Pure enjoyment in Trieste: the best hotels for slow travellers

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Magnificent villas

Hotels in Trieste and surroundings

Discover the top hotels in Trieste and the surrounding area, which offer every pleasure traveler and slow traveler an unforgettable experience. In any case, they offer you a perfect starting point for an enjoyable stay in Triest and environment.


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Top hotels in Trieste for connoisseurs

Hotel Greif Maria Theresa*

This elegant hotel overlooking the Gulf of Trieste offers high quality service, first class gastronomy and its own private beach. Enjoy the tranquility and comfort of this luxurious retreat.

Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace*

You will find this historic hotel right in the center of Trieste. It impresses with elegant rooms as well as with a fantastic view of the harbor. The impressive lobby with its magnificent chandeliers and marble staircase is particularly worth seeing.

Urban hotel design*

This modern hotel offers minimalist design and comfort in a central location. You can therefore easily reach the main sights of the city on foot.

Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta*

You can feel like royalty in this historic luxury hotel. It offers elegantly furnished rooms and suites, an exquisite spa area and a fine restaurant.

Hotel Riviera & Maximilian's*

Located directly on the sea, this hotel offers a private beach and a panoramic view that will enchant you. The rooms are comfortable and stylishly furnished and the restaurant serves delicious local dishes.

Miramare – Adults Only*

This hotel is a paradise for adults. With a breathtaking sea view, a peaceful atmosphere and comfortable rooms, it is the perfect place for a break from everyday life.

Duchi Vis à Vis*

Located in the heart of Trieste, this hotel offers a roof terrace with views of the city and the sea. The rooms are modern and comfortably furnished. In addition, the in-house restaurant serves delicious Italian dishes.

Hotel Victoria – Letterario*

This hotel pays homage to Trieste's literary history. With an elegant atmosphere, an extensive library as well as its comfortable rooms, it is the perfect place for book lovers.


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Summary of the hotels in Trieste:

In the area around Trieste you will definitely find an impressive selection of first-class hotels that are perfect for pleasure travelers and slow travellers. From luxurious resorts to charming city hotels such as the Duchi Vis à Vis - Trieste offers a variety of accommodations that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat like the Hotel Miramare or want to immerse yourself in the literary world of Victoria - Letterario, you will find the right hotel in Trieste. And if you love historical charm, the Hotel Riviera & Maximilians and the Savoia Excelsior Palace are just right for you.

In each of these hotels in Trieste you can enjoy Italian hospitality, relax and discover the beauty of the region. They therefore offer the perfect starting point to explore the treasures of Trieste while enjoying sweet idleness.

Total offers Triest a wealth of opportunities for pleasure travelers as well as for slow travellers. It's a place that invites you to travel slower, dive deep and the Italian Dolce Vita to enjoy to the fullest.


Villa on the promenade
Villa on the promenade


Questions and answers about hotels in Trieste

Are there hotels in Trieste that have special packages or offers for slow travellers?

Many hotels are geared to the needs of slow travelers and therefore offer special packages aimed at relaxation and enjoyment. It is best to inquire about such offers directly with the hotel.

Which hotels in Trieste are best for a longer stay?

For longer stays, accommodations such as the Hotel Duchi Vis à Vis or the Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta are recommended, offering both comfort and easy access to local attractions.

Are there any sustainable or eco-friendly hotels in Trieste?

Sustainable travel is becoming more and more popular and some hotels have started to adopt green practices. However, it is advisable to check this directly with the hotel when booking.

Which hotels in Trieste have the best views?

Hotels like the Hotel Riviera & Maximilians offer breathtaking views of the sea, while the Duchi Vis à Vis offers fantastic views over the city.

How good are the public transport connections to the hotels in Trieste?

Most hotels are well connected to the public transport network. However, it is advisable to check the specific transport links directly with the hotel or via their website.


You need this for a visit to Trieste

  • You will definitely be walking a lot in Trieste. Therefore are comfortable shoes important.
  • The sun often shines in these regions. Then helps in summer sun hatthat also protects against sunburn.
  • Do you want to take regional specialties or wines with you as souvenirs? Then do one, for example City backpack good services.
  • There are also many beautiful photo opportunities in the city. So forget yours Camera does not.


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Pure enjoyment in Trieste: the best hotels for slow travellers

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