Spend the night in the old forge near Anthering near Salzburg

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The old waterwheel works today

The Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering near Salzburg

Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering is classified as a Naturidyll Hotel. This fits perfectly. There's nothing around the hotel but forest and a stream that flows right next to the forge. We are immediately impressed by the location of the hotel. Only about 15 minutes from Salzburg train station in Austria the Naturidyllhotel Hammerschmiede is secluded in a forest outside of Anthering im Salzburg country. We are glad that the approach is well signposted, otherwise we would definitely have asked ourselves whether we are still on the right path. But the signs only confirm the route that our navigation device shows us. If you stay in the hotel in the forest in the Hammerschmiede Anthering, you will spend the night in nature.



Blacksmithing tools decorate the Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering
Decor in the Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering - blacksmithing tools decorate the hotel
Rustic decor in the Naturidyllhotel Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering
Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering - decor in the Naturidyllhotel Hammerschmiede in Anthering
You can spend pleasant hours at the Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering
Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering - You can spend pleasant hours in the forge
There is a restaurant in the old smithy today
The forge at Anthering - Instead of hammering on the anvil, you can hear the chatter of the guests in a restaurant today
Here, bread is sometimes baked today
Here, bread is sometimes baked today
Comfortable hours are guaranteed here
Comfortable hours are guaranteed here


Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering - a natural idyll hotel in the middle of the forest

In the middle of the forest in an environment that couldn't be more idyllic. It fulfills almost every cliché of an old forge that you can imagine. This is the four-star Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering. The owner of the hotel, Ms. Ernestine Stadler, made sure that the character of the business was preserved when the forge was expanded into a hotel. In the hotel wing, tools and decorative objects are a reminder of the time when the blacksmith's hammers set the tone here. In the neighboring house, where the water wheel is driven by the Achartinger Bach, guests can spend evenings in front of the forge in an environment where you have to feel good.



Double room in the Naturidyllhotel Hammerschiede in Anthering
Double room in the natural idyll hotel


Modern comfort

We don't have to forego comfort. The rooms are furnished with everything a guest of a four-star hotel expects. Beds that sleep well. A facility that fits the ambience of the forge. But also a high-speed internet connection and satellite TV, which we can use to receive TV channels in five languages ​​if we wanted. There is a Kneipp facility in front of the house, and a sauna, a solarium and an infrared cabin are available to guests on the top floor of the hotel wing.


Well, if that is not an invitation ...
Well, if that is not an invitation ...
Healthy cereal for breakfast
Muesli for breakfast at the Hotel Hammerschmiede Anthering
Sausage or cheese complacent
Sausage or cheese complacent


The food is good

We can only test breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The emphasis is on regional products. In addition to a range of muesli, there are types of bread, with a selection of cheeses, sausages and jams. Fruit belongs on the breakfast table and cake is also offered. The breakfast eggs come from a farmer from Anthering. You couldn't be fresher. With such a breakfast we start our day well strengthened.


Or rather refresh your face with cold mountain water ...
Or rather refresh your face with mountain water - in a hotel in the forest in the Hammerschmiede Anthering
Fancy a Kneipp bath ...
Fancy a Kneipp bath - hotel in the forest in the Hammerschmiede Anthering


Great: the location in the forest

We particularly liked the location of the hotel. The city center of Salzburg can be reached in around 20 minutes by car. But it is even better to take the local train into town. Then you save yourself looking for a parking space and can simply leave your car at the Anthering train station. The perfect solution if, like us, you want to see the city, but at the same time want to enjoy the surroundings of Salzburg. Especially in the run-up to Christmas, when we are here, this is a hotel where we can enjoy the atmosphere of this time. We would love to come back.

Here you can do that Book Naturidyll Hotel Hammerschmiede in Anthering *, only about 15 minutes outside of Salzburg in the middle of the forest. What's better than the Christmas time?




hotel in the forest hammerschmiede anthering
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Source: On-site research. We thank Salzburg Tourismus for inviting us to this trip.

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Spend the night in the old forge near Anthering near Salzburg

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