Excursions from Inverness for 2 Days

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Scotland Inverness

Excursions from Inverness

Which Scotland Inverness tours are ideal for a 2 day short break? We asked ourselves that before our trip Inverness in Scotland, With its international airport and its location on the southern edge of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is perfect for a weekend getaway. Depending on the departure airport, the arrival and return journey may take one day. If you want to spend a long weekend in Scotland and get a taste of the Scottish Highlands, then this tour is a good start. By the way, too Autumn and winter a good travel time for Scotland.


Inverness Scotland
Inverness Scotland


Inverness excursions and sightseeing

The city of Inverness is not very big. It lies on the River Ness and its confluence with the Moray Firth. Inverness is the capital of the Highlands. We take half a day to see the city. Its city center is not too big, so you can get to know it on a walk. Inverness Castle, the center with its shops, Pubs and restaurants and we look at the churches on either side of the River Ness. There is not enough time for the botanical garden. However, we did take a few Inverness excursions.



You can find a detailed description of our tour of Inverness under this link.



Urquardt Castle on Loch Ness Scotland Inverness Excursions
Urquardt Castle on Loch Ness Scotland Inverness Excursions


Inverness Excursions - Loch Ness and Urquardt Castle

Loch Ness is just a few miles from Inverness. We don't believe in Nessie. Nevertheless, we see the fjord-like lake on several of our Inverness excursions. Loch Ness has two sides. The quiet east bank with its narrow street that runs along above the lake. The livelier west bank can be reached via a better developed road. This is where the departure points of the boats that sail on the lake are located. There are also small towns and places of interest here, such as the ruins of Urquardt Castle, which can be reached by boat or bus.

We take a boat trip, that takes us from Clansman Harbor to the castle ruins of Urquardt Castle and back. Despite - or perhaps because of - the rainy weather, that prevails on this day, this ruin is very impressive. The clouds, that drift across the lake, give it a dramatic look. There are several tours, that are offered from Inverness to the castle ruins.

How we experienced them, we describe in this Inverness Post on Loch Ness, It also contains links for Inverness trips to Urquardt Castle.


Excursions from Inverness

There are several excursions to choose from from Inverness:

Discover more places in Scotland, that are worth visiting.


View above the Falls of Foyers Scotland Inverness Excursions
View above the Falls of Foyers - one of our Scotland Inverness excursions

Hiking on the South Loch Ness Trail

One of the excursions for walkers from Inverness is the South Loch Ness Trail. We are not great hikers. Nevertheless, we do not want to fail to draw the attention of hikers among you to the new hiking trail that makes it possible to go around the lake. This is sure to be one of the Inverness excursions that will be remembered. Do you want the South Loch Ness Trail (Video) hike in its entire length, you should plan a longer stay of 4-5 days. There is a lot to see and experience over its 112 km length. We only walk a short section of the trail down to the Falls of Foyers.

You can stay cheap on a hike in the Highlands in so-called bothies.



Inverness excursions for the adventurous

If you need an extra thrill, there are a few options at Loch Ness. You can see the region from the air while paragliding. It is also possible to explore the Loch Ness area by quad or mountain bike. Or you can take a speedboat ride on the lake.


View from Dores Beach on Loch Ness Scotland Inverness Excursions
View from Dores Beach on Loch Ness Scotland Inverness Excursions


Excursions from Inverness Scotland to Black Isle

There are also trips to the Black Isle from Inverness: The Black Isle is a peninsula northeast of Inverness and offers stunning scenery and plenty of outdoor activities. You can stroll through the quaint villages, spot wildlife and visit the Black Isle Brewery to sample local beers.


Fishing - Inverness excursions for slow travelers

Fishing offers a more relaxed way to experience Loch Ness. With a little luck, you can catch salmon, trout, char, or pike out of the dark lake. Or do it like us and just enjoy the view of the lake from Dores Beach and watch the canoeists.

Cawdor Castle at Inverness
Cawdor Castle


Tours for history lovers - castles around the city

Urquardt Castle is right on Loch Ness. Due to its changing owners in the wars of independence between England and Scotland in the Middle Ages, the castle is historically significant. During a visit, you will gain insights into the lives of people in the Middle Ages. Quite different, however, is the more distant Cawdor Castle. This castle is still inhabited today. However, its owners leave each summer for a few months and open their home for visitors. We were there to see the castle and its gardens.

As we Cawdor Castle near Inverness we describe in this post.


Discovered in the visitor center of the battlefield of Culloden
Discovered in the visitor center of the battlefield of Culloden


Culloden, where the Jacobite revolt ended in 1745

For a glimpse into one of the most tragic events in Scotland's history, visit the battlefield of Culloden. Here was the last battle between Catholic Jacobites and Protestant Englishmen. In the visitor center you can understand the events from the point of view of the two adversaries. It tells the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie, his glorious advance against the English and finally his defeat on the Battlefield of Culloden. It is very interesting that in the visitor center you can follow the course of this historical dispute from the perspective of both sides.

More trips to Scotland around Culloden

The Discover nature in Glen Affric*: This valley to the west of Inverness offers stunning scenery of mountains, lochs and forests. It is a popular destination for hiking and cycling, and there are many trails for different levels of difficulty. You can also visit Beauly Abbey, which is nearby and dates back to the 13th century.


This is what you need for whiskey production in Scotland: cereals and peat
This is what you need for whiskey production in Scotland: cereals and peat


Visit a whiskey distillery

Whiskey is something like the national drink of Scotland. Whiskey distilleries open their doors to visitors in many places. So also in the area of ​​Inverness. Reason enough to include such a visit in the list of Inverness excursions. Take your time and get to know the popular drink of the Scots on a tour followed by a tasting. That goes for example in the Glen Ord Distillery, We were in the Tomatin Distillery not far from Cawdor Castle.


In barrels like this, Scottish whiskey matures
In barrels like this, Scottish whiskey matures


Tomatin's history dates back to the 15th century when cattle traders and drovers sourced their whiskey from the distillery at the Old Laird's House, which stood on the site of the present day distillery. The Tomatin Distillery has twice gone bankrupt (1906 and 1985). Both times, however, it was reopened. The last time was in 1986, when the Japanese investors Takara Shuzo Co. and Okara & Co expanded the production capacity to 23 stills. Twelve of these are in use today. Blended whiskeys are mainly produced. Single malts, for example, only make up a small part of the production at the Tomatin distillery.


Organized tours to whiskey distilleries from Inverness


That has to be in your suitcase

The weather in Inverness and Scotland is unpredictable. You can be lucky and have a few days with nice weather. But it can also be rainy and changeable. Therefore, it is better to prepare for your Inverness excursions with:

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If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.



Best excursions from Inverness
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Excursions from Inverness for 2 Days

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