minutes from Hyannis, parking fee in Hyannis, seasonal: ferry service between Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard
Tickets and timetable

Nantucket Island USA Transport


For example, you can rent a car for a day or longer from various providers.


Bicycles can be rented near the ferry dock, for example.

bus tours

Sightseeing tours of the island are also possible.

Questions and Answers about Nantucket Island USA

What is the best time to visit Nantucket Island?

This depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer a quieter and more relaxed vacation, spring or autumn is a good choice. However, for sunny beach weather, you should travel in summer.

How do I get on the island?

For example, you can travel by ferry from Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard or alternatively book a flight to Nantucket Memorial Airport.

What is there to do on Nantucket Island USA?

There are many options such as biking, hiking, swimming, surfing, kayaking and boating. There are also many historical sights, museums and art galleries.

What are the most famous festivals and events on Nantucket Island?

The most famous festivals include the Nantucket Wine Festival, the Nantucket Film Festival, the Nantucket Book Festival and the Daffodil Festival.

Which restaurants should I visit in Nantucket Island USA?

There are many great restaurants on the island, but some of the most popular are Cru, Nautilus and The Galley Beach (open seasonally).


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Nantucket Island Massachusetts USA
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