Luxembourg - a charming city of short ways

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The cathedral of Luxembourg at night

Discover Luxembourg city sights

Do you know what it's like to hear about Luxemburg City in the news all the time? When you see all the political celebrities that meet there and who works there? At least in my eyes, this city is taking on ever larger dimensions. Luxembourg is such a city. Luxembourg City sights just have to be big, right? At least that was my idea. There are institutions of the European Union. The unification of Europe began in this city. Jean Claude Juncker was Prime Minister and Commission President of the European Union for many years.



Where so many significant events took place and such famous men were in charge, it just has to be a big city, right? Instead, Luxembourg and its old town surprised us. Instead of splendid and spacious places of power, we found a cozy city center with winding alleys and short distances.


One of the bridges to Luxembourg
What seems far is very close - the old town of Luxemburg City


You can easily explore Luxemburg City on foot

Our hotel, the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal hotel, is right across from the old town. From our room on the 8th floor we have a view of the city center, in the middle of which rises the cathedral with its three towers. To the left of this we see the tower of the Sparkasse, which looks like a castle. Separated by the deep Alzette valley, the city center can almost only be reached via bridges and steep streets. What from our room looks like a half-hour walk into town turns out to be a five-minute walk instead. Somehow everything here is closer than it seems. This is also the case on our city tour through the old town.


The modern chancel in the cathedral - Luxembourg city sights
The chancel in the cathedral in the center of Luxembourg City - magnificent, isn't it?


The cathedral in the center

First, we visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral with its three towers in the center of Luxembourg City. Most of it dates from the 18th century. Only the chancel and the adjoining part were added in the 20th century. The stained glass windows in the chancel fit so well into the overall picture of the church. Therefore, you only realize that this is a modern extension when you stand directly in front of it. The architect Hubert Schumacher managed just as skillfully to fit the facade into the ensemble of buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. That seems to be a hallmark of Luxembourg's architecture. Even the most modern buildings in the city fit into the cityscape in such a way that they blend in well with the older architectural styles. A brilliant achievement by the architects!


Prime Minister's seat of government - Luxembourg city sights
From the city center in Luxemburg City, the Prime Minister controls the fate of the country


Center in Luxembourg City

Our companion, Jean Heber, says that on our city tour we will see the government district, the city palace of the Grand Duke and the remains of the old town with the casemates. After a long journey by car from southern Germany, however, I am initially not enthusiastic about it. I would have much rather sat in a bar with a glass of beer to relax from the drive. However, I didn't expect Luxembourg City.


Grand Duchess Charlotte
The government buildings are grouped around the statue of Grand Duchess Charlotte


In the government district

The “government district,” if you want to call it that, is just around the corner from the cathedral. The Prime Minister's office building is directly adjacent to the Foreign Ministry. This in turn is opposite the Ministry of Finance, just a few steps away. Actually quite practical, as ministers in Luxembourg hold several positions at the same time. For example, Jean Claude Juncker served as both the country's prime minister and finance minister for some time. He didn't have to go far to walk back and forth between his official residences.


Old town Luxembourg city landmarks
There are many restaurants here


The old town and the European quarter

And, how could it be otherwise: the old streets of Luxembourg City are also just steps away from the “government district”. The main access to the city leads steeply up the hill between residential buildings. It is still paved today. It's certainly no fun driving up the mountain over the cobblestones. Instead, we stay at the top of the mountain and go out onto one of the bridges that connects the two cliffs of the Alzette.


This must be in the suitcase for a trip to Luxembourg City

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On the other hand, we see the modern buildings of the EU representations. These are located outside the old town and do not disturb the overall appearance of the city. In the middle of the bridge is the entrance to the casemates. These are vaults that were built underground to defend the city. No wonder given the many ruling dynasties that have steered the fortunes of Luxembourg in the course of its history. Before that, signs in the national languages ​​- Luxembourgish, German and French - indicate that the city is a World Heritage Site. Luxembourg is definitely worth a visit!


Fun fact: Manhole cover stories from Luxembourg introduces DieReiseEule.


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The cathedral of Luxembourg at night

Luxembourg - a charming city of short ways

Discover Luxembourg City sights Do you know what it's like to hear about Luxembourg City in the news all the time? When ...


Luxembourg city landmarks
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Luxembourg - a charming city of short ways

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