What is the best way to experience Loferer Alm?

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Loferer Alm huts

Experience the Loferer Alm huts

You can experience the Loferer Alm huts and the Loferer Steinberge with one Austria holiday ideally with the Saalachtal summer card. You can use it to organize a holiday in Austria for slow travelers. We are guests at the family and vitality hotel Mühlpointhof in Lofer Salzburg country. We want to find out how Slow Traveler and gourmet Explore the region best. Walks, beautiful views and enjoyment are what we are looking for. Lofer is not stingy with that. The mountains quickly show their highlights. We travel to Bad Reichenhall. Behind the village, the path leads us through the Chiemgau Alps. Shortly after Schneizlreuth we pass the border to Austria. Then it is only a few kilometers, until we get our first glimpse of the Loferer Steinberge catch.


Loferer Steinberge in the Salzburg region
Loferer Steinberge in the Salzburg region


The Loferer Steinberge

Suddenly they appear at the end of the valley. Three mountain peaks that tower above all the surrounding ones. Breathtaking! Grandiose! Wow! That immediately comes to mind when I see her. There is still snow on the ridges at the end of May. However, we learn at the hotel that this is unusual for the season. Usually the snow has already disappeared at the end of May. The three peaks can only be reached on foot. On these hiking tours, differences in height between 1200 and 1900 meters have to be overcome. Not for us. Since we don't plan day hikes or mountain tours, the snow doesn't bother us. On the contrary. I can't take pictures of the mountains enough. For our excursions, however, we are interested in more easily accessible peaks such as Loferer Alm.




Loferer Alm huts
Loferer Alm huts


The Loferer Alm huts

The Almenwelt Lofer is just the thing for hiking in Austria. At check-in at the hotel, we receive the Saalachtal Summer Card in addition to our room key. This means that we can take the mountain railway to the Loferer Alm huts and back once a day for free. More precisely, we reach a hiking area with a large selection of hiking trails. Two gondola lifts connect Lofer with the alpine pastures. What is a popular ski area in winter turns out to be a varied hiking region in the summer months. There are numerous circular hiking trails of all levels of difficulty. Families with children can hike safely on the well-developed trails. And if you like to combine your hike with a snack or a snack with a view, you will find several managed huts on the Almenwelt.


Rent Loferer Alm huts

  • Im Müllerkaser* you can stay overnight in a Loferer Alm hut on a weekly basis. Free parking incl.



Book yours Rental car here*


Loferer Alm huts with wooden roofs
Loferer Alm huts with wooden roofs


Do you like to travel by motorhome?

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Lofer Alm hiking

You can hike well on the Loferer Alm. We present a selection of hikes here.

Circular hikes on the Loferer Alm from the mountain station of the Almbahn II:

We walk through the green alpine meadows. The dandelions are still blooming here at the end of May, the dandelions of which have already disappeared in the valley. A mountain stream ripples past yellow marigolds and forget-me-nots. Bumblebees and bees fly from flower to flower collecting their nectar. This is how we extend spring in the mountains. You can explore these paths more closely, take your time, have a picnic in the backpack Take it with you and then enjoy it on the alpine meadows of the Loferer Alm.

Easy circular hiking trails on the Loferer Alm:

  • Soderkaser-Almsee-Runde (40 min - 1,7 km, ascent and descent about 20 m)
  • Haus Gertraud-Runde (45 min - 1,8 km, ascent and descent approx. 81 m)
  • Schönblick round (1,25 hours - 3,3 km, up and down about 127 m)


Loferer Alm huts on the steep mountain
Loferer Alm huts on the steep mountain


Moderate trails on the Loferer Alm:

  • Märchenwald-Runde / Marble Lake (2,5 hours - 5 km, ascent and descent approx. 320 m)
  • Kechtalm Round (2 hours - 3,6 km)
  • with Schwarzeck panoramic views (2,5 hours - 4,7 km)


Morning in the Loferer Steinbergen
Morning in the Loferer Steinbergen


More difficult peaks and circular hikes on the Loferer Alm:

  • Grubhörndl Round (3 hours - 6 km)
  • Thallernalm Round (3,5 hours - 7,8 km)
  • with Dietrichshorn (5 hours)


