The market of St John New Brunswick

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Worth seeing is the market of St John New Brunswick

St John's Market is lively, with vendors loudly touting their wares, ranging from seafood of all varieties including the delicious Bay of Fundy lobster, to local fruit and vegetables, meats and cheeses from around the world to local specialties such as maple syrup or dulse from the Bay of Fundy.


The market of St John New Brunswick: Dulse (dried seaweed)
The market of St John New Brunswick: Dulse (dried seaweed)


Dulse - a New Brunswick specialty at St John's Market

Dulse is dried seaweed that is said to be very healthy. Whether everyone likes it, however, remains to be seen, because at first bite it is more reminiscent of the smell of a fishing port with all its intense fishy smells. Dulse can be bought in bags or by weight at St John's Market. And the specialty is even available roasted or on a sandwich instead of the usual lettuce leaf. The traditional company Slocum & Ferris boasts of having invented the DLT - the "Dulse, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich" (Dulse, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich) - and advertises this in large letters above its sales counter.




St John New Brunswick Market: Traditional Traders Slocum & Ferris
St John New Brunswick Market: Traditional Traders Slocum & Ferris


Traditional traders Slocum & Ferris in St John's Market

Slocum & Ferris is one of the oldest merchants in St John's Market, having been selling their delicacies since 1895. David Forestell, Managing Director of Slocum & Ferris, tells me the shop's founder worked with local farmers from the start of Saint John and sold their products on consignment at the Old City Market in St. John. As proof, he proudly shows me one of the old ledgers that he guards like the apple of his eye. It neatly records goods, quantities and prices sold over the Slocum & Ferris counter more than a hundred years ago.


Slocum & Ferris business book from 1915
Slocum & Ferris business book from 1915


St. John's Old City Market is Canada's oldest market. Built in 1876, it has attracted connoisseurs from New Brunswick and around the world ever since. At the time, the city hired the only carpenters available: shipwrights. To this day it is said that the market got its special appearance from this, because they were said to be able to build nothing but ships. And that's how St John's Market got its distinctive roof, reminiscent of an inverted ship's hull.


The market of St John New Brunswick: Lively bustle
The market of St John New Brunswick: Lively bustle


Of note are the beautiful wrought iron gates that close St John's market at either end. According to a long tradition, the market is opened and closed every day to the loud sound of a bell, which I was allowed to ring once during our stay - to the astonishment of the market visitors. Check out our video about the Old City Market in Saint John for proof. Normally, however, this is the job of the Deputy Market Manager.


St John's Market is located in downtown St. John just off King Square and is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 18.00pm and Saturday from 7.30am to 17.00pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays. Phone 506/658-2820

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Source St John's Market: On-site research supported by Tourism New Brunswick and the Canadian Tourism Commission

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The market of St John New Brunswick

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