Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee

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Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee

A farm holiday at Lake Chiemsee is an opportunity to experience this lake and its surroundings authentically and up close. At the moment there is one Farm vacation am Chiemsee trending. During a Chiemsee farm holiday, you don't just stay with Chiemsee farmers. They will also be happy to give you tips on what you can do on the lake and in its surroundings. If you are lucky, you can even participate in life on the farm yourself. On the Simmerlhof in Sachrang * in the Chiemgau Alps, for example, every Friday is bread baking day in the courtyard bakery. You are guaranteed to watch the farmer's wife baking bread. Maybe you can even help? It's always worth asking. Because hospitality is very important to the Chiemsee farmers.




Farm in the Chiemgau
Chiemsee farms are located outside of the villages - a farm holiday at Chiemsee means peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle

A farm holiday at the Chiemsee is a vacation away from the hustle and bustle

Many of the Chiemsee farmers run their farms outside of the villages. On a tour you will see a farm on the Chiemsee again and again away from the villages. The lake is never far away, but it is seldom right next to the farm. This is definitely an advantage for all those who prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle at the lake in summer. Holidays on the farm at Chiemsee promise tranquility. Many of the farms have been owned by families for centuries. Often these farms are located in the middle of the fields and pastures that belong to the farm. The Chiemsee farmers farm there. Or they let their cattle graze in the meadows in front of the farm. Then the “moooo” of the cows wakes you up in the morning instead of the noise of the cars in the city. This quickly creates a holiday feeling that takes you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nature is never far away on a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee. You can easily relax here.


Cattle on pasture in Chiemgau
Cattle in the pasture are part of a farm holiday at Lake Chiemsee

Activities on a farm at the Chiemsee

Holidays on the farm at Lake Chiemsee are ideal for children

Of course, you can make tours around the lake by car. You can Chiemsee thermal baths visit. Herrenchiemsee Palace and the sights on the lake are never far away. Places like Prien am Chiemsee worth a visit. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the garden at your farm. There are farms that have a garden where children also feel at home. The playground awaits the little guests. You can let off steam on a slide, a swing and a trampoline. If they want, they can even ride on the tractor or help in the stable. worth asking.


Shady place in the forest
Shady place in the forest

On a farm holiday at Lake Chiemsee, hiking begins right on the doorstep

Time-consuming journeys to hiking trails can be saved on a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee. Most of the farms are in the middle of nature. the Paulhof near Seeon-Seebruck * lies in the midst of a hilly landscape that leads to Hiking in the Chiemgau invites. Here you simply lace up your hiking boots and start hiking. One snack one shouldn't forget though. On the way you are guaranteed to find a bench with a beautiful view on which to sit Picnic becomes a pleasure for all the senses.

What you need for hiking


Barbecue during your farm holiday at the Chiemsee
Barbecue during your farm holiday at the Chiemsee

Enjoying and grilling on a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee

After a hike, you look forward to a good meal. Many of the farms on Lake Chiemsee offer their guests barbecue facilities and a barbecue area such as the Lenglacher Hof near Chieming *. What could be nicer on a summer evening after a hike than your evening meal to be prepared on the grill. Without much preparation. You only need time and leisure until the food is on the Grill is done. With our Grill tips the barbecue evening is sure to succeed.


harvest time
Harvest time is a good time for a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee

Sometimes there is a farm holiday on Lake Chiemsee with a farm shop or distillery

Admittedly, not all farm holidays offer a farm shop or even their own distillery, in which the Chiemsee farmer distills his fruit harvest into fruit schnapps and liqueurs. On the Fetznhof in Grassau * however, this is the case. You can get your breakfast egg fresh from the chicken. In the restaurant, which is located in the main building, there is also breakfast that the farmer prepares every day. She is guaranteed to serve products that are tailored to the seasons. This turns your farm holiday on the Chiemsee in the Fetznhof into a pleasure experience where you can also try the products of the region. If your farm does not have a farm shop, you can still do it every Friday Mountain farmer's shop in Aschau visit. There you can find products from mountain farmers from the Chiemgau Alps. Guaranteed to be made by the mountain farmers themselves.

Conclusion: A vacation on the farm at the Chiemsee is perfect for slow travelers and connoisseurs

During a vacation on the farm at the Chiemsee you will experience the everyday life of the local people. Get involved in an experience outside of your everyday life and find out how the Chiemsee farmers live. Their hospitality gives you a look behind the scenes. At the same time, there is the chance to experience the region around the Chiemsee in peace. If you really feel like a bit more hustle and bustle, the Chiemsee is only a few kilometers away. Then you can look at the sights and places directly on the lake. But I bet you like your vacation on the farm.


Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee
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Holidays on the farm at the Chiemsee

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