Schloss Leopoldskron and The Sound of Music

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In the Venetian Hall of Leopoldskron Palace

Castle Leopoldskron in Salzburg

We have known Schloss Leopoldskron for several years now. So far we only have it on City tours in the footsteps of the musical The Sound of Music seen from the other side of the lake. One of the reasons was that until two years ago the castle for seminars and workshops of the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria was used. In these, managers and personalities from all over the world were given the opportunity to exchange experiences. The castle has only been open to the public as a hotel since the end of February 2014. A good summary of the Sound of Music Story you find at Bel Around the World.



Castle Leopoldskron on the lake
Castle Leopoldskron on the lake




Prince Archbishop Leopold von Firmian in the marble hall
Prince Archbishop Leopold von Firmian in the Marble Hall of Schloss Leopoldskron


Schloss Leopoldskron and The Sound of Music

Schloss Leopoldskron has several connections to the musical adaptation of "The Sound of Music". Wolfgang Reinhardt, the son of Max Reinhardt and owner of the castle, bought Maria von Trapp's film rights for her in 1956 family history from. She had written this at the suggestion of an American fan. Shortly thereafter, the dramatic story of the von Trapp family was filmed in a German production. The musical version of the film finally celebrated great success on Broadway in New York. The world hit but only reached the Hollywood Verfilimung with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in the lead roles as Maria and Baron von Trapp.


Magnificent chandeliers and ceiling paintings adorn the library in Schloss Leopoldskron
Magnificent chandeliers and ceiling paintings adorn the library in Schloss Leopoldskron


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The press conference takes place in the noble library of the castle
The press conference takes place in the noble library of Schloss Leopoldskron


Schloss Leopoldskron as a Hollywood backdrop

Schloss Leopoldskron shared its role as a backdrop in the Hollywood film adaptation of Rogers & Hammerstein with Schloss Frohnburg in Salzburg country. Its facade served as the front of the house of the Trapp family in the film. Leopoldskron Castle and its lake were the back and the park of the singer family's film home. In the park of Schloss Leopoldskron there was also the pavilion in which the eldest daughter of the Trapp family sings their love song "I am 16, going on 17". She jumps happily over the benches.

Today this pavilion stands in the park of Hellbrunn Palace. However, the love scene in the musical was not filmed in the original pavilion. This only served as a backdrop during filming. In the Hollywood studios he was recreated enlarged. This was the only way to offer enough space for the dance scenes. Director Robert Wise shot the boat scene in the lake at Schloss Leopoldskron, in which the children of the von Trapp family fell into the icy cold water.


In the Venetian hall in the castle
In the Venetian Hall of Leopoldskron Palace


The interiors of the castle

The interiors of Schloss Leopoldskron were not used for the shooting. Instead, they have recreated the Venetian Room on the first floor of the castle in Hollywood. In the film, this room with its panels covered with mirrors served as a ballroom.


Johannes von Trapp speaks to the international press
Johannes von Trapp answers the international press in Schloss Leopoldskron


50 years of "The Sound of Music"

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the musical adaptation of "The Sound of Music", we are invited to an international press conference at Leopoldskron Castle. Here we meet Johannes von Trapp, the son of Maria and Baron von Trapp, who was already born in the USA. He came to Salzburg together with his wife and daughter and their family. Together with the city, they celebrate the worldwide success of the musical in a great Sound of Music gala in the Felsenreitschule. He answers our questions in the magnificent library of the castle and talks about his very personal experiences with his mother. "My time in the army was a recovery after Maria's drill," he laughs in the whole room.

He says that he saw the film Musical for the first time when he went away from the company without permission. “My family laughed out loud when we saw Agathe (the oldest daughter of von Trapps) singing in the pavilion and jumping over the benches. She would never have done that, she was particularly shy. "


Chapel in the castle
Chapel in the castle
The so-called house of joy Madonna in the great hall of the castle
The so-called house of joy Madonna in the great hall of the castle


Over the years, Schloss Leopoldskron has retained its role as a venue for the history of the von Trapp family, and still impresses its visitors today.

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Leopoldskron Castle
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Schloss Leopoldskron and The Sound of Music

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