North Rhine-Westphalia travel destinations

Magnificent ceiling mosaics in the cathedral of Aachen

North Rhine-Westphalia travel destinations

In this article we present which North Rhine-Westphalia travel destinations are suitable for connoisseurs and slow travelers. Discover North Rhine-Westphalia travel destinations for your next trip or your next trip.

Magnificent ceiling mosaics in the cathedral of Aachen

Aachen - a walk through the old town

Are you planning a trip to Aachen? Then you should definitely plan a tour of the old town during your Aachen sightseeing! Aachen's old town is a true treasure that will delight you with its history and charm. A walking tour of Aachen's sights is a perfect way to...
Cake selection in the old Aachen coffee shops

Aachen specialties and culinary tips

Aachen, a city in western Germany, is known for its delicious and varied cuisine. From the famous Aachener Printen and gingerbread to hearty dishes such as sauerbraten and various types of sausage, there are specialties for everyone in Aachen. Let's explore some of the city's specialties and dishes you...
Points of interest in Aachen - Dom

Discover Aachen sights in one day

Aachen sights for one day We have been guests in Aachen several times, but as travel bloggers we always didn't have enough time to see all of Aachen's sights in one day. On our first visit we explored Charlemagne's city on a walking tour of the old town, for which we...
Aachen accommodation - breakfast with a view

Aachen Accommodation Guide: Best Places to Stay in Aachen

Aachen Accommodation Guide If you are planning a trip to Aachen, it is important to choose the right accommodation. In our Aachen accommodation guide you will find a variety of options, ranging from budget accommodation to luxurious hotels. That way you can be sure to find accommodation that...
Aachen campsite

The ultimate camping guide for Aachen

In Aachen, tradition meets modernity, making Aachen a perfect destination for motorhome travelers. From the cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the warm thermal springs, Aachen offers many discoveries. The city is also the ideal starting point for exploring the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. With RV and campsite sites* that...
We recommend three good restaurants in Aachen near the city hall here

Two good restaurants in Aachen City near the town hall

Good restaurants in Aachen near the town hall We got to know two good restaurants in Aachen near the town hall on our last visit to the city. We went there to see museums. The Cathedral Treasury, the Center Charlemagne and the Couven Museum are all close to the town hall. Therefore ...
Breakfast in the apartment like home

Apartment like home in Erkrath

A holiday home like at home is the manufacturer's villa in Erkrath. On our #Winterglück trip to North Rhine-Westphalia in December, we stayed in the factory owner's villa in Erkrath*. We felt very comfortable during the two days we stayed there, so we don't want to miss introducing you to the holiday apartment. A vacation home ...
Einruhr in the Eifel

Hike at the Rursee in the Eifel

Hiking at the Rursee in the Eifel The Eifel for connoisseurs was our destination between Einruhr and Rurberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. We are not far from Monschau and want to hike on the Rursee in the Eifel. Green! Especially lush green! That was our first impression of the Rursee valley. Our gaze wanders over ...
Two cafes in the Neanderland - you can taste the coffee quality

Two cafes in Neanderland

On a pleasure trip in the Neanderland We were on a pleasure trip through the Neanderland. It was early December. There wasn’t any snow outside, but the temperatures were wintry and cool. So we were all the more pleased that our travel program includes visits to two cafés in Neanderland in North Rhine-Westphalia ...
Bergische Kaffeetafel

Enjoy a Bergische coffee table

Pastry tarts and cakes - fresh every day -, various types of Bergische waffles and the Bergische Kaffeetafel - "drinking coffee with all the bells and whistles" - are advertised on a slate in North Rhine-Westphalia. It gets difficult when we want to enter the café, because three doors lead into this extraordinary café. Thank goodness it opens...


North Rhine-Westphalia travel destinations
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