The Loferer Steinberge in summer
The Loferer Steinberge in summer


You should take this with you on a trip to the Loferer Alm:

  • A backpack, in which you can, for example, store everything for a day on the Loferer Alm.
  • An Water bottle *, because a hike makes you thirsty.
  • What you for that Picnic on the alpine meadows, you can put yourself together here. One Lunch box with board we definitely recommend.
  • An light rain jacket, In the mountains, the weather can change quickly.
  • Feasts hiking bootsthat provide support for the joints. That's how it gets easier.
  • A pair of Binoculars*with which you can look for mountaineers, marmots or eagles.
  • An Camera, so that you can then look forward to your experiences on the Loferer Alm at home.
  • In our hiking checklist You can also check whether you have packed everything for your hike.

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.


Bergklammen in the Saalachtal

With the Saalachtal Sommercard you also get free access to the Seisenbergklamm and the Vorderkaserklamm. Both are spectacular mountain gorges where streams carve their way through hard rock. When the sun beats down too intensely in summer, they offer refreshment and coolness instead. You can hike through them using boardwalks and stairs. The Vorderkaseralm is located between Sankt Martin and Weißbach near Lofer, the Seisenbergklamm is near Weißbach. Both gorges are also ideal for a family trip with children.

If that's not enough refreshment for a hot summer day, then the Saalachtal Card also gives you free access to the Steinbergbad in Lofer or the Alpenbad in Unken.

What does the Saalachtal Sommercard offer?

We are not on site long enough to use all the possibilities of the Saalachtal map. However, if you like hiking and enjoying nature, you can spend a varied week doing just that without having to incur additional expenses for cable cars or entrance fees. The Map for yourself is free if you stay at a hotel in Lofer. It is also valid throughout your entire stay. So if you stay in a Loferer hotel for a week, you can go to the Loferer Alm every day and hike, or use one of the other offers (free with the card).

In addition to these, the card includes various discount offers with which you can visit other sights at low cost. These include the mining and Gothic museum in Leogang, the Salzburg open-air museum, the Lamprechtshöhle, the Leogang mountain railways and more.



All inclusive at the Hotel Mühlpointhof in Lofer

We use them during our two-day stay at the family and vitality hotel Mühlpointhof in Lofer. We are invited to get to know the hotel and the Loferer Alm. This hotel offers all-inclusive packages that include breakfast, a snack or coffee and cake from the on-site bakery in the afternoon, and a four-course dinner. We rarely stay in all-inclusive hotels because we like to get to know the regional cuisine better in the inns and restaurants. At the Mühlpointhof, however, I quickly realize how practical – and how cost-effective – such an all-inclusive package can be.


Char with vegetables
Char with vegetables


This makes a hiking holiday on the Loferer Alm an inexpensive pleasure

At the breakfast buffet I noticed a notice on the wall above the bread basket asking us to make sausage sandwiches for the picnic. The hotel even offered to fill our water or thermos bottles with cold or warm drinks. This service is also included in the price. With this and the meals already mentioned and the Saalachtal card, we can practically spend a holiday of several days in Lofer and on the Loferer Alm, where we don't have to expect any extra costs apart from the price of the overnight stay and the journey.





Relax in the hotel

After an active day in the mountains, I usually want nothing more than to be pampered with wellness. At the Mühlpointhof family and vitality hotel, this is possible in the sauna area, the outdoor pool and the relaxation area, which is reserved for adults. Here you can relax with a view of the Loferer Steinberge. Or you can book a massage instead to get your muscles going again after a day of hiking on the Loferer Alm.


Rest room
Rest room


With these tips and recommendations you can also put together your slow travel trip to the Saalachtal and to the Loferer Alm huts. Also let us know in the comments if you discover any options and excursion destinations in the region.



Hiking on the Loferer Alm
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Source Loferer Alm Hütten: research on site. Our opinions definitely remain our own.

We would like to thank 50plus Hotels and the Familien- und Vitalhotel Mühlpointhof for the invitation and support of this research.

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What is the best way to experience Loferer Alm?

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