Farm holiday Holland

During a farm holiday in Holland you will experience the country and its people up close. It is hardly possible more authentically than on a farm holiday in Holland. There are many ways in which you can experience this. It is easiest if you spend your vacation directly on the farm.

When you spend your farm holiday in Holland on the farm, you experience country life authentically and unadulterated. But there are other ways you can design a farm holiday in Holland.

Farm holidays with children

What do you think of visiting a sheep farm in spring? Then there will be the lambs born. There are farms on Texel that show visitors around their barns and what is important about sheep farming. Holidays on the farm are not only fun for families with children.

Cheese cannot be missing on Texel

A farm holiday in Holland gives you a look behind the scenes. We visited a cheese producer at Volendam who showed us how he makes his cheese. A tasting is of course included.

Adventure farms offer another form of farm holiday in Holland. We visited one of these in Texel. There you can spend days on a farm holiday in Holland without getting bored. You can learn how to bake your own bread. Have you ever made soap yourself? There are courses there for that. Or you can get ideas for growing vegetables at home in the vegetable garden.

Adventure farm with children in Heeten

Not far from Deventer can children on the farm Koe in the diet* get to know life on the farm.

During a farm holiday in Holland you can also visit farmers on Texel who will show you how they breed their cattle using modern methods. Fresh air from the sea and a lot of freedom of movement included.

Then there are the tulips! When these bloom from March to May, the whole of Holland is a sea of ​​flowers. Reason enough to visit one of the tulip farms on your farm holiday in Holland.