The perfect destination in Franconia

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How do I find the perfect destination in Franconia?

You're probably familiar with the problem: The work week is coming to an end, the weather is forecast to be nice for the weekend, and you just feel like treating yourself to a few days off. But where is the best place to go and what is really worth it? That's not an easy question to answer, and it's certainly not easy to find the perfect destination. After all, this is supposed to be a time of relaxation and recharging of new energy. And there are so many options. We were also faced with this question last weekend. The ceiling fell on our heads and we really wanted to get out again, see something new and simply spend a few varied and interesting days in the sun and in beautiful surroundings that made us want to work again.





Vineyards in Franconia
Vineyards in Franconia


The perfect destination in Franconia call us tourist offices

When we plan such tours well in advance, we usually do it through the local tourist offices, giving them a rough idea of ​​what we want our tour to be. We usually get a few suggestions from them as to what we can do on site. However, last weekend it was a spontaneous idea and at first we had no idea where we were going to go at all.

So we started to narrow it down: we wanted an “autumn” experience, the goal should not be too far away and we should have enough time to experience the local conditions intensively. Of course, the culinary delights should not be neglected either, and because late summer temperatures were announced again, we didn't want to spend the time in a museum or a building, but rather enjoy the days outdoors. Since we have already been to Franconia several times this year and we liked the area, the destination was found quickly. But where now? Autumn has to do with wine, and wine usually guarantees enjoyment.

The perfect excursion destination in Franconia can be found via travel guides

And because we learned to appreciate the romance of half-timbered architecture on our last tours through Franconia, we wanted to relive it on our short trip. Only: how do you find these villages? Simple: we moved the guide Franken * (Advertisement) from the bookshelf and got advice from there. We finally found what we were looking for in the “Franconian Wine Country”: Our two-day tour took us to the Main, whose banks are densely covered with vines.

The villages we drove through couldn't be more beautiful, with their beautifully decorated and well-kept half-timbered houses, the wineries that advertised the winemakers' local products everywhere, and the gourmet restaurants. In these, regional and international dishes competed with the refreshing wines of Franconia. And we also found these based on the recommendations in our travel guide, which even suggests certain dishes for each restaurant. And best of all: the travel guide helps us on site with detailed maps, background information for places we hadn't previously considered, and expert knowledge of the region that explains connections to us that we hadn't thought about before our trip.


Unknown beauties: the Rödelseer Tor in Iphofen
Unknown beauties: the Rödelseer Tor in Iphofen


Armed with this information, we come back saturated with new and beautiful impressions from the Franconian wine country. Filled with the great food from the Franconian cuisine and one or two good wines from the wineries in the Main Valley, with the intention of repeating this - or a similar - experience as soon as possible.


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The perfect destination in Franconia

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