Experience Texel sheep on the island in North Holland

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Texel sheep with lambs

Texel sheep are known for their robust build and stocky appearance. Ewes reach a weight of 70 to 80 kg and the rams up to 90 kg. Texel sheep breeders also value their wool, which is white and of high quality. This is sheared once a year and produces around 4 to 5 kg per animal.

Interestingly, genetic analyzes have shown that the excellent meat characteristics of Texel sheep are due to a mutation in a specific gene. This makes them a particularly valuable breed in sheep breeding. The Texel sheep are also known for the fact that the lambs grow quickly and develop well.

The history of the Texel sheep is equally fascinating. The breed is believed to have descended from long-legged sheep brought by sailors from the east coast of Africa. In the 19th century, English breeds such as Lincoln, Leicester and Wensleydale sheep were crossbred to improve wool and meat yields. Today the Texel sheep is widespread not only on Texel, but also in countries such as New Zealand and Australia.



Texel sheep cuddle in spring

On the Dutch North Sea island of Texel, a true paradise for sheep lovers, you can experience the Texel sheep in their natural environment. These sheep are not only a symbol of the island, but also an integral part of its culture and economy. With around 14.000 sheep living on the island, there are as many sheep as there are residents. The island comes to life, especially in spring when the lambs are born.

Who in spring on the Dutch North Sea island Texel travels can cuddle Texel sheep on the island. As soon as spring arrives, lambs are born on the island's sheep farms. This means a lot of work for the Texel sheep breeders. Little sleep. They must be ready at any time of the day or night to help their animals give birth. Visitors to the island are said to be able to experience the lambs on Texel up close at this time of year. time for one Farm holidays in Holland. A visit to the Wadden Island couldn't be more authentic. This is how you get to the island.

Texel sheep are known for their distinctive heads and robust stature. Their wool is fine and dense, making them a valuable product for the islanders. Sheep farming on Texel is carried out on small farms. The sheep farmers attach great importance to the welfare of the animals. Sheep farmers are particularly challenged during the lambing season in spring. They often monitor the sheep around the clock to assist with the birth of the lambs and ensure that mother and offspring are well.

A special highlight for visitors is the opportunity to watch lambs being fed on a Texel sheep farm. Here you can see how the so-called “Soggies”, lambs that have been rejected by their mother, are bottle-fed. This intimate interaction with the lambs offers an experience for all ages.



Texel sheep cuddle
Texel sheep cuddle

Texel sheep cuddle on the Dutch North Sea island of Texel

The Dutch North Sea island of Texel is a sheep stronghold. With the signs of spring, the lambs see the light of day here. Every year there are thousands. "Where can you see the lambs?" is one of the questions locals get asked most frequently during this time. Around the ball of wool there are offers on the island that make the hearts of visitors beat faster.



This map shows where you can find Texel sheep

Lamb radar Texel map: VVV Texel
Lamb radar Texel map: VVV Texel


Texel sheep digital

Via the online platform laemmerradar.de you can display where it is currently "raining" lambs. The core of the website is a map of the North Sea island that shows the location of the young sheep in real time. As soon as the Texel sheep come to a pasture, the sheep farmers report this to the platform via WhatsApp so that it is always up to date. They also take photos of their four-legged friends, which are on Instagram at @lammetjesradar you can see. If this is not enough, you can also Webcam take a look inside the delivery room at Schapenboerderij Texel (Texel Sheep Farm). From now on, new lambs will be born here every day.


Texel sheep cuddle on the Dutch North Sea island of Texel
Texel sheep cuddle on the Dutch North Sea island of Texel

Texel sheep hike

A lamb hike offered by sheep farm De Waddel leads right through the sheep area of ​​the Dutch North Sea island. Here you not only get a hiking map, but also a piece of sheep's cheese and lamb sausage from the farm shop. You can choose between a 3 km and a 5 km long route, which leads through the cultural landscape of the "Hoge Berg". Here you can find places to a Picnic with a view over the sheep pastures.

You should not forget that if you want to go hiking on your Texel holiday

  • Good walking boots are required so that you can enjoy your tours.
  • A light  backpack is practical in which you put a jacket, a snack in the lunch box and take a bottle of water with you. If you are planning longer hikes, you need one backpack.
  • Other equipment for hikers  here.
  • A pair of  sun hat protects on the go, because you will be out in the sun a lot.
  • An windbreaker is also good. The weather often changes quickly on the coast.
  • At the North Sea there is always an opportunity to swim in the sea. Ours will help beach vacation packing listso that you don't forget anything.


Pet the Texel sheep and lambs

The Texel sheep farm (Texel sheep farm) awaits visitors with a sheep experience of a special kind. After more and more interested parties asked to take a look at the stable, the Texel sheep breeder family Witte now invites them to pet the lambs every year. 500 Texel sheep from 27 breeds can be admired here. There are also plenty of chickens, rabbits, goats, ponies, pigs, calves, squirrels and cats that live here and you can visit them every day.

Texel sheep cycle route through the Dutch North Sea island of Texel

You can get an overview of the tradition of the Texel sheep breeders on Texel on the lamb cycle route. It runs 35 km past Texel sheep and lambs through the Old Country of Texel. Here you can discover special features that are typical for the North Sea island. This includes "half" sheep barns, turf walls and of course lots of Texel sheep. In the booklet that accompanies the route you will also find interesting facts about the Texel sheep.


Do you like to travel by motorhome?

Souvenirs made from the wool of Texel sheep
Souvenirs made from the wool of Texel sheep are also interesting

Visit Texel sheep breeders

If you want to find out more about the life of Texel sheep breeders, you can visit some of them. Some of them process the milk of their sheep into cheese, for example. Others use the wool and make products from it that you can then buy in their farm shops. Still others offer guided hikes to the sheep of Texel. A tour to the sheep farmers of Texel is varied and interesting. You can find our tips in this post about the smart farmers of Texel.

Here you can experience Texel sheep up close


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You can experience Texel sheep up close in these places:

Sheep farm (Schapenboerderij)

Pontweg 77
Den Burg
Tel. 06 44926046

De Waddel sheep farm

Westergeest 4
1791 LJ Den Burg
Tel. + 31 222 322 337

Sheep farm and cheese factory Wezenspyk

Hoornderweg 29
Den Burg

Accommodations on Texel:

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Texel sheep cuddle
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Experience Texel sheep on the island in North Holland

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