Everything you need to know about culinary souvenirs from your holiday

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Sausage and cheese specialties from France -

Culinary presents from the holiday

We almost always bring culinary Souvenirs from vacation. It's not just because we're on our Trips to Savor keep an eye out for the specialties on site. Souvenirs from the kitchen of our travel destinations bring them back home to us. Be it by having a Spanish, Irish or American evening. Or be it because we are increasingly cooking ourselves with the ingredients that we get to know at our travel destinations. Our most important souvenirs from the kitchens of the world are therefore also the Recipesthat we collect and try out on the way.


Spices - typical culinary souvenirs from the holidays
Herbs & Spices


In order to cook some of them, we need ingredients, spices or herbs that we can not buy from us. That's why we love it, on our travels Markets to visit. These are then often in buying orgies, where we stock up on spices that we can not buy from us.


Corne de Gazelle
Corne de Gazelle - a Moroccan specialty discovered in Lyon


Suggestions to try new specialties yourself

Sometimes, on the way, we get suggestions only to search for recipes for specialties that we eat at our destination but that are not from there. This happened to us for example with the Cornes de gazelle. At first we did not know that these were almonds from Morocco. We discovered her on a market in Lyon.

Meanwhile we have one Recepies found that we will definitely try it out. Only the orange blossom water still presents us with a challenge. We will certainly not get this from us. My idea: I'm waiting for the Elder bushes this year bloom and just replace it with elderflower water. This is how we sometimes create new recipes.


Cheese - you can not bring it from everywhere
Cheese - you can not bring it from everywhere


Culinary presents from the holidays - what is allowed?

Are culinary souvenirs from vacation a good idea? What is allowed, what is not? As pleasure travelers, we are always looking for something on our travels culinary specialties, We like to try everything on site. For us, the culinary is sometimes even the reason for a trip. It is an expression of the culture of the country we visit. We want to get to know her. Try out. Costs. Enjoy. Or not. In any case, discover what a country or region offers in terms of culinary delights. We often find something out of the ordinary. Surprising. Delicious. Or things that do not taste that way. In any case, there is always something we like to eat at home.



But not everything is allowed. If you bring culinary delights from other EU countries, that's no problem. There are no restrictions here. The situation is different with countries outside the EU. Meat and milk are products that are not allowed to be imported. The same applies to products made from it. You are not allowed to import cheese specialties from the USA or biltong from Australia into Europe. The aim is to prevent animal diseases from being imported into Europe, says the Federal Center for Nutrition. You can only introduce other culinary specialties in certain quantities. You can find out what and how much that is Customs, It is best to make yourself smart before you travel, what you are allowed to bring with you. Then there's no problem with the entry.

With this blog post, we participate in the blog parade Culinary souvenirs on Ina's Blog Genussbummler. We are curious what other people bring with them from their travels.


Culinary presents
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Everything you need to know about culinary souvenirs from your holiday

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  1. A very interesting read, Monika. I think that for most countries, they are not acceptable, as you say above? I'll have to remember this next time.

    1. Thank you, Azlin. It really depends on the country, what it offers its visitors to bring. If you are entering the US from Canada, you have any fresh fruits for example. I was sitting at the border, eating a bunch of fresh apples. It's really something, one should consider when traveling. The reasons for this are quite serious. The official institutions want to protect the crops in their country from possible infections from vermin, that are rampant in other countries.

  2. Hello you two,
    Thank you for the great contribution to my blog parade, because I get directly hungry again. I also like to bring spices, if possible also sausages or cheese. The almonds look great, so I'll save the recipe directly.
    LG Ina

    1. Dear Ina,

      I am glad, if you like our contribution. For us, one visit to the market per trip is almost obligatory in order to replenish our spice stocks. I have not tried the almonds so far. But let me know how they taste.

      LG, Monica

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