Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park – A spring walk

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Spring flowers in Bad Driburg's Gräflicher Park

Spring is a time to take a spring walk through Bad Driburg's Count's Park. You don't have to be in the Hotel stay. Instead, you can pay the entrance fee to Bad Driburg's Count's Park and enjoy the parks on a walk. When the tulips and daffodils are in bloom, you look forward to sunny days. Then one likes to take the time to explore the themed gardens and park areas that have been laid out between and around the hotel buildings. There is a lot to discover.


Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park in spring
The park in spring

Spring walk through the landscape park

The English-style landscape garden is privately owned. The Count's Park Bad Driburg belongs to the family of the Counts of Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff, who also own the hotel resort Wellness and spa facilities belongs. The garden is the main attraction of Bad Driburg. The landscape park is part of the European Garden Heritage Network and is therefore one of the gardens in Europe that is worth a visit. This also includes gardens in North Rhine-Westphalia, im Pays de la Loire in France, in England and in other regions of Europe. The aim of this association is the preservation of parks, gardens and green spaces.



Tree avenues in the landscape park
Avenues in the landscape park

Trees in the Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park

In the park you will find trees that have been growing here since the 18th century. Chestnuts, lime trees and oaks grow along the avenue. This continues in a promenade between the hotel buildings and bathhouses. The theme gardens were created by landscape architects.

The themed gardens include:

  • The rose garden from 1932
  • The Meadow of Lilies by Gilles Clément
  • The garden chapel and the peacock bridge at the duck pond
  • The hedge garden
  • The Hölderlin Grove
  • The Diotima Island
  • A wildlife park
  • The duck pond
  • The mausoleum of the count family
  • The perennial and grass garden
  • The maze


Pump room
fountain house

Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park with fountain house

The fountain house stands in the center of the park. Here visitors can try the medicinal waters that made Bad Driburg a medicinal bath. The long foyer invites you to stroll. The building was constructed on this site from 1822 to 1824.




Even if you don't want to try the medicinal waters, it's worth taking a detour to the Wandelhalle. There is also a reading room in a side wing. There you can find brochures about the offers in the bathhouses and the hotel.


reading room
reading room

Hedge garden in Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park

Before you continue to the wildlife park, it is worth making a detour to the hedge garden. This is behind the fountain house. Hornbeams surround a water mobile. It is by Angela Conner, a sculptor from England.


Hedge garden with watermobile in Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park
Hedge garden with watermobile

Wildlife park with herd of fallow deer

Back at the square in front of the fountain house, we turn left. The path leads past bathhouses and hotel buildings to the park area, where the herd of fallow deer from the Count's Park of Bad Driburg stays. The animals run freely across the grounds. Visitors can get really close to them.


wildlife Park
wildlife Park


However, we turn right and walk past Hölderlin Grove and Diotima Island back to the hotel. There we finally enjoy the spring blossoms in the flower beds around the hotel building.


Spring blossom in the Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park
Spring blossom in the Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park

Opening hours:

The park is accessible from April to October for an entrance fee.
09:00 am - 18:00 pm

  • Adults €7,50 (this includes a €2,50 credit)
  • Admission is free for children up to the age of 14

The credit can then be redeemed in the hotel's restaurants on the day of your visit.

Visitors to the Piet Oudolf Garden have free entry for up to 30 minutes (only via the south entrance/ticket office).

Park tour €5 per person
Every Tuesday at 14:30 a.m

Registration is possible via the guest service center:

Phone +49 52 53 95 23 – 700

Monday - Friday
09:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 16:00
09:00 am - 13:00 pm



That must be in the for the visit to Bad Driburg suitcase

  • Comfortable Shoes. In Bad Driburg you definitely walk a lot.
  • Also, forget comfortable pumps not if you want to dine in Caspar's Restaurant.
  • A  backpack, in which you enter, for example Picnic or snack for the walk through the park.
  • An Camera* for the photo opportunities that Bad Driburg offers.

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Count's Park Bad Driburg
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Bad Driburg Gräflicher Park – A spring walk

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