Visit the Crown Jewels of Denmark in Copenhagen

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Danish crown jewels are in the castle Rosenborg

Where are the Crown Jewels of Denmark in Copenhagen ?

They are impressive. Danish crown jewels in Copenhagen should be part of every visit to this city. But they weren't really on our sightseeing program for the capital of Denmark. We came to Rosenborg Castle by chance, which houses the crown jewels of the Danish royal family. The reason for this was a bike race that took place during our stay in Copenhagen. Our hotel, which we got from the ferry station of the DFDS ferry line wanted to reach from was beyond the route that the racing drivers were supposed to circle several times that day. Our navigation device no longer had any advice, and we finally followed its instructions to a nearby attraction that seemed accessible from the maze of unknown streets in the center of Copenhagen - Rosenborg Castle. However, our navigation system couldn't tell us what this castle was.


Royal Gardens in Copenhagen
Royal Gardens in Copenhagen – You can visit the Danish Crown Jewels nearby


Thus it was rather a coincidence, that the Danish crown jewels turned out to be the highlight of our visit to Copenhagen. We went there to wait, until the cyclists released the passage through Copenhagen's city center.


You can see original Danish crown jewels in Rosenborg Castle


Danish Kronjuwelen - taking pictures is not allowed (photo: public domain)
Danish Kronjuwelen - taking pictures is not allowed (photo: public domain)


The Danish Crown Jewels - impressive and worth seeing

As fortuitous as our tour of Rosenborg Castle was, Danish crown jewels raise expectations for the spectacular. And Rosenborg Castle, the royal garden that surrounds it and the treasury in the basement of the castle, which contains the gold treasure and the crowns of the Danish royal family, provided this in spades. We begin our tour of the castle at a house where entrance tickets are sold.


Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen houses the Danish Crown Jewels
Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen houses the Danish Crown Jewels


Before we look at the Danish Crown Jewels inside the castle, we take a walk through the King's Garden with its various garden rooms, which always offer new views of the castle. Wild ducks and wild geese feel at home in the ponds and gardens, and every now and then a pair of swans swim past us. Walkers make themselves comfortable on benches sheltered from the wind and watch the birds at work. Towering above it all is the tall sandstone building of Rosenborg Castle, with the barracks of the Royal Life Guards attached to the rear. We are lucky and can watch them during their exercises. Only the royal family is missing, then our insight into royal events in Denmark is complete. But this is rare.


What you need for your visit to Copenhagen

  • You will do a lot of walking in Copenhagen. Hence are comfortable shoes important.
  • If you're planning an elegant evening, then you should comfortable pumps .
  • If you like to wear skirts or dresses in summer, then they go well with them Sandals.
  • You will definitely take home souvenirs from Copenhagen. Rosenborg Castle is not just about the Danish crown jewels. There is also a souvenir shop there. in one backpack you can easily accommodate souvenirs. We recommend one for longer hikes in the area backpack.
  • Forget yours Camera not, because not only Rosenborg Castle attracts with beautiful photo motifs.


Barracks of the Royal Life Guard guarding Danish Crown Jewels
Barracks of the Royal Guard guarding the Danish Crown Jewels


Where are the Crown Jewels of Denmark in Copenhagen ?

Instead, we visit the magnificent rooms of the castle, which was built on this site in 1606 by Christian IV. Initially it served as a royal residence. It has been open to the public as a museum since 1838, displaying the chronological collection of the Danish kings, including the Danish crown jewels, paintings, tapestries and more.

We walked through historic rooms, where you can feel the splendor of the Danish royal family. The underground vaults, where the Danish crown jewels are kept, were most impressive. Here, we understood immediately, why access to the castle is guarded by guardsmen. Enormous values are kept in these cellars. We came amazingly close to the crown jewels of the royal family. They don't allow to take pictures of the crowns. Thus the drawings from a Danish encyclopedia have to convey an impression of their splendor.


Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen houses the Danish Crown Jewels
Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen houses the Danish Crown Jewels


Rosenborg Slot and Danish Crown Jewels

Oster Voldgade 4A
1350 Copenhagen K
+45 3315 3286

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Danish Crown Jewels at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen
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Source Danish Crown Jewels: on-site research. However, as always, our opinions remain our own.

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Photo of the Danish Crown Jewels: By Danish_Crown_Regalia.png: the author is not credited in the original encyclopedia. The image comes from the fifth tome of the encyclopedia that was edited by Christian Blangstrup. derivative work: CSvBibra (Danish_Crown_Regalia.png) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Crown Jewels of Denmark in Copenhagen

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