Wine hiking in Franconia - An unforgettable experience

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Wine hiking in Franconia - Hiking in the vineyards of Castell in the Franconian wine country

Wine hiking in Franconia through the vineyards in Franconia

The Franconian wine-growing region stretches along the Main. There are not only good wines there, the way of life of the people is also shaped by wine. On a wine hike in Franconia you can experience this well on a wine hike through the vineyards. After the hike they taste good Franconian specialties in a hacker economy. Best of all, of course, with a good glass of Franconian wine. We present four wine hiking trails in Franconia here.


Wine hiking in Franconia
Wine hiking in Franconia

The Red Wine Trail - Wine hiking through the red wine fields in Franconia

If you want to hike the entire red wine trail, you should plan at least six days for it. It stretches 79 kilometers from Großwallstadt in the north to Bürgstadt in the south. Alternatively, you can of course only do individual sections of the hiking trail. Orientation is easy. You should be in good physical condition for the wine hike in Franconia on this hiking trail, because the path is difficult. You walk on mostly good paths, but you should be sure-footed. The path is signposted with a red wine glass.



The easiest stage is also the shortest on the red wine hiking trail. It runs from Erlenbach to Klingenberg and is a good four kilometers long. After the hike in Klingenberg you have time and opportunity to taste the wines of the winegrowers in one of the Häckerwirtschafts. Just look in Calendar of the municipality of Klingenberg Find out which Häckerwirtschaft is open on your hiking day. As everywhere in Franconia, these are not always open, but are only allowed to serve their wines on certain dates. However, if you plan your wine hikes in Franconia early on, nothing stands in the way of enjoying the wine.

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Autumn in the Franconian wine-growing region
Wine hiking in Franconia in autumn in the Franconian wine-growing region

The wine paradise path in the wine paradise of Franconia

The wine paradise path near Seinsheim is not quite as long. It stretches over 19 kilometers through the vineyards from the Weigenheimer Kapellberg to Nenzenheim. On the way there are always vantage points of the wine region. The wine paradise barn is an ideal stopover for wine lovers. There's not only specialties from Franconia and snacks, but also great views. Partial stages are also possible here. These vary between three and 15 kilometers in length.

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Vineyards near Wipfeld (c) TravelWorldOnline
Wine hiking in Franconia through the vineyards near Wipfeld

Wine hiking in Franconia on the WeinKultTour near Wipfeld am Main

Last but not least, you can in the wine-growing region of Franconia top field hike through the vineyards on the Main. The WeinKultTour hiking trail leads through the wine landscapes around Lindach, Zeilitzheim, Gaibach and Stammheim. The hiking trail is 25 kilometers long. However, you can also do a shorter circular hike. The path leads over paved paths and nature trails through the hilly landscape east of the Main.

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Vogelsberg in the Franconian wine-growing region
Vogelsberg in the Franconian wine-growing region

The Abt-Degen-Steig is also suitable for wine hikes in Franconia

Finally, there is the Abt-Degen-Steig in the south of the Haßberge. It is named after Abbot Alberich Degen, who was involved in viticulture in the 17th century and contributed to the cultivation of the Silvaner vine in Franconia. The trail is between five and 25 kilometers long, depending on which route you choose. The special thing about this hiking trail is that you are partly on paths that require good shoes. However, there are also sections that are barrier-free. The path leads through vineyards that already existed in the Middle Ages. On the way you are also always on the way on winegrowers' stairs.

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On these hiking trails you dive into the wine landscapes in the wine-growing region of Franconia. On the way you will not only discover beautiful views of the vineyards, but also interesting buildings, places and restaurants that offer Franconian enjoyment.


That has to be in your suitcase, you want to hike wine in Franconia

It is definitely worth being well equipped for wine hikes in Franconia. You need:

  • Comfortable shoeswith which you can also walk over uneven terrain. There are beautiful hiking trails that lead through rough terrain.
  • A  backpackby taking your gear with you for a day. A Picnic with a view of the vineyards you can plan your hike here well.
  • In the summer you also need a  hat that protects against the sun. The vineyards for hiking are often in the sun.
  • Did you pack everything for a hike? With our hiking checklist  you can easily check that.


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Wine hiking in Franconia
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Wine hiking in Franconia - An unforgettable experience

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