Is Traveling in Uganda Safe?

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Is Uganda safe

Is Traveling in Uganda Safe? - #Advertisement

Travel in Uganda, the African dream. Winston Churchill called Uganda the “pearl of Africa” and anyone who has ever visited it will understand what he meant. In hardly any other country can one experience so intensely what makes Africa so consciously experience the atmosphere of this unique continent. The small country in the heart of Africa, with its wealth of water, mountains, savannas, national parks and exotic animals such as chimpanzees, mountain gorillas, tree lions, hippos, antelopes or giraffes, with its poor but warm-hearted people offers exactly what the slow traveler seeks. However, the question of safety for travelers in Uganda comes up regularly and should definitely be taken seriously.

Safety starts with thorough preparation

This includes the Clarification of visa issues in advance, as well as information about the current security situation, to which we would like to contribute here. The somewhat unsettled political situation after the 2021 elections has calmed down again. the Travel advice from the Federal Foreign Office mention an attack in the capital Kampala in 2021 and the possible risk of further attacks. However, we at the Federal Foreign Office are also used to exaggerating the dangers somewhat. Nevertheless, it is important for individual travelers in particular to be aware of possible dangers. This also includes crime, which can become a problem, especially off the beaten track, if you behave carelessly.

Some of the safety-related topics that you should definitely inform yourself about before traveling to Uganda include:

  • Health issues, such as vaccinations and protection against infections
  • Criminality
  • Travel warnings for border areas such as those with Congo and South Sudan


For Covid the regulations can change on a daily basis anywhere in the world. A negative PCR test is currently required before entering the country. Masks must also be worn at the moment. For the current regulations, we recommend a visit to the Website of the Foreign Office for Uganda. vaccinations against yellow fever and poliomyelitis should be available, a mosquito repellent as a precaution against malaria is recommended.


The Federal Foreign Office mentions carjacking, thefts from parked or even stationary vehicles, handbag snatching with motorcycles and kidnappings for an estimated 50% of all countries. It can all happen once, but is rather rare, despite the widespread poverty of the population. Travel bloggers, for the most part, are enthralled by the friendly people of Uganda and have had no such experiences. According to tour operators for destinations in Uganda, they have not seen such a case in the last 10 years.
The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle: You should only travel through Uganda individually if you have already gained experience as an individual traveler and are used to behaving consciously and cautiously. It is even safer with group tours and guided tours, where experienced tour guides avoid risky areas from the outset. Hotels or accommodation in the national parks are also looked after by experienced staff and crime is not allowed here in order not to damage tourism, from which the main income of the national parks comes.


Chimpanzee in Uganda
Chimpanzee in Uganda

Is Uganda worth a trip?

Africa offers many very safe travel destinations: South Africa, for example with its beaches, Safaris oder sogar Vineyards. Morocco and Tunisia with perfectly organized holiday worlds and beaches, Egypt with the pyramids and the Nil, the well-known holiday islands such as the Seychelles or Madeira invite you.

Despite the somewhat tense security situation in the recent past, we would also like to take a stand for Uganda. The small country, about two-thirds the size of the Federal Republic of Germany, is characterized by savannas, primeval forests and agriculture (coffee cultivation). About 15% of the country consists of water surfaces, among which the huge Lake Victoria should be mentioned in particular. Uganda is home to 10 national parks with an endless variety of animal and plant species. It is precisely here, in nature, perhaps as part of a suitable group trip, that the slow traveler will also find what he is looking for: intensive immersion in an African country in the heart of the huge continent, you get to know the people, you experience the magic of nature in its entirety close. In the national parks there are also high-quality accommodations that invite you to longer and safer stays.


Murchison Falls in Uganda
Murchison Falls in Uganda

Worthwhile travel destinations in Uganda

The diverse geology of the tropical country of Uganda, through whose south the equator runs, is one reason for the diversity of nature. From the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains down to Lake Victoria, rainforests, river systems, swamps, mountains and savannas have established themselves, each with their own distinct ecosystems. Particular highlights are:

  • Chimpanzees and Gorillas in Kibale Forest, an enchanting cloud forest in the west of the country
  • The Murchison Falls. Here the Nile flows through a gorge only 8 meters wide and then falls 42 meters in depth. They are considered to be the Nile's most impressive waterfalls.
  • You can find the famous Ugandan tree lions in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, a park of almost 2000 square kilometers that includes acacia savannah, tropical high forests, salt lakes, tundra and swamps. The animal world that awaits you here is correspondingly diverse.

Conclusion: There are more than enough worthwhile multi-holiday destinations in Uganda and they are safe to visit too. However, deviating from the tourist path is only recommended after careful investigation. You will be able to get the relevant information in every hotel on site. Take any warnings very seriously, then there will be no problem with your safety.

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Is Traveling in Uganda Safe?

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